Morning Review: The Performance Differentiation of Shanghai Indexs Pingkaike Initiative Stocks this morning

 Morning Review: The Performance Differentiation of Shanghai Indexs Pingkaike Initiative Stocks this morning

News: 1. The Central Committee for Deep Reform emphasizes that we should focus on promoting intellectual property protection as a whole, attach equal importance to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, promote complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and support Shenzhen to build a pioneer demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. 2. Li Keqiang presided over the convening of the National Regular Session and deployed pilot projects to deepen regional financial reform. We will promote effective reduction of real interest rates and support the development of small and medium-sized banks. 3. On the third day of the start-up board, 25 stock companies in the start-up board were all in the red, and the stock price of Fuguang shares reached a new high. 4. Expanding the scope of restricted sale in Suzhou: New houses can be transferred after 3 years in urban areas, and second-hand houses can be transferred after 5 years. 5. According to the China Securities and Exchange News, securities firms borrow securities through KIB or only for institutional or lock-in customers. 6. According to China Securities and Exchange, the overall plan for the new area of Shanghai Free Trade Test Zone has been drawn up and is being submitted for approval in accordance with the procedure.

Shanxi Securities: Driven by the Cosco board, it is expected that the market will be hot this week and the future market will be promising. However, after a sustained rise in the short term, Kechuang board is expected to slow down its subsequent rise. After two days of rise, the main index has reached the top of the box, and will remain oscillatory in the absence of basic support. We believe that the short-term performance of small and medium-sized enterprises will be better than the overall blue-chip market. The medium and long-term hedge assets represented by gold will continue to be concerned. Investors can control their positions and participate actively.

CIC Securities: With the cooling down of the trading of KIB, some active short-term funds or return to the main board market, 5G, electronic information, software services and other technology concept stocks become the choice to do more. The scientific innovation board tends to be rationally positioned, and its impact on the stock market has also begun to change from the diversion effect to the boost effect. In the medium and long term, it is expected to promote the remodeling of the valuation system of leading companies in scientific and technological innovation. Operationally, the current market has not shown signs of reversal, market confidence is still weak, but the activity of individual stocks has improved, investors can remain cautious and optimistic, reasonable control of positions.

Shenguang Finance and Economics: As a result of the existence of science and technology innovation board and active trading, we have more understanding of science and technology stocks. With the stimulation of Sino-US trade consultation changes and Huawei Developers Conference, the exposure of science and technology stocks has greatly increased. Stocks and even incremental funds have also been more active in tapping this group. Financing participants are also involved. They are more motivated and inclined to trade with each other. This point can be confirmed by the trading volume of the two cities in the former industries and sectors. Therefore, short-term investment strategy, we suggest that we continue to focus on the hot style of technology stocks, combined with the demonstration significance of science and technology innovation board, continue to tap opportunities in the motherboard, small and medium-sized venture market, and pay attention to the bottom volume of some old-brand technology stocks. There is no limit to scientific and technological innovation. As long as listed companies are in line with the trend of the times and catalyzed by tax and other policy dividends, those enterprises that once enlarged and temporarily encountered difficulties will have opportunities to strengthen repeatedly, and more attention should be paid to the leading stocks in the subdivision field.