Policies have been promulgated in many places throughout the country to light up the night economy

 Policies have been promulgated in many places throughout the country to light up the night economy

More Prosperity Measures

Taking Chongqing as an example, according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce on July 22, Chongqing launched a three-month night market cultural consumption promotion campaign in July to promote the economic development of the night market.

Taking Beijing as an example, on May 13, Beijings Night Economy policy was first adopted in Haidian, and the Three-year Action Plan for Promoting Consumption Energy Level in Haidian District (2019-2021) put forward the management measures of night economic subsidy funds, encouraged relevant retail enterprises to take the initiative to prolong night business hours, and studied and opened a number of night traffic microcirculation lines. And take the lead in promoting cultural salons, cinemas, theatres and other night cultural and artistic consumption.

On July 9, Beijing Business Bureau issued Measures for Further Prosperity of Night Economy and Promotion of Consumption Growth in Beijing, including 13 specific contents, such as lighting up the night consumption scene, in order to further prosper the night economy and enhance the influence of Night Capital.

Subsequently, Tongzhou District of Beijing announced the Work Program on Further Prospering Night Economy and Promoting Consumption Growth, which is a pilot project in Liyuan District to establish Night Economy Demonstration Block and gradually cultivate and build Night Economy Demonstration Zone in Tongzhou.

In addition, on June 19, 2019, the General Office of Jinan Municipal Peoples Government issued Opinions on Implementing the Promotion of Night Economy Development, which put forward 27 requirements and opinions on the development of Jinans night economy from ten aspects; on April 15, 2019, nine departments, such as Shanghai Commerce Commission, jointly issued On Shanghai Promoting Night Economy Development Guiding opinions put forward ten dry goods to promote the prosperity and development of night economy in Shanghai from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. the next day.

Need to innovate and standardize at the same time

Some experts in the industry said that eating and drinking is only the starting point of the night economy. There is a huge space for the development of culture, tourism, film and television, exhibition and other aspects. There is also a lot of room for exploration in supporting services such as finance, transportation service upgrading.

Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the Economic Policy Committee of the China Policy Science Research Association, told the Securities Daily that night economy is a practical, effective and quick way to tap the consumption potential of cities. At present, Chinas per capita GNI has approached 10,000 US dollars, which is higher than the average level of middle-income countries. At this stage of development, the demand for high-quality consumption at night will also increase steadily. Globally, many international metropolises are brightly lit at night, and some economists deliberately use the brightness of night lights to evaluate economic activity.

In an interview with the Journal of Securities Daily, a staff member of a shopping mall in Chaoyang District, Beijing, said that encouraging night economy is not just a slogan, but also needs some practical policy guarantees. For example, to prolong the operation time of public transport, to ensure that shopping mall staff and consumers travel at night; at the same time, the time for garbage clearance in catering industry should be appropriately prolonged.

Other shopkeepers said that in the system design, balancing the night wage cost of labor, supporting night business circles, the flow of people, whether consumer demand is aggregated and other issues should be considered comprehensively, otherwise sustainable development can not be achieved.

In addition, consumers are mostly expecting and supporting the night economy. Many consumers say that for working people, especially those in big cities, late-night consumption is just in need and a supplement to daily consumption. It can not only eat, drink and play, but also enrich cultural services such as bookstores, libraries and museums.

According to the analysis of the reporters in Securities Daily, we can see that from the current policy landing around the country, the format and guarantee of the night economy are continuing to be abundant. Nevertheless, some insiders remind us that in order to prosper the night economy, we should avoid changing every day and improve the scientificity, accuracy and stability of policy initiatives. We should adjust measures to local conditions and avoid one side of a thousand cities. Only by focusing on the connotation and extension of night economy, overall planning and rational layout, can the night economy go better and farther.