29 Private Officers Receiving Fines for Violating the Rules

 29 Private Officers Receiving Fines for Violating the Rules

The China Securities Association has previously issued a List of Restricted Placement Objects for Initial Public Offering Stocks announcement. According to the announcement, in order to regulate the off-line inquiry and subscription behavior of investors and their placement objects in the initial public offering of shares, according to the Regulations on the Management of Off-line Investors in the initial public offering of shares of KSCM, it was decided that there was a violation of the Initial Public of KSCM in the process of off-line inquiry for the first batch of new stock issuance projects of KSCM. The object of stock placement as stipulated in Article 15, Item 11, of the Regulations on the Management of Investors Off-line for the Issuance of Stocks shall be included in the restricted list. The time limit for inclusion in the restricted list shall be calculated from the next day (working day) after the publication of this bulletin. A total of 139 private-equity products are listed in the restricted list, which belongs to 29 private-equity funds.

China Securities Fund Association said yesterday that in the first batch of new share issuance projects of CSIB, some private-equity funds applied for more than product capital, violated the rules of allocation and sale of CSIB, and were dealt with by CSIB under self-discipline. CSIB publicly condemned the above-mentioned illegal bidding and supported the measures taken by CSIB.

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List of 29 suspected private equity firms released

This newspaper (reporter Zhu Kaiyun) China Securities Fund Industry Association recently issued the Update on Lost-joint Private Equity Institutions and Publicity of the Twenty-ninth Batch of Suspected Lost-joint Private Equity Institutions Bulletin.

As of July 22, China Securities Investment Fund Association has listed 776 institutions such as Huaxin Junrong (Beijing) Asset Management Co., Ltd. on the list of lost links and listed them on the official website of the association (www.amac.org.cn). According to the Notice on Establishing the Public Notice System of Private Equity Institutions with Lost Couple (Abnormal), the Notice on Further Standardizing the Registration of Private Equity Fund Managers and the Associations Notice on Private Equity Fund Managers with Lost Couple Institutions are included in the Private Equity Fund Managers of Lost Couple Institutions as of the date of the publication of the Not The Association will cancel the registration of its private fund managers if it contacts the association and provides valid supporting materials. Of the 776 institutions mentioned above, 303 have been cancelled and 14 have applied for cancellation of registration by themselves.

A few days ago, 81 suspected missing institutions were found in the self-discipline verification work of the association. Through the 81 institutions registered in the asset management business comprehensive reporting platform, the association can not get effective contact with fixed telephone, mobile phone number, e-mail and other contact methods.

Source: Guo Chenqi_NBJ9931, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily