Advance booking is required for securities trading by institutions with tight securities market in Kechuang Board.

 Advance booking is required for securities trading by institutions with tight securities market in Kechuang Board.

The first two days of 24 stocks

Over 115 million shares were traded in convertible securities

How many securities are traded on the first two trading days of KSB? According to the data of China Securities Finance, of the 25 stock exchanges in the first batch, except that there is no data of convertible securities in TCS, the remaining 24 stock exchanges totaled 110 million shares on the first day of the opening of the company. On the second day of the opening of Kechuang board, only 20 stocks were refinanced, totaling 540.81 million shares. Among them, Chinas Tongtong Securities Exchange has the largest number of shares, reaching 91.57 million shares in the first trading day and 2.55 million shares in the second trading day.

On the first day, 8 stocks with a total of more than 1 million shares were traded, 3.07 million stocks were traded, 212.31 million stocks were traded, 1.725 million stocks were traded, 1.46 million stocks were traded, 1.293 million stocks were traded, and 1.238 million stocks were traded in Guangfeng Technological Stock Exchange and Southern Micromedicine Stock Exchange. Out of 1.439 million shares, Ruichuang micro-nano convertible bonds out of 1.08 million shares.

The other stock convertible securities are very small in size. Five stock convertible securities, such as Wald, Tianyi Shangjia, Western Superconductivity, Xinguang Optoelectronics and Platinum Lights, have less than 100,000 shares. Both Singuang Optoelectronics and Platinum Limited have only 11,000 shares.

On July 23, only 2.55 million shares were traded in Chinas General Trading Markets, but the volume of other shares was very small. The number of platinum liter, new light photovoltaic, Tianzhun technology is less than 20,000 shares. Trading control technology still does not have the data of refinancing and margin lending.

Securities firms manage and control the risk of financing and financing business by themselves

The first performance of the company is amazing. Many organizations that sign new shares off-line can sell their stocks for profit. Generally, they do not choose to lend their stocks by refinancing securities. So where does the coupon come from?

The Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Securities Lending and Securities Transferring Business in Kechuang Banks has expanded the securities sources in the system. On the one hand, it promotes the implementation of public funds, social security funds and other institutions as lenders to participate in the Securities lending business. On the other hand, it implements the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Registration of Securities for the Initial Public Issuance of Securities in Securities Creation Board (Trial Implementation). Strategic investors can participate in the Securities Issuance of Securities within the promised holding period by placing their shares. Borrow. (Down to A2)