Will Lin Shuhao be the guest of the draft contest Lin Mad or will he fight for CBA?

 Will Lin Shuhao be the guest of the draft contest Lin Mad or will he fight for CBA?

Netease Sports reported on July 25:

NBA Chinese star Lin Shuhao officially received an invitation from Chinese Basketball Association President Yao Ming and CBA Company to attend this years CBA Draft Conference held during the CBA Yangtze River Delta Summer League. This is the first time that an active NBA player has appeared in the CBA Draft Conference.

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Lin Shuhao will be the guest of CBA Drawing Conference (Source:)

In the past season, Lin Shuhao has played 51 games for the Hawks and 23 games for the Raptors, averaging 19.3 minutes per game, with 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.8 assists. With the end of the season, Lin Shuhao became a free agent, and he has not yet settled down in the NBA. In 2011, Lin Shuhao tried CBA. At that time, when the labor disputes in the NBA were suspended, he joined the Dongguan New Century Team in order to maintain his competitive status. He represented the team in the Asian Professional Mens Basketball Challenge and was elected the most valuable player in the competition.

American media have predicted that once Lin Shuhao can not get a satisfactory contract in the NBA, his next choice may be to play in Asia, and CBA will undoubtedly be his first choice. With Lin Shuhaos current ability and popularity, as long as we think of playing in CBA, we will surely be sought after by many teams.

Whether Lin Shuhao finally decides to play in CBA next season or not, at least this CBA draft meeting during the Yangtze River Delta Summer League, he will appear in front of Chinese fans. CBA Yangtze River Delta Summer League will be held in Baoshan, Shanghai from July 24 to 29. This year, eight teams will participate, including Jiangsu Kentia, Nanjing Tongxi, Zhejiang Fuzhou, Fujian Xunxing, Shanghai Shark, Shandong Xiwang, Taiwan Fubang Warriors and Taiwan Beer. CBA Draft Conference will also be held during this period. Draft players will play against the summer league team. In addition to college students such as Wang Shaojie from CUBA, this years players also include grass-roots players such as Zhou Rui and Tang Rihui.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Responsible Editor of Chen Jiakun: Yang Shaobo_NBJS9141