Hainan SASAC: Effectively Breaking the Bottleneck of Restricting the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises

 Hainan SASAC: Effectively Breaking the Bottleneck of Restricting the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises

Since the theme education of never forget the beginning and remember the mission, the Party Committee of SASASAC has been studying and deploying the theme education work of the whole provinces state-owned assets system for the first time, insisting on the simultaneous promotion of prescribed and optional actions, insisting on the integration of theme education and the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, and flexibly adopting the Four Law Principles (Leadership Leadership, Front Line). Work method, problem-oriented method, results verification method, while studying, investigating and reviewing, rectifying, effectively breaking the bottleneck restricting the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

Leadership leads above and below

The Provincial SASAC seizes the key minority of Party branch secretaries and sends weekly short messages on the theme of never forget the original intention and remember the mission to Party branch secretaries of various enterprises, so as to truly seize the key minority of Party branch secretaries and play the leading role of secretaries, and organizes Party members and cadres to represent the CPC for the first time at Qiongya National Congress. Experience education was carried out at the old meeting sites and other places, and activities such as revisiting the pledge of joining the Party and taking the Red Army Road were carried out.

At the same time, the provincial SASASAC and the leading bodies of provincial enterprises, in combination with the production, operation and reform and development of enterprises, have carried out squatting point and special investigation in enterprises and grassroots units with the most concentrated contradictions, the most prominent difficulties and the most obvious problems, so as to promote the solution of a number of more prominent, strongly reflected by the masses, and achieve results during the period of thematic education. Points of pain and difficulties, the research results into specific action to solve the problem.

Provincial state-owned enterprises are important carriers and graspers for incubation of major projects, key projects and important decision-making deployment of provincial Party committees and provincial governments. They are responsible for the mission of being the main force of local economic construction. Since the launch of thematic education, SASASAC has carried out in-depth research in provincial enterprises. In view of the specific business situation of provincial enterprises, detailed support measures and specific work requirements have been put forward around key projects and key work of production and operation.

This year is the decisive battle year for poverty alleviation in the whole province. The cadres of the provincial state-owned enterprise system in villages take the opportunity of thematic education, live and eat with the villagers, dare to take on the responsibility, and devote themselves to becoming the pioneers of poverty alleviation in the whole province, so as to ensure that the task of poverty alleviation in the provincial state-owned enterprise system is completed before the end of the year.


In order to ensure the smooth and comprehensive development of thematic education, SASASAC is problem-oriented and closely related to the actual work of state-owned assets supervision and management. It formulates a list of the rectification of the leading groups and leading cadres of Party members of SASASAC, and timely submits the list to the Fifth Circuit Guiding Group of the Provincial Committee for the record.

Provincial SASAC has also formulated a special rectification plan of 5+1 for thematic education, in which there are clear subjects, responsible units, rectification effect, time nodes and responsible persons; and according to the rectification list, adhere to the principle of prescribing different prescriptions for different diseases to achieve results.