Big S wants to teach Aya? Apparently jealousy

 Big S wants to teach Aya? Apparently jealousy

Teach Aya a good lesson is a joke, but it often exposes a persons most real emotions. What is this mood? It is a steep drop from superiority to jealousy.

Big S wants to teach Aya a lesson. Its obviously jealousy!

I like those girls who have a thorough and exquisite heart and are not so sober about marriage and life, such as Li Na.

She was 17 years old in Beijing. She graduated from a masters degree in a state-owned petroleum enterprise and wrote speeches for the vice president. She has seen many great things. When bare-handed people bought houses and cars in Beijing, they were finally settled down. But at the age of 30, he resigned resolutely, left the system, successfully crossed the border and became a freelance writer and entrepreneur.

(A new draft for the third anniversary is coming out soon)

I have a cool mother-in-law. What kind of experience is it?

Li Na likes to interpret stars, movies and TV dramas, classical literature from the perspective of human nature. She also uses a clever pen to record her life and her resignation and entrepreneurship. Interested in her article, you can see her original name Najies Light and Shadow Notes. She has a profound insight into human nature, emotions and marriage, and is good at discovering the essence and rules behind things.

Her article is very hot! Often by 10 oclock reading, visual logs and other front-line large reprints, in the circle of friends more than 10,000 people forward.

She also writes film reviews. She is a senior young woman in literature and art.

Im not the God of medicine: Every ordinary family has a knife hanging on its head.

Former 3: In love, the greatest enemy is oneself

Jin Ping Mei: She has no money, no beauty, but she is the biggest winner.

Jin Ping Mei: What will poor girls pay for luxury goods?

I am here waiting for you, looking forward to meeting similar souls.