After a blind date, its easy for boys to lose ground in chatting on Wechat like this.

 After a blind date, its easy for boys to lose ground in chatting on Wechat like this.

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Dating is a topic that almost everyone cant avoid. After all, not everyone has the chance to fall in love at first sight.

At present, if we feel good about each other after a blind date, it becomes a fashion and necessity to exchange Wechat. We hope that on the basis of good feeling, we can learn more and communicate more, so that our feelings can be quickly ignited.

Every morning, midnight and evening, greeting each other and saying Heaven speaks, earth speaks, but not emotion after the date has added the Wechat.

There is a boy who is naturally shy.

Occasionally naughty, occasionally show the intention, will make girls feel more secure.

[With Wechat, there is no scruple in speaking, from privacy to income

There is a boy who thinks he is old in love, and even does not want to waste his time in idle love talk. In his view of love, he first asks everything clearly and then decides whether he is together or not. What he wants to know must be asked and understood. If a girl is not happy, he says goodbye.

Seemingly free and easy, but actually rude, speaking without scruple, from privacy to income, such boys and girls, even if they have more affection for him, will gradually fade away with each question, and even girls will be identified as scum man.

Mingyi believes that, in a behavior that makes girls more disgusted, boys who do not regard themselves as outsiders will be responsible for three things and four things to girls as soon as a blind date succeeds. Such boys are not old rivers and lakes of love in fact, but little idiots of love.

Dont deny that there is a man who is born to praise himself as a saint. He thinks that as long as girls dont refuse or even want to exchange tweets, its like Nine out of ten cant run. So theres no orthodoxy in tweets from morning till night. He even treats each other as a real girlfriend. Shut up and say, Dear, baby, I love you, I think. You...

I think that this can speed up the process of love, but I do not know that girls will rush to pull the Wechat black at the first time, because in the eyes of girls, such boys are scum and flowers, is absolutely not the right person for love.

Mingyi believes that the addition of Wechat after a blind date is indeed a sign of the success of a blind date, but it is only a milestone in the beginning of love, and there is still a long way to go to both sides to maintain, sincere, real, caring from the heart, only in this way can love gradually enter a good state.

After a blind date, boys chat like this on Wechat. Its easy to be defeated. You always fail in a blind date. Have you touched the bottom line?