Jay Chou, who was in full swing, was scolded.

 Jay Chou, who was in full swing, was scolded.

Even Luo Yonghao participated in the scolding war.

To quote from Tocquevilles sentence: middle-aged people seem to love Jay Chou, but they just hate young people.

We have no intention of evaluating who is right or wrong, but we have observed an interesting phenomenon: every generation seems to ignore the pop music of the previous generation and despise the pop music of the next generation.

Today, many of Jay Chous middle-aged fans may have forgotten that more than a decade or two ago, Jay Chou was abused. Today Jay Chous middle-aged fans despise Cai Xukun as much as the older generation who liked the Four Heavenly Kings despised Jay Chou.

On January 11, 2005, Jay Chou won the award of Best Male Singer in Hong Kong and Taiwan at the 11th Grand Award Award Ceremony of Global Chinese Voice Music List. Within a few years of his debut, Jay Chou swept all the major lists and won a soft prize.

But contrary to the adoration of Jay Chou by the young people at that time, it was their fathers rejection of Jay Chou. Yuan Yue, a former columnist and music critic of Sanlian Life Weekly, commented on him.

Now look forward to what he can innovate for Jay Chou may be just a luxury... There is an old saying called Jiang Lang Cai Ji, and it may not be long before it can be properly applied to Jay Chou. [10]

Jay Chous quietness and shyness are regarded as like to play cool; and his speech is often not good, which seems to be of low quality. In any way, he did not meet the expectations of the older generation for the King of Heaven and the stars.

In the eyes of many people (especially older people) at that time, Jay Chous song had a lot of faults.

For non-new human beings, his song is so noisy that it leaves no impression on people except repeatedly shouting for people to dance nunchakus.

Secondly, I cant even speak clearly and sing any songs.

Word-biting is a very important part of singing, is it influenced by Jay Chous song? [6]

Again, the lyrics dont make sense. If you cant hear the lyrics clearly, you cant understand them.

People think that there are a lot of humming and hacking in Jay Chous famous song Double Nunchaku, Huo Yuanjia in which a lot of Huo Huo Huo is meaningless. Even the so-called Chinese style of Zhou is just Fang Wenshans rhyming and rhyming rhyme.

To sum up, in many peoples eyes, Jay Chou is just a business expert who can win the eyes of children, and it wont take long. In 2016, the founder of Vanke, who is nearly 50 years old, said in the program that:

Mudan should dump hundreds of thousands of streets of Jay Chou. After 100 years, you will remember Mudan. Jay Chou must be rubbish. [3]

Of course, even at that time, there were many musicians and critics such as Zuo Xiaozu Curse and Song Ke who gave high comments on Jay Chou, but Jay Chous criticism at that time may not be able to bear it now, because there are too many.

Although Zhang Xueyou, Liu Dehua, Dawn and Guo Fucheng have their own characteristics, they are all handsome, can sing, dance and perform. They are the models of their dream lover. In 2004, Tianya netizens said:

What is Jay Chou? One rookie, how can you compare him with the Four Heavenly Kings and praise him too much?

In fact, not only the older generation can not understand the new human Jay Chous song, even now for Jay Chous sunset red fans, will feel that Jay Chous new song is not as good as before. How many old fans would like Jay Chous new song Pull Down Without Loving Me in 2018?

Jay Chou responded to Inss Tucao on do not love me to pull down: children. My song title has been said, pull down / instagram if you dont love me

The reason behind this is that the older people are, the less they can accept new songs.

In 2018, economist David Dewitz published an article in the New York Times on Spotify data, a music platform. He found that for men, their first song was the most popular when they were 14, while for women, it was 13. The most important period of moulding adult males listening taste is 13-16 years old, while females is 11-14 years old.

Coincidentally, Daniel Levitin, a psychologist at McGill University, once said that 14 was, to some extent, the best age for the development of musical tastes.

Different studies may differ in age determination, but the conclusions are similar - the music you hear in adolescence and early adulthood shapes your musical taste. The last generation listened to the Four Heavenly Kings. Of course, it was hard to accept Jay Chou.

In 2013, Jiangsu Satellite TV spanned the year, Zhang Xueyou and Zhou Jielun were in the same frame. Older people are not willing to accept new songs, so those who are used to Zhang Xueyou will not find Jay Chous songs any great.

In the 1980s, Wang Jies love song A Game, A Dream was well known. Lou Yes film Clouds Made of Rain in the Wind uses its epilogue to make people feel that this song is not only a love song, but also a contemporary metaphor /Clouds Made of Rain in the Wind

People like to listen to the songs they listen to when they are young. This rule is true in the days when the four emperors were born, in the days when Jay Chou was born, and in the days when Cai Xukun was born.

The Four Heavenly Kings also went through a period of unpopularity, but later became unknown heavenly kings / [email protected]

This does not lead to the question: Is there really a difference between pop music and pop culture?

Lets take another look at the middle-aged fans who made a list of Jay Chous super words. There are many similar Buddhist school lists:

It seems that they are complaining about being tired when they get older, but in fact, they are reminiscent of their youth through Jay Chou.

Growing up Jay Chou fans, inadvertently hear Jay Chous old songs again, even if they just think of melody, can always recall a string of past memories, whether beautiful or not.

All of this is related to the reminiscence bump in Psychology - the life memory you experience in late adolescence and early adulthood will be richer and clearer than other periods [18].

Remember the psychologist Daniel Levitin mentioned above? Why is 14 the best age? Part of the reason we remember the songs we listened to as teenagers is because we were in the period of self-exploration and when we were full of emotions [17].

In order to find our identity, we become part of a group, with people we like or feel like, listen to the same music, wear similar clothes [17]. Parents are outdated when they listen to the Four Heavenly Kings. We listen to Jay Chou as the trend, while the next generation thinks Cai Xukun is the trend.

Cai Xukun, who came out of Idol Practitioners, became popular overnight, but it was also controversial. But like the newcomer Jay Chou, Cai Xukun is often accused of singing Yin and Yang Weiqi, looking like a womans cannon/[email protected] Xukun

Experiments have shown that no matter what age the subjects are, when they hear their teenage pop songs, the specific memory they are awakened is always the largest [15].

Of course, thats not to say that you cant accept any new songs anymore. Its just that you may not have the same strong reaction when you hear new songs again.

Having said so much, in fact, we are not defending for whom. We have not evaluated Jay Chous composing, lyrics and singing level, nor have we evaluated whether Cai Xukun has creative talent. We just want to show you that some of todays criticisms of Cai Xukun and other young musicians are actually going against Jay Chou in those days. There are similarities in criticism.

The post-60s and Post-70s will hear the songs of Luo Dayou, Cui Jian and Beyond, think of their youth, witness the era of liberation and breaking through the shackles, and the post-80s and post-90s will think of their years of buying pirated records, placing posters and ignorant secret love because they hear Jay Chous songs.

But it doesnt matter. Whether Cai Xukun is Jay Chou of the next generation of young people or not, the next generation of young people will definitely have their own Jay Chou.


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