Old couples were taken to the cemetery to promote the cemetery for a free summer tour

 Old couples were taken to the cemetery to promote the cemetery for a free summer tour

In such a hot and unbearable weather, if there is a good place to stay cool in the summer, it can be free shuttle bus and free of charge for the whole journey! Do you have a heart attack?

Recently, Wuchangs Hu Da and Dad met this kind of good thing, but this summer tour is far less simple than he thought!

Yesterday (July 24), Hu Daddy said he was still angry about the experience.

Receiving Invitation Letters for Summer Travel

He was taken to the cemetery to sell the cemetery.

I wanted to stay in the summer, but I didnt know where to buy a cemetery until I arrived. Hu Daddy said that at about 7:30 a.m. on the 17th, he and his wife took the Xiaogan bus. He found that there were fifty or sixty old people in the bus at that time. Around 9 a.m., they arrived at their destination.

However, it is surprising that they went to a cemetery called Yongxiao Mausoleum. The staff who received them also promoted the cemetery to them, saying that the scenery here is good and it is a good place for the old people to rest after a hundred years.

The two old men recalled that the salesman took the old man to the cemetery and introduced the price of these cemeteries. The top-grade cemeteries cost more than 80,000 yuan. This kind of cemetery can not only bury the old man, but also leave the grave for his son and grandson. If there is a purchase intention, a deposit of 200 yuan will be paid on the spot.

Being dragged to see the cemetery on a hot day has upset the two old people. What makes them angry is that the bus stops them after they leave the cemetery. If the old people have the intention to buy, the salesman will send the old people back to the bus by the battery car. The old people who are unwilling to buy can only walk a long distance to get on the bus.

The cemetery has been previously complained about

Summer vacation has turned into a one-day tour of the cemetery! Its disgusting to force the sale of cemeteries, and the cemetery is not a legal cemetery.

In recent years, some cheaters specially focus on the elderly, under various banners, cheating the elderly lifetime savings, so that the elderly suffer huge losses.

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