Why do girls care so much about [their boyfriends ex-girlfriend]?

 Why do girls care so much about [their boyfriends ex-girlfriend]?

Thats all right.

He loves you now

Good to you.

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@ Such as: Because of fear, I am mosquito blood, she is white moonlight.


- 04-

@ Anonymity: Because its not that you are better looking, gentler, more educated, more knowledgeable and more understanding than her, he will love you more. Sometimes the order of peoples appearances is really important.

- 08-

@ Mexican: To tell you the truth, whats great about your ex-girlfriend? You are more knowledgeable than her and more in tune with your boyfriend. If you two soulmate, all your ex-girlfriends can only be floating clouds. Heaven and earth are big, you are his favorite. Ive never had stage fright. I know Ill win the game.



- 11-

@ Anonymity: He was very sad and painful because his ex-girlfriend abandoned herself. I dont think there will be any girl who cant let him go so much. For his ex-girlfriend, he is more jealous than afraid.

- 12-

@ luna: My boyfriends favorite chicken soup in some software is When a girl misses the person she wants to marry most, she will become more and more picky, when a boy misses the person he wants to marry most, he will become more and more casual, picky because no one is as good as you, casual because its not you anyway. I love this one very much. Strong pain...

@ Anonymity: Im afraid that youre separated from her, and all she left behind was photos, images and memories. And I am a living person beside you, I will shit and fart, there will be lovely and graceful time. But no matter how bad her ex-girlfriend was, now she only left her smiling face.

Im afraid shes the heroic dream of your ordinary life. I just burst into the ordinary life of your heroic dream...

So I had to pretend not to be afraid.

- 15-

@ Anonymity: not to mention fear, jealousy, mind, loss, that once appeared in his life, earlier than me, to me as a fan of the girl, she witnessed his growth, is that she let him learn how to be a boyfriend of others, although every encounter has its own reason, it should be natural, but also Its the stubborn hope that he is the only girl in his life.

- 16-

@ La Pada: Im afraid of his predecessor. Im afraid that I cant compare with his four-year feelings. I want to possess and possess all of him. I want to know everything about him from his birth. I want him to come back. I want him to be the only one.

- 17-

@ Anonymity: Because his youth madness gave her, his blood gave her, regardless of the outcome of his love for her.

Care is certain, will you be sad?

- 18-

@ Anonymity: Yan Value, Education, Personality, Character, Mind, Family Background... Crush his ex-girlfriend in every way. But its jealousy, yeah, jealousy: theres her in campus life and theres no me. Likewise angry, he will find her blind.

- 19-

@ Girl Beizhi: Because boys love their girlfriend on a minus basis, and they miss their ex-girlfriend on a plus basis.

@ Little Lazy: Not afraid or hate his ex-girlfriend, just envy or even jealousy. Whats more, his ex-girlfriend is not scarce at all. I think he is very precious.


@ Icarus II: When every girl is in love, she wants her boyfriend to be affectionate and unforgettable all her life. But when they are entangled by their ex-boyfriend, or when their ex-girlfriend tries to break the lotus root, they hope that the man will be forgetful and change his mind. I can only coax you to accompany you when you are in love, to leave quietly when you break up, and then to tell the next generation that you are rotten, she is the lifelong companion. However, after a long time, my vows were not believed by myself.

@ Qiang Aojiao: The former you care about her, she has, the more nervous and sensitive you are, the former really feel comfortable, the world is really big, billions of people, not only love will be happy!!! Free and confident sisters, love really care about a fair, like the predecessor still can not let go, let him go numbly, vomit out of the bone picked up and chewed again, out of this relationship with the predecessor who did not predecessor, to the uncle climb away!

- 24-

@ Anonymous:

Because his ex-girlfriends are prettier than me, better than me and know him better than I am; the unique things he and she have experienced and I cant experience it again; fear of her words, let all my efforts to him be abandoned; cant resist, not the ex-girlfriend himself, but her in his heart; who can prevent it? What does a person think? Who can get two things not to compare; afraid that he will compare me with my ex-girlfriend, afraid that he will always have a place for her in his heart; women always like this, afraid to know the past, but also want to know his past; my most regrettable is that I can not participate in your past; my most longing for is the future we will have.

@ Small belly: Originally, he also likes to talk about the friendship of friends circle show. Originally, he would also like to let the whole world know how cute his girlfriend is and how proud he is. It turned out that he could tolerate all kinds of compromises in his girlfriends pettiness. Why cant I have these? Im so sad, I cant think about it. It hurts when I think about it.


@ Liu Jiaxin: Because you dont know that your predecessor always casually contacted her boyfriend. You dont know whether her boyfriends dream has ever been related to her or whether her boyfriends future has ever been with her. If I were my predecessor, I would die of old age and not be disgusted with my predecessors current position.


@ Big meow round face: not afraid of ex-girlfriend, afraid of their boyfriend, if the boyfriend is a person who says the same thing, ex-girlfriend is nothing, even if they are still in contact, as long as you are not happy, boyfriend immediately stand on your side, immediately draw a line with her, what are you afraid of? Im afraid my boyfriend is a scum man. Red roses and white moonlight all want to...

@ Unconditional: Youre afraid its because hes still thinking about his ex-girlfriend.


@ Aurora: I dont have that kind of talent. You can accept her as well. I know youre with me just for the sake of ordinary life, and shes your heroic dream.

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