Laughter Distribution Chain: 1 vial can poison mice and 1,000 bottles a day

 Laughter Distribution Chain: 1 vial can poison mice and 1,000 bottles a day

The scary thing is that although laughing gas is very destructive to human body and listed in the dangerous chemicals catalogue by the state, there are a large number of businessmen lurking in stickers, QQ groups and even Taobao platforms for public sale.

What is even more amazing is that after nearly a month of in-depth investigation and secret interviews, Daily Economic News reporters found that not only those familiar customers can easily get goods, but also inexperienced novices like journalists can even get goods from orders to receipts, barrier-free all the way through customs, which also shows this from production to circulation. The black industry chain is still out of regulation.

Laughter Bullet

Case Restoration: Absorbing nearly 10,000 yuan of laughter a day

Two years ago, an article entitled Eventually I Was Launched at Capital International Airport in a Wheelchair aroused a heated discussion. Lin Na, a Chinese female international student, tells her story with her own experience. During her study abroad, she drank a lot of laughter, resulting in paralysis of her lower body. After years of studying abroad, she not only failed to get her degree, but returned home in a wheelchair. The incident also brought the nameless laughter into the publics eyes.

According to public data, nitrous oxide is the main chemical constituent of laughing gas. It is a colorless and sweet gas, which is widely used in medicine, food and industry. It can be used as anaesthetic, cream foaming agent and combustion aids.

Xu Jie, Director of Medical Department and Director of Drug Rehabilitation Department of Beijing High-tech Hospital, told Daily Economic News that laughter is addictive but easily ignored. Smoking high-purity laughter can relax the muscles of the whole body in less than one second and produce sexual pleasure. The muscles of the patientsfaces also relax and produce the so-called weird smile. But because this feeling lasts only for a short time, many addicts continue to take it.

While laughter brings a sense of refreshment, its actuallyhiding knives in laughter. On the one hand, inhaling laughing gas can lead to blood hypoxia, similar to gas poisoning, which can lead to sudden death for too long. On the other hand, laughing gas inhibits the absorption of vitamin B12 in human body, and B12 deficiency can lead to irreversible damage to spinal cord nerves. Therefore, people who take laughter for a long time will walk unsteadily, lose balance and even paralyze. Xu Jie said.

So is laughter a drug?

According to Article 357 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China, drugs refer to opium, heroin, methamphetamine (methamphetamine), morphine, cannabis, cocaine and other narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances that can make people addicted. From this point of view, it seems that laughter (nitrous oxide) does not belong to the drugs listed in the articles, nor does it fall into the category of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs.

Zhu Peng and Lina have very similar experiences. Although he is aware of the dangers of laughter, it is very difficult for him to get rid of his addiction by virtue of his will.

Ive been exposed to laughing gas for four years. I first blew a balloon on a part in the United States. I felt very dizzy at that time. After going home, I smoked a few more times and soon became addicted. Talking about the dependence and addiction of laughter, Zhu Peng told Daily Economic News that he never expected to rely on it to this extent. At first, it was just a few mouthfuls, but later, without blowing hundreds of bottles every day, it would be particularly irritable, feeling that life has no meaning.

Screenshots of Laughter Sellers

According to Zhu Pengs fathers description, Zhu Peng can absorb 2000-3000 bottles of laughing gas a day at most, at a cost of nearly 10,000 yuan.

According to the reporters understanding, there are usually 10 laughing gas in a box and 30 laughing gas in a box, that is, 300 laughing gas in a box. The price of each laughing gas is about 3 yuan, and the price of 2000-3000 laughing gas is as high as 6000-9000 yuan.

If he is not allowed to smoke at home, he will hide in places like foot clinics and KTV to blow balloons. On one occasion we found him asleep, unable to wake up at any call, and only after several hours of sleep did we wake up. In fact, he was already in a coma. Zhu Pengs father told reporters.

Xu Jie simulated the process of blowing balloon to Daily Economic News in the laboratory of a high-tech hospital by inserting a 10ML liquid nitrous oxide metal cylinder at one end of the butter gun, pointing at the mouth and pulling the trigger of the butter gun, and instantly injecting the gas into the nozzle, thus completing a so-called blowing balloon. u3002 A cylinder can only be sprayed twice at most and needs to be replaced.

Xu Jie said that because a laughing gas bomb (gas cylinder) can only last a few seconds on the human body, addicts need to prolong the so-called refreshing feeling through continuous intake. In our treatment of laughter addiction patients, many people have worn cocoons on their index fingers, you can imagine how often they smoke.

He further said that the average drug addict has a saturation of drugs and will stop taking them at a certain amount every day. Unlike laughter, it is difficult for patients to feel saturated, so they will continue to inhale until oxygen deficiency in the blood leads to coma.

Although laughter is not defined as a drug, it can lead to both physical and psychological addiction, which is very similar to the mechanism of drug action. Once blocked, patients will have physiological characteristics such as irritability, anxiety, depression and so on. Studies have shown that 50% of laughter addicts eventually develop depression. Xu Jie said.

Screenshot of Dialogue between Journalists and Sellers

Reporters investigation: Sellers hide in Taobao, Tieba and QQ groups

Nevertheless, such an obvious laugh that hurts the human body can be sold publicly on the Internet.

Zhu Pengs father told the Daily Economic News that although his son was laughing when he studied in the United States, he did not converge after returning home, but became even worse. Its so convenient to buy. Taobao and sticker bars are everywhere. The box of laughter came in less than half an hour after the fastest order was placed.

Reporters noted that smoking laughing gas requires at least two conditions: a butter gun and a nitrous oxide bomb. First of all, butter guns are not prohibited. They are sold on Taobao, Jingdong and other online shopping platforms. There are even hundreds of shops selling butter guns on Taobao platform.

Then, the key to smoking is the balloon, as long as you can buy the balloon, you can achieve the so-called blowing balloon.

Zhu Peng himself told reporters that in the past two years, it was very convenient to buy air bombs. Many online shopping platforms and paste bars were sold directly and publicly. But now the control is more stringent, online shopping platform is almost difficult to find businesses.

But the fact that consumers cant find businesses doesnt mean that the industry is disappearing. Zhu Peng disclosed to reporters that some special characters can still be inputted on the Internet, and relevant businesses can still be searched.

Screenshots of Laughter Sellers

You can try to input special characters such as MOSA, KAYSER, Best Whip in QQ group, Taobao, or search for keywords such asballoonin post bars, which may lead to new discoveries.

According to Zhu Pengs suggestion, after searching the QQ group column and inputting the above keywords, there are indeed many similar QQ groups, some of which have more than 100 members.

Daily Economic News reporters then joined the mosa, KAYSER, Best Whip food group, which had a large number of members. Just after entering the group, I saw that the group owner had released the information of wholesale air bomb, only high quality, can test gas and then decide to take the goods, need to find the group owner and so on. Nitrogen monoxide bombs can also be wholesaled at retail level. The more orders are placed, the cheaper the price is, the group owner told reporters.

Subsequently, after the reporter entered the secret keywords of mosa, Kayser and other keywords into online shopping platforms such as Taobao and idle fish, more than one shop selling butter guns or carbon monoxide bombs also appeared. Although these stores seem to have little to do with laughter, reporters quickly find some clues related to laughter bombs when they check into the stores of sellers.

Reporters randomly entered a shop called Kowloon Vans Cabbage Shop, and found that the shops front page marked: Need consumables, Click to buy immediately, and left a micro-signal.

Screenshot of Dialogue between Journalists and Sellers

The price list shows that 5 boxes start to sell, 28 yuan a box of package mails; 10 boxes start to sell 27 yuan a box of package mails; 20 boxes start to sell 23 yuan a box of package mails.

In the wholesale price list column, it shows that a box of 30 boxes, two boxes for sale, 660 yuan for a box of mail; 5 boxes for sale, 580 yuan for a box of mail; 10 boxes for sale, 560 yuan for a box of mail. In addition, the price list also indicates that the price can be specifically chatted over 20 boxes at a time.

A seller on Wechat told reporters that all the bombs were delivered from Anhui by direct express delivery. Packaging boxes are imported brands, but not the original imported gas, they are all domestic gas.

Another shop on Taobao that sells soda water consumables also has air-bomb-like consumables on its front page. But the text says carbon monoxide. The customer service told Daily Economic News that it only sells carbon monoxide gas bombs and butter guns for soda water.

But when reporters said they could buy a lot of laughing gas bombs, the other partys customer service did not directly respond, but sent a micro-signal to reporters, and asked reporters to add.

The seller asked the reporter if he had a business license, and the reporter said no. According to the other party, the goods can be delivered without a business license. A box of 35 yuan, there are 10 air bombs. I only make authentic products, not compared with fake industrial gases, fake goods have no comparability.

Reporters in their circle of friends found that the seller sells nitrous oxide bombs mainly from Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd. A list of its friends shows that the purity of nitrous oxide aerobombs more than 99.9%.

Easy to trade: the fastest half an hour can be delivered in the same city.

According to the patients prompt, the reporter entered the key word balloon in the Baidu Post Bar search bar, and sure enough, a number of Posts reached 38430, with more than 7000 members of the balloon bar.

When reporters entered the post bar, they found that many posts openly discussed topics related to laughter. The title of the post includes Beijing and Shanghai, flash home, 24 hours not eye-catching, Strength manufacturers, wholesale can be paid, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Pearl River Delta flash delivery, ks, BW butter, strawberry flavor, pick-up and flash delivery and so on. The message boards below the posts are also very active. Some sellers directly leave their micro-signals or mobile phone numbers in the message boards.

Screenshots of Laughter Sellers

Daily Economic News reporters randomly added a seller who left the micro-signal in the sticker bar. Only 10 minutes later, the seller on the micro-message accepted the application from his friends and began to sell nitrous oxide bombs to reporters.

Since it can be sold publicly on the Internet, it involves the issue of delivery. How can the laughing gas bombs purchased from these sellers be delivered to the buyers?

Daily Economic News reporter found in the process of investigation that many laughter vendors have been through the same city flash delivery, express delivery, logistics and other means of distribution, some businesses even in the circle of friends sunning a variety of brand air bomb packages.

A seller who contacted reporters through QQ told reporters that laughing gas bombs can be wholesaled or retailed, with 10 boxes for sale, and retailers can place orders in boxes. The retail price is 2.8 yuan with jet codes and 2.1 yuan without jet codes. There are 10 in a box and 10 in a box. This means that, according to the merchants regulations, if we go wholesale, the seller can deliver at least 1000 pieces at one time.

When the reporter asked the seller how to deliver the goods, the other side said that flash delivery, express delivery, logistics can be delivered. If youre in a hurry, I can give it to you in a flash. Itll be delivered in half an hour, but without the code. If youre not in a hurry, I can ship the goods from Shenzhen with the jet code.

The so-called jet code is printed on each air bomb production date, brand name, origin and other information. What are the differences between jet codes and non-jet codes? The seller told reporters that no matter whether there is jet code or not, it does not affect the quality, and the gas inside is exactly the same. With spray code appears more formal, security checks are also easy to pass. Sometimes they get stuck without the code. But flash delivery certainly wont be a problem.

But an insider told reporters that if the seller asked whether to take the jet code, it is likely that the merchants themselves filled with industrial gas, not genuine. This kind of bomb is cheaper because it cant guarantee purity and may contain other impurities.

In order to further present the laughing gas gray industrial chain and restore the whole process from customer screening, order placing to shipment, Daily Economic News reporters, in the name of having a demand for laughing gas, are prepared to purchase a small amount of nitrous oxide bombs with businesses.

After confirming the reporters intention, the QQ seller said that it would take some time to wholesale and suggested retail purchase. If you are in Beijing, I can give you a bottle at 2.1 yuan, and it can be delivered in half an hour at the fastest. We have something in Changping.

When the reporter expressed the hope that he could get the gas cylinder with the jet code, the other side also said that the 2.8 yuan bottle with the jet code, 4 boxes from delivery, shipment from Shenzhen, need to wait 2-3 days to deliver.

The seller then sent a link to the reporter on QQ and asked the reporter to place an order in the store. The name of the product displayed on the microshop is Butter Consumables, Butter 8g Cylinders, Butter Foaming Agent.

Screenshots of Taobao sellers

When the reporter expressed that laughing gas is a dangerous chemical, express delivery will not be intercepted or even confiscated, the other side was confident that they rely on this to eat, how can not even send out goods. Your quantity is very small. We have a way of camouflage. If a large number of wholesale, it will take logistics or Flash delivery.

Two to three days after the payment, Daily Economic News reporters received four boxes of laughter from businesses as scheduled. The information on the waybill shows that the express is delivered by Shanghai Yunda Freight Co., Ltd. and the delivery address is No. 157 Gaoaoxincun, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.

Tian Eye Check Information shows that Shanghai Naluwa Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan. Its business scope includes wholesale of electrical equipment, food additives, environmental protection equipment, chemical raw materials and products (except hazardous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, monitoring chemicals, and precursor chemicals).

However, according to the list of dangerous chemicals listed in the Dangerous Chemicals List (2015 edition), nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is included in the list of dangerous chemicals.

Regulatory dilemma: temporarily not included in the drug category

Dr. Xu Jie told Daily Economic News that up to now, his Beijing High-tech Hospital has received more than 100 laughter addicts, more than 90% of whom are young people.

Especially in recent years, the number of laughing gas addicts who come to the hospital for help has been increasing rapidly. The problem commonly reflected by the families of patients is that it is too convenient to buy laughing gas. The state should strengthen the control in this respect.

Zhu Pengs father also complained to reporters that he had given the alarm immediately after receiving the laughter from the flash sender, but the result of the treatment was very unsatisfactory. When the police arrived, they confiscated the laughter from the flasher and did not file a case. They even suggested that I go to Taobao to complain about the seller.

The Daily Economic News reporter noted that nitrous oxide (laughing gas) was not only included in the dangerous chemicals catalogue in the 2015 edition, but also in the newly issued Dangerous Chemicals Catalogue (2018 edition).

In the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals (2018 edition), hazardous chemicals are defined as highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals with toxic, corrosive, explosive, combustion and combustion-supporting properties, which are harmful to human beings, facilities and the environment.

In the Hazardous Chemicals Catalogue (2018 Edition), the catalogue number 2561 shows that the title is: Nitrous oxide (compressed or liquefied), alias: nitrous oxide, laughing gas.

Thus, although laughing gas can be used as food additives or combustion aids, it has been listed in the dangerous chemical gases recognized by the state.

Nevertheless, due to the lack of definitions of addiction, tolerance, physical hazards and illegality, laughter has not been clearly defined in Chinese law. This leads to the fact that laughter does not belong to the category of drugs in the Criminal Law and the Catalogue of Narcotic Drugs and Emergency Psychotropic Substances.

Lawyers statement: We should also be sentenced to increase the intensity of the crackdown.

Wang Lianggang, senior partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm and director of China Society of Health Law, told Daily Economic News that it is necessary to include laughter in a higher-level list of restrictions in order to strengthen the supervision of laughter. Only in this way can the law impose more punishment on those who break the law.

Because laughing gas is currently only listed in the list of dangerous chemicals, safety supervision, quality supervision and other departments supervise the safety of its production, transportation, storage and other links. Therefore, the illegal sale of laughter may not have risen to the level of violating the criminal law. If it is included in psychotropic drugs or narcotic drugs, the cost of such crimes will increase rapidly. Of course, whether to define laughter as a drug is a complex process, which requires strict and accurate evaluation and demonstration. Wang Lianggang said.

At the same time, Daily Economic News reporters noted that with the first case of illegal operation of laughter in the country, the state has begun to increase the intensity of supervision and punishment measures for illegal production and operation of laughter.

On April 4, 2018, the first case of illegal operation of laughter was heard in Yunhe County Peoples Court of Zhejiang Province. The defendant was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment and a fine of 50,000 yuan for illegal operation of laughter.

According to the courts judgment, the defendant Yin Mou-mou violated the state regulations and illegally operated nitrous oxide without obtaining a license for the management of dangerous chemicals. According to the provisions of Article 225, paragraph 1, of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China, his act constituted the crime of illegal operation.

Wang Lianggang told reporters that the conviction of the crime of illegal business operation shows that in dealing with a class of cases of illegal business laughter, the state strives to approach the direction of criminal law, indicating that the social harm of laughter has attracted the attention of the state. Of course, from the past practice, the crime of illegal business operation is abig basket. Any act of operating state-controlled commodities can be incorporated into illegal business. From the point of punishment and sentencing, it is much lower than drug trafficking.

According to Article 77, paragraph 3, of the Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals promulgated by the State Council in 2002, those who engage in the operation of hazardous chemicals without obtaining a license for the operation of hazardous chemicals shall be ordered by the security supervision department to stop their operation, confiscate the illegal operation of hazardous chemicals and their illegal income, and shall be sentenced to more than 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan. The following fine shall be imposed; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

In terms of production and operation, according to Article 33 of the Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals, the State implements a licensing system for the management of hazardous chemicals, including warehousing operations. No unit or individual may operate dangerous chemicals without permission.

As for transportation, the Regulations on Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals clearly indicate that those engaged in road and waterway transportation of dangerous chemicals shall obtain road transport permits for dangerous goods and waterway transport permits for dangerous goods in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations on road and waterway transport respectively, and shall also submit them to industry and commerce. The administrative department shall go through the formalities for registration.

In addition, Article 46 of the Regulations also stipulates that if dangerous chemicals are transported by road, the shipper shall entrust an enterprise that has obtained the road transport license for dangerous goods in accordance with the law to carry them.

Lawyers said that according to Article 30 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, those who manufacture, sell, store, transport, mail, carry, use, provide, and dispose of hazardous substances such as explosive, poisonous, radioactive, corrosive substances or pathogens of infectious diseases, in violation of the provisions of the State, shall be punished for more than 10 days. If the circumstances are minor, he shall be sentenced to detention of not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days.

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