Qingdao Xinshuai used to be the golden guard of Chinese mens basketball team. He liked the three men.

 Qingdao Xinshuai used to be the golden guard of Chinese mens basketball team. He liked the three men.

Wu Qinglong, a famous basketball player, stepped onto the post of head coach of Qingdao Mens Basketball Team this summer and called out his goal of leading the team back to the playoffs. During his teams appearance in the Bohai Rim Summer League, Wu Qinglong received an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News and reviewed his experience in coaching. As a member of the 96 Golden Generation of the Chinese Mens Basketball Team, he believes that the prospects of the Chinese Mens Basketball Team in the upcoming World Cup are considerable.

Wu Qinglong (left) aims to bring Qingdao back to the playoffs

Teach Qingdao Target Playoffs

The new coaching team led by Wu Qinglong made its first public appearance at Qingdao Station of Bohai Summer League, hosting Liaoning Mens Basketball Team. Although he failed to win the first show, Wu Qinglong stated his goal of leading the team back to the playoffs after the game.

In an interview, he revealed that although he did not mention this goal with the players beforehand, but has reached an agreement with the coaching group, The club has not yet made a clear mention, but our coaching group set its own goals first. I also think that the difficulties will be very big, and I hope the whole team will work together to play in the playoffs.

The last time Qingdao team entered the CBA playoffs was in the 2013-2014 season. To lead a team that has been out of the playoffs for five years to rise again, Wu Qinglong and the coaching team believe that the players should start from building self-confidence and activating the desire to win. To solve this problem, first of all, we need strong players. The club has been operating better and better in recent years. In order to develop, it is necessary to introduce or train some competent players. On the other hand, players cant put themselves in the position of the disadvantaged side before the game, but want to prove themselves through the game. Wu Qinglong said.

Wu Qinglong believes that at present the local players of Qingdao team need one or two star players to lead the team. In his vision, this role needs to be played by outside players, which is also the focus of the teams introduction of internal help. Previously, there were rumors that Zhao Tailong, the national player of Fujian Team, had basically decided to join the club. Wu Qinglong revealed that the club did have contact with him. The news I got was that the progress was relatively smooth.

On this basis, Wu Qinglong hopes to make Qingdaos offense and defense more balanced. First of all, we should do better in defense and rebound than before, and then we should improve our speed.

Take over Shandong to complete fire fighting

Last season, Shandong Mens Basketball Team experienced changes in the main club and personnel adjustment, Caesar was dismissed, Ding Yanyuhang went to the NBA, and other players were in a free state during the off-season. Under such circumstances, the newly formed management of Shandong Xiwang Club found Wu Qinglong, and he decided to take over the hot potato.

I remember that it was almost October, and the League began in less than a month, and the coach was still undecided. I was found in Shandong and wanted to take over as head coach. I had a good relationship with the management and decided to take over the task. Wu Qinglong recalled that in less than a month, it was necessary to familiarize and run in with the team members, determine the style of the team on the existing staff, and feel like being baked on fire every day. Basically equivalent to no preparation period, can only play while adjusting. The defensive lineup and offensive mode have just been established, and foreign aid has been injured. In the middle of the regular season, two foreign players of Shandong Team were injured successively. When the replacement candidates were not in place in time, they once competed with the whole Chinese class.

After the new foreign aid arrived, the personnel situation was alleviated, and Wu Qinglong began to lead the team back to the right track. Shandong Teams performance in the second half of the regular season rebounded, once expected to hit the top 4, and finally ranked eighth in the regular season to advance to the playoffs. But Wu Qinglong also mentioned that at the end of the season, the teams inadequate preparation became more and more exposed. There was no coach all summer, training was not systematic, and all aspects of the situation behind were very bad. In playoff playoff playoff, Shandong team lost 2-0 to Jiangsu team, becoming the only team to be knocked out.

After leaving the game, the whole team was criticized from top to bottom. The club still supports Wu Qinglong, but he is very clear about his status as fire captain, that is to help, if there are suitable coaches in our province, or they will take over, more to the satisfaction of all parties. In this way, he chose to leave.

Habitual drifting accepts challenges

Wu Qinglong had a similar experience in the 2017-2018 season. At that time, Wang Jianjun, head coach of Shenzhen Team, went on strike in an invitation match and was banned for one season. Wu Qinglong was appointed acting head coach in danger. After completing his playoff assignment, he retired successfully.

At the beginning of his coaching career, he was stable in Liaoning mens basketball team for five years. After that, Wu Qinglong moved between the national team and the club team for many years. He lamented that he had become accustomed to such vagrancy. Wu Qinglong said that from players to coaches, they have always asked themselves to do a good job, and every time they lead the team, they hope to achieve good results. Overall, these years are good, although there is no champion, but in Yunnan and Shaanxi, the weak teams are brought into the top 8, or even the top 4. I think we can overcome all kinds of difficulties and give full play to our abilities, but we still have gains. Wu Qinglong is quite satisfied with his teaching career.

Wu Qinglong also teaches in the National Youth and National Olympic Mens Basketball Teams for many times, and trains and transfers talents to the national team at the top of the pyramid. Among the many disciples, Hu Jinqiu is a successful example from the National Youth and National Youth Team to the National Olympic Teams training, competition and gradually emerged in the CBA, and then to enter the Chinese Mens Basketball Team for the World Cup.

Wu Qinglong said that the coachs work needs to face uncertainties all the time. Whether he is coaching with a different team or a captain for a certain period of time, he is willing to accept all kinds of challenges in his work.

Prediction of National Guard Line

During the player period, Wu Qinglong was a member of the 96 Golden Generation of the Chinese Mens Basketball Team. He was quick, well-aware and had three-point skills. He was known as the first attack guard in Asia, and was always an example for the descendants of the Chinese Mens Basketball Team.

Wu Qinglong is very optimistic about the prospects of this Chinese mens basketball team in this years World Cup. From the previous matches, its still very good. I hope they can be more solid. To play in the World Cup at home, we should go all out to fight every game, even every ball, and believe that they can accomplish their task.

In Wu Qinglongs view, the Chinese team should be equipped with three guards, one of whom should also be able to take into account the number two position. Guo Allen should be the least suspenseful, Fang Shuos warm-up performance before the game is also eye-catching. In addition, I heard that Zhao Jiweis recent state has improved, if we can continue to maintain, there will be a great opportunity. He hoped that defenders could shoulder the heavy burden when the team needed them. We should control the rhythm of the whole team and organize the whole team in case of difficulties.

Liu Chen, Reporter of the New Beijing News

Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Li Lijun

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Liu Chen, responsible editor: Yang Shaobo_NBJS9141