Harvey changed his mind! Not Neymar: Hes sure to make Barcelona a success.

 Harvey changed his mind! Not Neymar: Hes sure to make Barcelona a success.

Harvey said of Neymar: Neymar is a bomb on the field, hes great. Will Neymar succeed in returning to Barcelona? My answer is to sign him.

Harvey then talked about Gritzman: Hes a world-class player and Barcelona has signed a top player.

Will he coach Barcelona in the future? Harvey is reluctant to offend Balwade: Its my dream, but we have to respect the people in Barcelona now. I understand that you want me to coach Barcelona, and I am proud of that, but we have to respect the people who are now coaching Barcelona. Its uncomfortable to ask such questions all the time, but its just like that in Barcelona. I always want Barcelona to win.

What else does Harvey lack if he wants to coach Barcelona? The respirator answered, Time, experience, a big suitcase that gives me a sense of security, all of these can help me prepare for major challenges, which will bring me experience. And Barcelona hasnt called me yet.

Whats missing from this Barcelona? Harvey was a little unhappy: What do you want me to say? Talk about Balwade? The Catalans are demanding, but lets not forget that Barcelona was the Spanish champion last season. What else does Barcelona lack? The Champions League, but it was very difficult to win it. Balvad has done a very good job and we should commend him.

Sports News of the World today pointed out that Barcelona B team player Phuket refused Harveys loan invitation and was unwilling to play in Alsat. Phuket is regarded as the new Iniesta, but he has obvious shortcomings in physical confrontation. Phuket just wants to stay in Barcelona. He doesnt want to go to West Asia to practice.

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