Korean Media: The New Principle of US Defense Cost Sharing is Promulgated or Increased

 Korean Media: The New Principle of US Defense Cost Sharing is Promulgated or Increased

DATA FIGURE: On September 18, 2014, the 2nd U.S. Army Division in Korea held aerial assault training at the U.S. military camp in Dongdouchuan, Gyeonggi Road, South Korea.

According to reports, White House National Security Assistant Bolton met with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jinghe and others and exchanged views on the issue of defense cost sharing. Some analysts believe that South Korea and the United States will soon begin to negotiate the applicable share of defense expenditure of U.S. troops stationed in South Korea from 2020.

From the end of 2018, Trump government began to discuss the principle of how to share the cost of US troops abroad with the garrison. The content of the new principle is unknown, but it can be sure that it will greatly increase the burden of South Korea and other allies.

South Korea and the United States signed the Special Agreement on Defense Cost Sharing in March 2019, which covers the defense cost of US troops in South Korea in 2019, which is 1.0389 trillion won, up 8.2% from the same period last year.

In recent years, the US has repeatedly pressed the ROK to adjust the cost-sharing ratio. According to official data released by South Korea, the share of US military expenditure in South Korea has risen from about 150 billion won in 1991 to about 960 billion won in 2018. The United States has stationed troops in South Korea since 1953, and South Korea has shared the cost of troops since the 1990s.

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