Cao Ges self-exposed marital crisis caused by bipolar disorder lies entirely in himself.

 Cao Ges self-exposed marital crisis caused by bipolar disorder lies entirely in himself.

He has been looking for a psychiatrist for years to pour out and vent. In the past two years, he has been shocked that he has often fallen into the mire of sadness for no reason. He has gradually become more and more ignorant of himself, and even more serious, he is difficult to control his thoughts, and his mood is downward to the bottom of the valley. At first, his self-judgment was depression, because he did not understand the situation, when facing his wife, he said: The only thing that has not changed is that the cat, dog and children at home can pull me out, even if my wife wants to pull me out.

At that time, he was deeply troubled by his wife and children, plus the need for private space, while filling his life with work, reducing the chances of couples having nothing to talk about, in addition, he would temporarily live in his mothers residence, before the suspected separation. Until he went to the doctor, he gradually found the rhythm of getting along with the disease and taking medicine on time to improve his condition, but he had to be accompanied by bipolar disorder in his life, which could not be cured. He said, I am still learning to accept and coexist, and the people around me have slowly understood in recent years.

He thanked doctors, relatives and friends for their company and assistance, especially his wife for her guilt and endless thanks. He said, When I was most vulnerable, neither of us chose to give up. Cao Ge admitted that the two sides did talk about the future trend, but after all kinds of emotional friction and communication, the progress last year was more intense than when he first met. He laughed and said, I found that I had different ideas, more creative expression, and emitted a totally different atmosphere. There were sparks between the two people.

In addition, he wrote a song for his wife, Dont Ignore Me which was included in the latest album Cao Xiaoge Super Junior, singing affectionately, Nobody can replace you in all eyes. He was ashamed to say, My wife feels that I am very charming when I write. He intends to have another child, but his wife refused to give it up. Would he be careless? He laughed and said, Im always careless. Shes very careful.

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