OPPO vivo Developer Exchange Shenzhen Station Closed in 2019

 OPPO vivo Developer Exchange Shenzhen Station Closed in 2019

The promise of the platform is not empty talk. On the first anniversary of the launch of the independent game Spark Plan, OPPO and vivo jointly announced that Spark Plan will continue to start in 2019. The plan will continue to reduce customer cost and improve product recommendation accuracy through four aspects: developer empowerment, proprietary content scenario, user accurate recommendation and policy support. Degree, enhance user operation and deposition, help developers more convenient, more accurate and more sustainable access to users and traffic.

Vivo Game Operations Manager first presented you with the Spark Program excellent transcript. Through OPPO and vivo channels to support cooperation, new users of independent games increased by 2.4 times, streaming of games increased by more than 600%, conversion rate increased by 80%, comprehensive coverage of key product resources, product exposure and brand awareness increased, download increased by 8.7 times.

In 2019, the sparks will continue to start a prairie fire. Firstly, Spark Project will open SDK-free access test channels to users of independent games to achieve low test access threshold and cost. It can also obtain massive real user feedback to enable the game to go online faster. Secondly, the exclusive content scenario creates a brand-new distribution scenario, which not only greatly improves the exposure. Third, more accurate user recommendation, Spark Plan created a Find Good Game module, linking hundreds of KOLs and media recommendation of high-quality games, and through refined user hierarchical operation to enhance user stickiness. Finally, Spark Plan also launched including excellent. A series of targeted support resources and policies for quality advertising resources fully benefit developers.

Introducing more high-quality games to achieve fusion and win-win

Since the launch of small games in July, 2018, OPPO, vivo small game users and Daily Live users have been in the channel of sustained high-speed growth. At present, the total number of users of the two platforms is more than 100 million, the daily life is close to 6 million, and the data is still growing.

The business manager of OPPO Game Center interpreted the secret behind the data on the spot. She said that OPPO and vivo games have three advantages: system-level traffic entry support, mature and efficient commercialization mode, and superior platform capability. Among them, OPPO and vivo games have unique desktop retention and platform support capabilities, which can effectively improve the ability of large data management, social, traffic liquidity and flexible jump.

Not long ago, OPPO and vivo game engines have been upgraded in a comprehensive way. They have reached in-depth cooperation with Egret, LAYA and Cocos. As long as developers use the three engines to develop game products, they can release one key on the platform of OPPO and vivo. At the same time, the platform has enabled the debugging ability of engine tools. Developer positioning, problem analysis, and provide 7*24 hours full-time answering service for key products.

It is understood that in the second half of 2019, OPPO and vivo games will also focus on eliminating games, chess and cards games, rapid reaction games, sports competitions games, heavy RPG games, simulated business games, answering games, shooting games and other games, and will launch a support plan for creative games.

With the maturity of the game market, usersdemand for products is becoming more refined and diversified. The potential of market segmentation is obvious to all in the industry. Unlike large-scale games, the potential of small and beautiful games seems to be more considerable. Therefore, whether it is the independent game with a lot of money, or the small game with a new life, there is a market space full of infinite possibilities.

OPPO and vivo, as domestic mobile game eco-builders, will provide multi-dimensional strong support for game developers in the future, such as platform exposure, channel flow and operation services. They will not only provide new development ideas for game practitioners, but also create a new development model for future game ecology.

Following Shenzhen Station, on July 25, 2019 OPPO vivo Independent Game Developer Exchange will enter Hangzhou. Interested friends can search and pay attention to OPPO developers (OPPO-dev), vivo developers (vivodev) through Wechat to get relevant information.