Warm-up - Miniole Butter Hand Gift Liverpool 2-2 Portuguese Sports

 Warm-up - Miniole Butter Hand Gift Liverpool 2-2 Portuguese Sports

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My daughter suffers from a rare disease and my brother-in-law commits suicide. Vanished for many years, the 35-year-old goalkeeper started at Liverpool!

Liverpool have no history of playing Portuguese sports, but they have won 11 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats against Portuguese teams in 22 matches in history.

In the second minute, Origi received a cross from his teammate on the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 5th minute, Portuguese player Bruno Fernandez scored a long-range shot from the left side in front of the penalty area. Although the shot was fairly good, Miniole dropped his hand and the ball went into the net. Portuguese Sports 1-0 Liverpool.

In the 12th minute, Liverpool scored a left corner, Arnold went into the penalty area, the goalkeeper let go, Martip headed a shot, and the ball hit the crossbar. In the 18th minute, Liverpool got the right corner, the corner kicked out, Van Dyke headed the goal and was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Hendersons header in the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper, Origi scored a supplementary shot and Liverpool equalized 1-1 in Portuguese Sports.

In the 31st minute, Milner took a free kick from the front court and sent it to the restricted area. The free kick was cleared by Portuguese sports players, which did not pose a threat. In the 33rd minute, Fernandez took a free kick in front of the penalty area and directly chose to shoot. The angle was fairly right. He was thrown by Miniole. In the 35th minute, Portuguese athlete Wendell fired a long shot from the top of the arc in the forbidden area, and the ball bounced off the right column. In the 44th minute, Venaldum was given a single-knife shot in the penalty area. The shot hit the goalkeeper, and the ball bounced into the goal. Liverpool 2-1 Portuguese Sports.

In the second half of the match, the two sides changed sides and fought again. The 53rd minute, Portuguese sports counterattack, Fernandez forbidden area left side of the cross, Wendell pushed the goal in the lower right corner, Portuguese sports equalized 2-2 Liverpool.

In the 57th minute, Van Dyke headed the goal and hit the left post, losing an excellent scoring opportunity. The 70th minute, Portuguese sports counterattack, Wendell forbidden area arc top low shot, angle is relatively positive, was thrown by Liverpool goalkeeper Miniole.

The 76th minute, Liverpool carried out a large-scale personnel adjustment, Henderson van Dyke and other key players came off the rest. In the 81st minute, the left side of Milners forbidden area was shot and the ball was blocked out of the baseline. In the 87th minute, facing a counter-attack from Portuguese sports, Miniole ran out of the restricted area to clear the ball. Liverpool tied Portuguese Sports 2-2 at the end of the game.

Liverpool starters: Mineole, Arnold (62Gomez), Martip (88Van Denberg), Van Dyke (77Lovelen), Robertson (62Kent), Fabio, Henderson, Milner (77Curtis-Jones), Vineldum (7720-Larana), Chamberlain (62Wilson) Oliji.

Portuguese sports starters: Lane-Ribero, Ilori (83Eduardo-Quaresma), Louis-Neto, Mathieu, Borha (46Tierri-Correa), Dumbia, Wendell, Rafinia, Bruno-Fernandez (83Daniel-Braganca), Bieto, Felipe

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