Know early: Sun Yuchen apologized late at night and now the third company withdraws the bill.

 Know early: Sun Yuchen apologized late at night and now the third company withdraws the bill.

Boris Johnson officially became British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson became British Prime Minister after being asked by the Queen to form a new government during his meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, Sky News reported Wednesday.

The Central Committee for Deep Reform adopted the Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at its meeting.

Xi Jinping chaired the ninth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform. The meeting deliberated and adopted the Plan for the Establishment of the National Science and Technology Ethics Committee, Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Opinions on Promoting the Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Deepening the Management System of Rural Public Infrastructure. Guiding Opinions on Reform, Construction Plan of Great Wall, Grand Canal, Long March National Cultural Park, Guiding Opinions on the Overall Delimitation and Implementation of Three Control Lines in Land Space Planning, Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of Network Comprehensive Governance System, Pilot Work Program for the Construction of Regional Medical Centers, and Country The pilot implementation plan for the integration of family property and education, the Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen to Build a Pioneer Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and the General Plan for the Construction of the Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone of the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

At the 9th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, it was emphasized that the protection of intellectual property rights should be promoted in an overall way. The protection system should be reformed and improved from the aspects of examination and authorization, administrative law enforcement, judicial protection, arbitration and mediation, and industry self-discipline. The protection system should be strengthened by comprehensive use of legal, administrative, economic, technological and social governance means. Protect and promote the overall improvement of protection ability and level.

Meetings of the Central Committee for Deepening Reform: Paying equal attention to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine and promoting complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine

At the ninth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, it was pointed out that the prominent advantages of Chinas health and health undertakings were to attach equal importance to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine and to promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We should improve the service system of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the high-quality development of the cause and industry of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the construction of talent team of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the inheritance and open and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine, reform and improve the management system and mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, and give full play to the special role of traditional Chinese medicine in disease treatment and prevention.

Meeting of the Central Committee for Further Reform: Pilot Construction of Regional Medical Centers

At the 9th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, it was emphasized that the main task of the pilot project for the construction of regional medical centers is to select a number of high-quality medical institutions in areas rich in medical resources such as Beijing and Shanghai. By building sub-centers and branches, and promoting multi-point practice of doctors, the pilot project will help patients outflow more and medical treatment more. Regional medical centers should be built in areas with relatively weak resources, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data should be fully utilized to promote the development of high-quality medical resources in groups, so as to better meet the needs of the masses for medical services.

Meetings of the Central Committee for Further Reform: Encouraging all kinds of subjects of society to participate in the management and maintenance of rural public infrastructure

At the ninth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, it was emphasized that rural public infrastructure is an important support to promote the sustainable and healthy development of rural economy and society, and an important material basis for the overall rural revitalization. In order to promote the integrated management and protection of urban and rural public infrastructure, we should adhere to the government-led and market operation, encourage all kinds of subjects of society to participate in the management and protection of rural public infrastructure, implement the responsibility of management and protection according to the ownership of property rights, scientifically formulate standards and norms for management and protection, and rationally select the mode of management and protection.

This weeks National Regular Session: Deploy pilot projects to deepen regional financial reform and enhance the capacity of financial services reform, opening up and economic development

Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council and deployed pilot projects to deepen regional financial reform. The next step is to coordinate the use of a variety of tools in accordance with the requirements of macro-policy, to promote the effective reduction of real interest rates, to support the development of small and medium-sized banks, and to reduce the financing costs of enterprises, especially small and small private enterprises. Firm local responsibilities should be taken to guard against financial risks. Regional financial reform and innovation should serve the overall situation of macro-policy. Second, we should make clear our objectives and promote regional financial reform and innovation as a whole. In order to meet the needs of economic and social development and regional coordinated development, we should focus on financial support for major national regional development strategies, agriculture, rural areas, scientific and technological innovation, and expanding financial opening to the outside world. We should further advance the pilot test and launch a mature reform plan with pilot significance. Third, we should establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for regional financial reform. Strengthen the follow-up evaluation and third-party evaluation of the pilot projects, correct or call a halt in time if there is no actual effect or serious deviation from the reform objectives, and not just do nothing as a cap; encourage new reform explorations to achieve the expected goals and obvious results, and accelerate the spread of replicable experience to a wider range, Make innovative measures of financial reform and opening up play a better role in promoting development, benefiting peoples livelihood and preventing risks.

Expanding the Limited Sale Scope of Suzhou City: New houses within the urban area can be transferred after 3 years before second-hand houses can be transferred after 5 years.

Suzhou has issued suggestions on further improving the steady and healthy development of the real estate market in our city. Measures to restrict the transfer of newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing in urban areas of Suzhou shall be implemented. From the date of implementation of this opinion, new commercial housing projects (including those that have already obtained pre-sale license and have not yet started online signature) within the urban area of Suzhou can be transferred after three years from the date of acquisition of the real property certificate by the purchaser; second-hand housing can only be transferred after three years from the date of acquisition of the real property certificate; second-hand housing can be acquired by the purchaser through market transactions with the new real property certificate reaching 5. Transferable only after one year. When a non-registered household family applies for the purchase of the first set of housing in the city of Suzhou, Kunshan and Taicang, it shall provide proof of payment of personal income tax or social insurance (urban social insurance) for two or more years in succession within the city of Suzhou within three years from the date of purchase.

Many traders of 3C products who have trade with Chengxing Holdings disclosed to reporters that the practice of Chengxing Holdings is not complicated. First, a batch of 3C products (mainly Apple series products) are purchased from upstream enterprise A, and then sold to large e-commerce platforms at a lower price, so as to exchange a large number of receivables and purchase contracts and send them to the large-scale e-commerce platform. Financial institutions apply for supply chain financial financing based on accounts receivable. After the relevant financing is completed, Chengxing Holdings will find an affiliated institution B to buy back the 3C products at a high price. Reporters learned that after the accident of stepping on Lei Chengxing Holdings, Noah Wealth has decided to suspend the single non-standard consolidated product business such as supply chain finance from July.

Directional drip irrigation is still the main tone of monetary policy in the second half of the year. Experts predict that the probability of the central banks implementation of benchmarking remains.

From the recent open market operation of the central bank, analysts believe that the current focus is on supporting private enterprises, small and micro enterprises, etc. Regulators are committed to wide currency to promote funds to key areas of directional drip irrigation. Tao Jin, a macro-researcher at the Suning Institute of Finance, said that there was no pressure for enterprises to pay taxes and fees centrally in the second half of the year, and that local bonds were issued after September, and banks did not have pressure to pay funds. Liquidity expectations are relatively stable in the second half of the year, and substantial easing seems unnecessary. It should be noted that the pressure of steady growth in the second half of the year is likely to increase. In addition to the global interest rate reduction cycle, the probability of a reduction by the central bank still exists.

Sun Yuchen, founder of TRON Foundation in Bochang, apologized in his personal micro-blog on the morning of 25th, saying that during the past period, he had experienced unprecedented disturbances, doubts and pains, deeply reflected on his past words and deeds, and felt guilty for his over-marketing and hype. The apology letter also said that Buffetts lunch originated from his worship of Buffett and his love for charity. The original intention was good and simple. It also had some selfishness to promote the industry of block chain. But because of its immature words and deeds, Buffetts lunch gradually evolved into an uncontrolled, stalled and unsuccessful over-marketing. The totally unexpected consequences have had a negative impact on the public and caused concern among regulators. It pointed out that every effort will be made to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and to maintain timely response and long-term communication.

Three cases of inquiry-based examination highlighting teeth

Papaya Mobile, and Shipboard Chips, Norkanda, within a month, Kechuanban Examination Hall continued to appear abandoned cases. In the view of the industry, on-site supervision is a supplement to the inquiry-based audit under the pilot registration system, which helps to tighten the responsibility of the sponsors and improve the quality and efficiency of the issuance and listing audit. The friendliness of the inclusive system does not mean tolerance of fouls and problems. Recent three withdrawal orders have released a clear signal that an efficient and transparent audit process will give enterprises the most penetrating market test, and a well-disciplined Kechuanban examination room refuses to fish in muddy water.

The top ten stockholdings of public offering fund have reached a new high

According to the data of Guangfa Securities, at the end of the second quarter, the allocation ratio of active partial equity and flexible allocation funds to the main board rose to 68.6%, that of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 to 70.9%, that of Shanghai 50 to 26.7%, that of SMEs to 18.5%, and that of GEM to 13%. The holding style of public offering fund is to grasp the trend of big and small. It is noteworthy that in the second quarter, the concentration of allocated shares of public funds rose to a record high, with the proportion of the top ten heavy positions of active partial shares and flexible allocation funds reaching 28.5%.

The three major U.S. stock indices closed up and down differently, with the index slightly down by 0.85%.

WTI crude oil futures closed down $0.89, or 1.57%, at $55.88 a barrel in September. Brent crude oil futures closed down $0.65, or 1.02%, at $63.18 a barrel in September.

Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges opened early in the morning, and the activity of hot topics on the market increased gradually. Technological stocks led by the concept of Apple took the lead. Military industry, second-generation, oil and gas concepts also showed some performance. Stocks in the two markets showed a general pattern of rise. In the afternoon, the major indices fell slightly, and the turnover of the two cities was enlarged compared with yesterday. From the plate point of view, apple, domestic chips, 5G and other plates have increased significantly, while steel, brokerage and other sectors have increased slightly. As of the close, the Shanghai index rose 0.8% to 2923 points, the Shenzhen index rose 0.99% to 9266 points, and the GEM index rose 1.22% to 1553 points. Shanghai Stock Exchange has a net inflow of 1.39 billion yuan and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has a net inflow of 1.03 billion yuan.

Kechuang boards revenue: 25 Kechuang boards shares rose 49%.

The three major European stock indices closed up mixed.

Germanys DAX30 index closed up 0.3%, Britains FTSE 100 index fell 0.68%, and Frances CAC 40 index fell 0.22%.

The Hang Seng Index closed up 0.2% at 28524.04.

Market dynamics

Analysis of the Rise and Stop of July 24

Kechuang Boards opening three days: rational operation is steadily rising

The three trading days since the opening of Kechuang Stock Exchange have shown a trend of rising on the whole line - differentiation callback - rising steadily. As for the research and judgment on the trend of the stock market in the company, many securities dealers told reporters that the main melody of the future will be the continuous differentiation and the return of valuation. Dongxing Securities Strategy Research pointed out that the experience of SMEs and GEM in the reopening market found that the trading system is changing, and the market is also improving in continuous learning. Therefore, it is expected that the follow-up trend of Kechuang board will be more moderate, the window period from emotional promotion to value return will be shorter, and the trend of individual stocks will rapidly differentiate. It is speculated that the return window period of value may be about three months.

Stock Exchange Open Index Fund (ETF) reappeared its explosion. Yesterday, ETF, the leading military industry leader of Wells Fargo China Securities Corporation, issued the announcement that the fund contract came into effect. The total subscription size of the funds 304,000 subscribers was as high as 7.202 billion yuan, making it the largest share ETF since this year, and the ninth stock ETF with an initial offering scale of more than 1 billion yuan this year.

Advance booking is required for securities trading by institutions with tight securities market in Kechuang Board.

According to the reporters investigation, Kechuang stock market has just opened, and the supply of securities is in short supply. All the institutional customers who can get securities are those who make an appointment with securities firms in advance, such as some large-scale private offerings. The purpose of securities trading is to make a multi-space balance strategy to balance and prevent the local risks of the system. Securities firms have stronger control over business risks, and more stringent audits of customer qualifications, customer trading strategies, etc.

The fines of 29 private-equity firms that violate the rules and regulations are worth 360 million yuan

Reporters received a super-asset-scale purchase data show that a total of 58,635,300 shares of private equity were over-allocated. If calculated at todays closing price, the total float earnings will exceed 360 million yuan. Among them, China Tongs floating earnings amount to 240 million, which will be donated to public welfare organizations after liquidation.

Kechuangban Fighting New Compliance Actions and Real Penalty Enterprises: Not Intentionally

Among the fined private equity institutions, Shenzhen Forestry Park Investment Management Co., Ltd. has the largest number of restricted products, a total of 32. Shenzhen Forestry Park responded that it did not intend to oversubscribe and that the relevant proceeds had been confiscated.

Facebook will pay a record $5 billion to settle its privacy case with the Federal Trade Commission. Zuckerberg will lose the final decision on privacy.

More than 200 housing companies declared bankruptcy this year

Data from the Peoples Court Announcement Network show that as of July 24, 274 real estate enterprises across the country issued bankruptcy announcements in 2019, of which three were issued yesterday (24).

Policies have been promulgated in many places throughout the country to light up the night economy

Since this year, Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Jinan and other places have introduced relevant policies and measures to stimulate new economic momentum at night. Liu Zhe, deputy dean of Wanbo New Economic Research Institute and director of the Business Environment Center, said that data showed that some industries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities had accounted for more than 50% of the night economy. Relevant survey reports show that 60% of consumption occurs at night, and the sales of large shopping malls from 18:00 to 22:00 a.m. each day account for more than half of the days sales. Liu Zhe said that in addition to first-tier cities, second-tier and third-tier cities, the night economy has greater potential for development. Night economy is expected to become a new growth point of urban economic development.

The profit of cement industry is expected to reach a new high this year

A Grade A Examination of 48 Central Enterprises in 2018

The SASAC of the State Council recently reported the results of the performance appraisal of the managers of central enterprises in the term of 2018 and 2016-2018: 48 enterprises were awarded Grade A in 2018, two fewer than the previous year; 46 enterprises were awarded Grade A in the term of 2016-2018, four more than the previous term.

At present, the overall plan for the new area of Shanghai Free Trade Test Zone has been drawn up and is being submitted for approval in accordance with the procedure. Reporter interviews found that for the positioning of the new area of Shanghai FTA, the expectations of all parties are relatively high. They believe that it will not be a simple space expansion, nor a simple FTA policy translation, but a policy and system innovation and breakthrough. Under the background of expanding the opening up, the new area of Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Area will bear more historical and new missions. In addition, the new area of Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Area will also contribute to a broader strategic development space for the integration of regional development in the Yangtze River Delta.

Ernst & Young reports that the adoption rate of financial technology in mainland China is as high as 87% and continues to lead the world.

According to the Global Financial Technology Acceptance Index 2019 released by Ernst & Young on 24th, the adoption rate of consumer financial technology in mainland China and India is 87%, ranking first in the world, with the average global financial technology adoption rate rising to 64%. In just two years, the adoption rate of the major markets in the Asia-Pacific region has doubled or even tripled, with 67% in Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, and 58% in Australia. The high adoption rate in mainland China indicates that financial platforms and ecosystems have been widely used in mainland China.

Chinas Scientific Research Institutions Win the Bid for the International Thermonuclear Fusion Experimental Reactor Assembly Core Project

The return of BDI index to 2000:00 is expected to usher in the dawn of dry bulk transport industry

Up to 16 million yuan! Yunnan Increases Reward for Listed Enterprises

The Yunnan Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration issued the Regulations on the Management of Special Funds for the Development of Capital Market in Yunnan Province, which further strengthened the financial incentives for listed enterprises. All eligible listed enterprises from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 can declare the corresponding incentive funds. The Management Measures clearly indicate that special funds refer to the special financial funds included in the annual budget arrangement of Yunnan Provincial Finance, which are used to reward enterprises in Yunnan Province to list at home and abroad according to law, to transfer shares of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide and to list in regional equity trading markets of Yunnan Province. Among them, companies listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Kechuang Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the small and medium-sized boards and the GEM will be rewarded in stages. Companies listed abroad with the approval of the CSRC will be rewarded with 16 million yuan after successful listing.

China Merchants Bank: Net profit of 50.6 billion yuan in the first half of the year increased by 13% compared with the same period last year.

Atlantic: Net profit fell 35% to 55% in the first half

Sunrise Oriental: Net profit is expected to turn into profit in the first half of the year

WEIGUANG BIOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE FAST REPORT: Net profit in the first half of the year increased by 1.98%.

Car Inspection: Net profit of 111 million yuan in the first half of the year increased by 86% compared with the same period last year.

Tongshan Lixing Performance Express: Net Profit in the First Half of the Year Increased by 50% Year on Year

Hong Hui New Material Performance Express: Net profit in the first half of the year increased by 8.88%.

Farsheng: The first half of the year is expected to lose 70 million yuan to 100 million yuan

Haoyun Science and Technology: The Subsidiary Company Wins the Bid of 61.39 million Yuan

Huajian Group: Subsidiary Company won the bid of 54.93 million yuan

CHINA HEAVY INDUSTRY: First repurchase of more than 30 million yuan of shares

Yujiahui: 5% share repurchase cost 182 million yuan

Huiding Technologies: Directors intend to reduce their holdings to no more than 1 million shares

Haihang Science and Technology: Shareholders intend to reduce their shareholdings by no more than 0.69%.

Huaxun Ark: Controlling shareholders are planning to suspend trading on the 24th day of the change of control rights of the company

Yu Garden shares: 700 million yuan to buy Mushroom enterprises, 55.5% of the stake

Huaming Intelligence: Restructuring Matters will be suspended on the 25th

Bochuang Science and Technology: Received the Decision on Administrative Supervision Measures of Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau

Mingde Biology: Obtaining Medical Device Registration Certificate

Fuchun Environmental Protection: Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yuanhan Energy

Longda Meat Food: It is proposed to set up a wholly-owned company to promote the location layout of aquaculture plate.

Saitong Shares: No more than 700 million yuan is planned to be raised