Mueller reiterated that Trump had not been acquitted of the crime in testimony to the Tung-Omen investigation.

 Mueller reiterated that Trump had not been acquitted of the crime in testimony to the Tung-Omen investigation.

BEIJING, July 25 (Xinhua) Comprehensive report, 24 Local time, former U.S. Attorney General Mueller testified in two House committees, answering questions from members of Parliament on whether Russia Gate and President Trump impede justice. Mueller said his investigation report never excused the accusation of obstructing judicial justice, as Trump said. In response to the Ministry of Justices ruling that the special prosecutor could not prosecute the incumbent president, Miller made it clear that he could be charged with obstructing judicial justice after Trump left office.

Source: US President Trump.

Mueller confirmed that the report did not certify Trumps innocence.

The Muller report released in mid-April, covering the first 207 pages of the Russian Gate investigation, said that no conspiracy or collaboration with Russia during the 2016 presidential election was found in the Trump campaign or any individuals associated with it. The last 241 pages show whether Trump obstructed the judicial investigation. However, instead of drawing a conclusion, Officer Muller described a number of cases that were left to Congress and the Ministry of Justice to continue to make judgments.

Nadler, chairman of the Judicial Council, asked Muller that Trump claimed that the investigation report proved that he had not obstructed judicial justice. Muller answered that this statement was incorrect. The 448-page report did not justify the Presidents suspected actions.

Denying that the investigation was hampered, there was no explosion at Mullers hearing

Members of Parliament asked whether Mullers investigation was hampered. Muller flatly said no. When asked whether he would give a different confession at the hearing, Muller also indicated that there would be no new statements or data. When asked whether the Russian government thought it could benefit from the election of a candidate by 2016, Mueller affirmed that the candidate was Trump.

Democrats have been asking Muller to attend the hearing and hope that the other party will explode at the meeting, provide more substantive evidence for the impeachment of Trump, and give the Democratic Party more ammunition to attack Trump, in order to delay the incident to the presidential election in 2020, in order to combat Trumps fight for re-election. Although Muller eventually agreed to make a confession, it has long been shown that there will be no difference between the content of the confession and the report.

Democratic aides acknowledged that Mueller had served 12 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), had served as director, attended congressional hearings many times, and believed that he would not be easily guided by members of Parliament to explode, so they did not expect any explosive new information from Mueller. However, Democratic Party member Swavier pointed out that the vast majority of Americans can not read the report, and Miller attended the hearing to make the report known to the people.

Trump repeatedly tweeted Muller and his team

After the hearing, Trump also responded as a winner for the first time. Trump lashed out at the false clouds created by the Russian Gate investigation and declared that this absurd deception and witch hunting is totally unreasonable.

When Trump left the White House, he told reporters, Its a bad thing for our country and embarrassing and time-consuming.

Although he had previously said that he would probably not watch the hearing, Trump was obviously very concerned about the process of the hearing. More than an hour before the Muller hearing began, Trump issued as many as eight tweets, bombarding Muller and Congressional Democrats who wanted him to testify.

Trump accused the Democrats of illegally fabricating criminal facts and trying to convict a very innocent president.

He also relayed many fragments of the hearings to support the view that there was no Russian connection and no obstruction of justice. After the second hearing, Trump sent another full-capitalized tweet saying the truth is overwhelming.

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