Only when boys say this when they express themselves can they give girls a sense of security and a higher chance of success.

 Only when boys say this when they express themselves can they give girls a sense of security and a higher chance of success.

Every evening we chat together, occasionally go out to eat and walk together on weekends, often holding hands, which lasted for four months. She had more time and often sent me messages. I had no chance to chat with her. She had more topics, and I had less.

But this month, when I came back from dinner on Friday, I didnt send me any messages. I didnt ask her until Sunday evening. She said those words to me, and then deleted my contact information. I texted her from time to time, and I returned it once, and then I didnt return it.

I said before that I promised to knit her hand rope and Chinese knot. I just knitted it a few days ago, and Im hesitating whether to send it or not to fulfill my promise.

She is a very cheerful, smiling girl, I am silent, serious face. What should I do?

Love to reply:

I want to answer your question in two ways:

In fact, the situation is very simple. The girl gave you all the opportunities she could give you, and I believe she still leaves you with the opportunity in her heart, otherwise she would not send you such a long message.

Presumably this girl editors information is so long that she may have changed several rounds when she edited it. As a result, you just throw a good word to others so forcefully that she has no face.

Its like the story that a boy told me in my online love lesson years ago. He said: I was with a girl and she ignored me after a week of traveling. He said, I havent done anything. Whats wrong with me?

I wanted to tell him at that time: Didnt the mistake lie in that you didnt do anything?!

The same is true of you. The girls in the first screenshot of the conversation have made it so clear that she said, Im not pure about you anymore. You make an expression and say: Come on.

Seeing this, I couldnt help sighing.

So, what exactly are you doing? Thats the case.

Shes willing to send you a message just to make you feel interesting to you. Whether you want to send a Chinese entanglement or not is not the most critical. Its not too late to express your intention to her when you really understand each others relationship and chat with each other.

Now she just wants to talk more about the emotional topics between you.

And you said, Although my heart is very painful, only accept the blessings of reality. Are you silly to say that? It has no soul and no courage, and it makes itself more righteous and awesome.

Women hate that kind of sticky feeling most, what meet hard, love and cherish, this love has been far away from me and still bless you, this kind of myth will be remembered to themselves in the future.