Huaweis annual salary of millions of doctors is to pay for ability rather than academic qualifications.

 Huaweis annual salary of millions of doctors is to pay for ability rather than academic qualifications.

The most surprising thing about this news is that the annual salary of millions of students is the doctoral candidates. At least in China, it is rare. This may make some people lament that high education is really valuable. However, Huawei pays a high salary for its Ph.D. candidates. In the final analysis, Huawei pays for their abilities, not just their Ph.D. degrees.

According to the National Statistical Bulletin on the Development of Education in 2017 issued by the Ministry of Education, in 2017, 861,000 postgraduate students were enrolled, of which 83,900 were doctoral students and 362,000 were doctoral students. China has become a big doctoral producer. At the same time, more and more job applicants are required to have a doctoral degree, but how many doctors can get the million yearly salary offer offered by a large company like Huawei still needs to be questioned.

Huaweis official e-mail addresses top talent in two ways: top students and talented teenagers. That is to say, only if your ability really belongs to the top and genius, can you get the top salary. Although such large enterprises also value academic qualifications, they will never recruit a person just for one degree. The assessment and screening mechanism that they set up for selecting and employing people beyond their academic qualifications is really worth learning by other enterprises. When enterprises choose talents, they can not only depend on academic qualifications, but also force the reform of education evaluation system.

Ren Zhengfei has previously revealed that Huawei has at least 700 mathematicians, 800 physicists and more than 6,000 basic research experts... Such a rich talent system team, of course, is smashed with heavy money, but it is not only so simple to spend money. How to know, employ and train people is a knowledge. Faced with Huaweis million-year salary to recruit new Ph.D. students, individuals should be aware that Huaweis million-year salary buy is definitely not a diploma, do not fall into the misunderstanding of brushing diploma.

Zhu Changjun Source: China Youth Daily