Sri Lanka returns 111 boxes of foreign garbage from Britain, including human organs

 Sri Lanka returns 111 boxes of foreign garbage from Britain, including human organs

According to the Daily Mail, Sri Lankan customs officials said last week that Colombo had complained that 111 containers had been discarded by importers at the port, which emitted a strong odor. The Daily Mail said the 111 containers contained morgue waste, including human organs, which had been unloaded and exposed to the natural environment in the past two years.

Customs spokesman Sunil Jayaratna said that since 2017, 241 containers have been exported from Britain to Sri Lanka under the name of scrap metal recycling. For the 111 containers, they are taking immediate action to require the importer to return the garbage to the UK, otherwise the importer will face criminal prosecution.

Jayaratna also said that 130 other containers destined for the free trade zone near Colombo International Airport were filled with used mattresses, plastics and medical waste, which violated international law on the transport of hazardous substances and would be dealt with in accordance with environmental law and other laws.

The containers were transported to a free trade area near Colombo International Airport. Tuyuan: Daily Mail

An official at the Sri Lankan Finance Ministry said the Department would raise the issue with the British government because it did not first ask Sri Lanka if it would accept dangerous goods exported by the UK.

In response, a spokesman for the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said, We have not yet received official requests from Sri Lanka, but we have contacted them directly for more information.

According to previous reports, Malaysia announced in May this year that it would return hundreds of tons of plastic waste to Europe and the United States. At the end of June, the Philippines, which had been in the Philippines for five to six years, was transported back to Greater Vancouver on the west coast of Canada.

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