Lawyer Liu Qiangdong: Denying False Reports and Rumors

 Lawyer Liu Qiangdong: Denying False Reports and Rumors

1. Liu Jingyaos male friends dialed 911 telephone records on August 30.

4. Short message conversations between female students and their friends and boyfriends in China at that time;

6. Police report.

The following is Mr. Liu Qiangdongs response to the original text:

A few days ago, the evidence released by the police confirmed once again that Mr. Liu Qiangdong was innocent from the beginning. Written reports and surveillance videos of the police deny false reports and widespread false rumors, which are consistent with the decision of the Hengping County Public Prosecutors Office not to prosecute my client. Mr. Liu Qiangdong thanked the judicial department for its efforts in investigating the case.

Event Review:

On the evening of August 31, 2018, Liu Qiangdong was detained by Minneapolis police on suspicion of sexual crimes during his visit to the United States as a PhD program student at the University of Minnesota. He was released the following afternoon. Then he returned to China. The girls involved said they were drunk that night, calling the restaurant a trap and encountering sexual assault.

In April 2019, a female student filed a civil lawsuit in a Minneapolis court, accusing Liu of rape and placing Jingdong Company as a defendant. Subsequently, the two sides released a large number of videos on the social media.

The following are previous reports: (Source: North American Student Birthday)

Heavy pounds! Liu Qiangdong case 149 pages of police files announced: kissing, sleeping naked, mandarin duck bathing, have a relationship.

Just now, the US police released 149 pages of Liu Qiangdongs case file.

Nearly a year has passed since Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Beijing East, committed sexual assault.

On July 24, Minneapolis police released all the evidence in the case.

Screenshot of files released by Minnesota Police

1. Liu Jingyaos male friends dialed 911 telephone records on August 30.

2. Liu Qiangdong received a telephone recording of police inquiries on September 10 last year.

4. Short message conversations between female students and their friends and boyfriends in China at that time;

6. Police report.

Later, Liu Qiangdong was acquitted, and Liu himself denied the accusation, saying it was a false accusation.

On Tuesday, the Minneapolis Police Department released 911 alarm records, text messages sent by victims after alleged rape, surveillance videos, photos of the two men together on the night of the incident, and audio interviews with the police by Liu.

At the end of the investigation, it was not clear whether the crime had actually occurred, based on statements provided by other police officers and the overall environment at the scene, the report wrote.

Victims expose fear

After the incident, we learned from the message sent by the victim that the reason why she did not want to call the police was because she was worried about the potential consequences she faced.

My family cant afford me, she wrote to her boyfriend. You cant protect me. Im strategically thinking about how to escape tomorrow.

I was forced, she wrote. Liu Qiangdong started harassing me in the car, and then I begged him not to do so. She also wrote, Yesterday (the day of the incident) I was pressured to death by him. I couldnt escape if I wanted to.

(Source: Minneapolis Police Department)

Please promise not to tell anyone. I just want you to know that I was forced to have a relationship with Liu Qiangdong.

In one message, the victim said she was drunk in Liu Qiangdongs car, but when she was interviewed by telephone with a staff member of the Carlson School of Management, the victim said she was drunk.

Video in the apartment shows Liu and the victim walking to the elevator, the victim holding Liu Qiangdongs hand.

Finally, the victims friend called the police and Liu was detained by the police.

Even then, the friend was reluctant to reveal his real name to the police. Asked if he knew who the rape suspect was, he said, I know, but, uh, she didnt want me to tell you.

HennepinCounty Sheriffs Office.

When the police appeared, the victim was also surprised because she had told her friends not to call the police.

When the police arrived, Liu was found wearing a t-shirt, but naked below the waist.

Liu Qiangdong: We are voluntary.

In an audio interview with police and Liu Qiangdong, the Chinese said that the accused victim was sitting on the left side of the restaurant and that she poured wine for Liu Qiangdong.

Video shows that Liu Qiangdong, the victim and Liu Qiangdongs Secretary appeared together in the apartment. Liu Qiangdong and the victim went to the victims room while the Secretary stayed on the first floor.

When they entered the apartment, Liu Qiangdong said that when they entered the room, the victim could not apologize for the chaos in the room.

After the victims had taken a bath, they went to bed and said, We kissed each other, touched each other, and then had sex.

Liu Qiangdong said that the victim did not show strong resistance, in fact, she enjoyed it very much.

Its very, very clear, he said. Its obvious. She wants to have sex with me.

After waking up for hours, Liu Qiangdong was still naked, just texting on her mobile phone.

Although the prosecution decided not to prosecute Liu Qiangdong, the victim filed a lawsuit against Liu Qiangdong in April.

Liu Qiangdongs sexual assault, which had been so noisy before, will be held in September. Here, Liu Qiangdong is working hard.

Liu Qiangdong has just revealed the news of changing American lawyers, replaced by senior American lawyer Peter H. Wash, who is a very powerful figure. After graduation from Harvard Law School, he has served as an assistant federal prosecutor in the United States. He has more experience in civil lawsuits than the lawyers he hired before.

Source: Linkedin

With the help of the former prosecutor, Liu Qiangs offensive in the East began at home, and began to fight against the public opinion. He prosecuted Zhao Shengye, a microblogging giant, to defame his image.

The indictment clearly states that Zhao Shengye, the Weibo account and Zhao Shengye, the headline account of today, have issued many statements since March 2018 to insult and defame Mr. Liu Qiangdong, fabricating facts that Liu Qiangdong raped and sexual assault, and insulting Liu Qiangdong with such terms as Xia San Dao and rapist, causing great economic losses and spiritual damage. Loss.

Liu Qiang asked the court to award Zhao Shengye 1 million yuan in compensation for spiritual damage and 2 million yuan in economic losses, totaling 3 million yuan. He also asked Zhao Shengye to apologize publicly for 30 days in order to eliminate the adverse social impact of his speech.

Now, with the publication of police evidence, it suddenly feels like a drop in the water.

But in any case, the evidence published today is like Liu Qiangdongs one-sided remark.

At present, the civil lawsuit of Liu Qiangdong case is under way.