Piracy website stealing fiction for profit millions of 10 people have been arrested and 8 websites have been shut down

 Piracy website stealing fiction for profit millions of 10 people have been arrested and 8 websites have been shut down

Criminal gangs use hacker technology to steal membersaccounts and paid fiction from several genuine fiction websites. After copying, they set up several pirated websites to upload them. They provide free reading services for users and obtain millions of dollars in advertising revenue through clicks. Today (July 25), the Beijing News reporter learned from the Beijing police that the Beijing Public Security Bureau Network Security Corps, together with the Tongzhou Public Security Bureau, had uncovered a case of illegal access to computer information system data, arrested 10 suspects, seized 26 computers, mobile phones and other equipment involved, and shut down 8 related websites, amounting to more than 4 million yuan. Yuan.

The police arrested the suspect at his home. Police Map

Website member account stolen

Officer Liu, a police officer working in the police support team of Tongzhou Branch, told the Beijing News that during the special operation of Net 2019 organized by the Ministry of Public Security, the relevant personnel of Feilu Novels Network reported that several membersaccounts of its literary website had been embezzled. Some exclusive authorized paid novels on the website were cloned on other websites for free reading, causing economic losses to the company.

Feilus staff reported that as early as March this year, they received user feedback that the balance in the account had been reduced without any reason. Through the background data comparison, website technicians found that some member accounts even read hundreds of paid stories in a minute. Preliminary judgment, this reading process should be grasped through the system, and the paid stories will be automatically copied down.

At the same time, Feilu staff found that a website called Cafe Night Pavilion published a large number of Feilu exclusive novels without authorization. The website not only provides free reading, but also can be accessed directly through the link provided by the website through the Feilu Membership Account. Feilu immediately reported the case to the police.

Cracking the Official Website Reprint for Profit

Police investigation found that Feilu has taken encryption measures on the website, for exclusive paid fiction only member users can read after login. The reported Cafe Night Pavilion can not only read these novels free of charge, but also update the progress in line with Felu.com. This proves that the encryption of Feilu has been cracked. According to the statistics of Feilu. com, more than 10,000 paid novels have been reprinted and more than 20,000 member accounts have been stolen, of which nearly 4,000 members have lost more than 100,000 yuan.

From the point of view of crime tactics, police analysis shows that behind this, there may be a professional crime gang, which uses technical means to steal data and then carry out profit-making activities. In the course of investigation, the police found another website called Jiashu Pavilion similar to the content of Ka Night Pavilion. The police preliminarily judged that the two websites were operated by the same group.

After data comparison, the police found that the suspect used hacker technology to attack the genuine website, through professional software to capture and copy the charged content. Piracy websites and even typesetting are plagiarism Feilu, from the web page to see the two websites are almost the same. Pirated websites have gained considerable clicks on stolen free fiction, and there are more advertisements on the pages than the original websites.

Not only stealing fiction, but also selling and seizing tools

According to the clues provided by Feilu. com, the police finally tracked down the two websites which were operated by Yu and Xia. On April 29, the Tongzhou Branch launched an arrest operation. Six people headed by Yu and Xia were captured from their homes in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Officer Liu said that the suspects only need to operate computers to complete their work, pirated websites can operate normally, so there is no need for office space.

After review, Yumou explained that he had previously made a website of Shanzhai fiction, and accumulated some web page production technology. Starting from July 2018, Xia and others, through purchased collectors and member account information, duplicated the data of many well-known fiction websites in China, and then established several copying fiction websites to disseminate. By offering free novel reading to attract users and increasing the number of clicks on the website, advertisers are attracted to put in advertisements and then get advertising fees from it.

Not only that, Yu and others also provide some of the same peers who make pirated fiction websites with grasping tools to make profits. At present, six members of the gang have been detained by Tongzhou police according to law, and the preliminary verification of the amount involved amounts to more than 4 million yuan.

The police arrested the suspect at his home. Police Map

Selling account information for 10 persons

According to Yu and othersconfessions, the police went to Yixing, Jiangsu Province, and arrested Jiang and Tao who were suspected of illegally obtaining website members accounts and selling them. Jiang Mou has a criminal record of illegally obtaining data, which was once handled by the police. The two men explained that they were only middlemen and that a large number of website membership accounts were purchased from somewhere in Yumou. After the price increase, they sold them again. According to this clue, the police in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, will be arrested Yu.

After examination, Yumoumou confessed that he used hacker technology to illegally obtain a large number of official website member account information and sell it to Jiangmou. At the same time, another group of police in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, will be suspected of compiling the seizure procedure, and sold to a suspect Yumou Lin captured. The four men were detained by Tongzhou police in accordance with the law.

So far, the use of hacker technology means, illegal access to data, trading account information, copyright infringement and other criminal chain of 10 suspects are all on the case. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

VIP account of fiction website sold on second-hand website. Webpage Screenshot

The reporter found a vendor who made crawling software and said do nothing that breaks the law. Chat Screen

Small survey

VIP Account Price of Fiction Network soars and Grab Software Prices range from hundreds to tens of thousands

New Beijing News reporters searched for novel VIP on the Internet and soon appeared many search results, most of which were VIP account recharge services, while a small part were selling VIP accounts directly. The VIP account for sale includes several well-known novel websites: Feilu, Starting Chinese, Sweet Potato and Wandu Novels.

Take one and send one number, take five and send two, and send seven accounts. A merchant said that the account number and password were sold. The password cant be changed, just hold it. The merchant explained that changing the password was easy to be blocked.

The netizen who bought the VIP account of the novel is tucking out the price. Netizens pure said that starting in 2018, the VIP account of the Chinese network only needs 40 yuan, and this year, a seller has asked for 368 yuan. The original large-scale purchase of VIP number, close down each account will be more than a dozen yuan, even if the seal is not distressed. Now the investigation is rigorous and the resources are much less. She said.

Not only can the VIP account of the fiction website be bought online, but also the grabbing tool specially used to grab the genuine fiction website can be found online. Through web search, crawl and crawl tools are easy to find.

In addition, online businesses are selling customized grab services. Customization services can be tailored to the buyer to provide the required website, special programming, to grab the content of the corresponding page.

The reporter contacted one of the sellers to ask if it was possible to make software for climbing stories. The other side said that it could be made. According to the different content grabbed and the website, the price of the software varies from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Lawyer: Strengthen Inspection and Increase Punishment

Wu Lihong, a lawyer in charge of Beijing Compaq Law Firm, said that at present, there is a long processing cycle of discovery, evidence collection and judgment in the fight against pirated fiction websites. A pirated literary website may infringe hundreds of books, involving tens of thousands of links, and a genuine website needs every link to be saved and submitted to the court. It will take a long time.

In addition, many pirated websites now set up their domain names and servers abroad to escape attack. Wu Lihong said that according to the relevant legal provisions, where the crime was committed in China, the judicial organs of China have jurisdiction.

After the occurrence of infringement cases, if the infringers compensation is not profitable, the operators of pirated websites are likely to reopen. Wu Lihong suggested that the inspection be strengthened and the punishment be strengthened. For some pirated websites with serious infringement, civil and administrative liability should be investigated, and criminal liability should also be investigated.

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