Japan used to be No. 10! 40 years old, seriously injured for half a year, 41 years old to return to the arena: I want to make progress.

 Japan used to be No. 10! 40 years old, seriously injured for half a year, 41 years old to return to the arena: I want to make progress.


Many people know Junfu Nakamura because of his free kick, because he is Japans No. 10, the former Asian Cup MVP and Soviet Super MVP. But many people may not know that Junfu Nakamuras name has a slight connection with Dora A Dream. Dora A Dream is one of the most popular Japanese animations in China. The music of the animation comes from the famous Japanese musician Junfu Kikuchi. Junfu Nakamuras mother loves music and is a super fan of Junfu Kikuchi. He wanted his son to be a musician when he grew up, so he named his baby son Junfu Zhongcun.

Former Japan No. 10

Contrary to his wishes, Nakamura inherited the name of his mothers favorite musician, and did not show great talent in music. Mother wants Junfu Nakamura to be a gentle and elegant person, but Junfu Nakamura falls into the embrace of football by mistake.

Starting from primary school, Junfu Nakamuras youth coach, who first saw him playing football, had two bright eyes. From the first to the second year of junior high school, my foot skills can crush my teammates of the same age. At that time, the coaches praised me very much. Junfu Nakamura, a gifted junior member of the Yokohama Mariners Junior Team, has become a junior player in junior high school. Everyone thought Junfu Nakamura would be promoted to the Youth Team without any suspense after graduation from junior high school, but what awaited Junfu Nakamura was a big blow in the head.

After first tasting the joy of football, bitterness surged towards Junfu Nakamura. Yokohama Mariners Junior Team promoted to the youth team assessment, the team has a standard: height 170 cm; but at that time Junfu Nakamura less than 160 cm. Any explanation is superfluous, and there is no remedy. Junfu Nakamura, who was eliminated by the professional echelon, has to shift the focus of his life to his studies.


Just entered Tongguangyuan High School, Junfu Nakamura immediately ran to the football field. What awaits Junfu Nakamura is not the constant training of laughter, but the long-term picking up balls in the corner of the playground.

Many of the students enrolled in the school also cherished the dream of football, but after a few days they disdained it. We all have goals, but what matters is whether the process has been sorted out in our minds. If the process is not clear and a lot of useless work is done, the gap will be widened with competitors.

After a while, Junfu Nakamura found a way out. Before going to school in the morning, the training ground was empty, and nobody cared. Junfu Nakamura went to school every day with sleepless eyes and took a bus around 6 oclock to practise. At that time, there were about 3-4 players who did morning exercises, including Nakamura.

In 1995, Junfu Nakamura attended Senior Three. While other students were fighting night battles for famous universities, the dramatic tension of Junfu Nakamuras life suddenly came. In the third year of senior high school, some clubs will invite me to try out, and I have basically participated in it. That year, he was elected to the U19 National Youth Team. He really went up a big step. He was very surprised. Looking back on the experience at that time, it was myself who made progress in practicing football alone.

In 1996, Junfu Nakamura won the runner-up in the National College League of Japan on behalf of the school. Subsequently, he abandoned his Yokohama sailor and offered him his first career contract. Looking closely at the actions of Ishihara Inoue and Kawaguchi, I lament in my heart that such a person can be active in the front line of professional football. At that time, I began to think that the so-called profession should be like this.

Junfu Nakamura is a beneficiary of the dual-track system of Japanese football youth training, so one of the most frequently asked questions is: What is the difference between the club echelon and the high school club? The club will teach us the technical and methodological aspects of football. In terms of high school community activities, we can learn spiritualism and life theory.


Nowadays, Junfu Nakamura has become a superstar in the history of Japanese football. In an interview, he expressed the view that his career had not been advised by his parents. It sounds like his parents didnt do anything. On the contrary, Junfu Nakamuras parents said very little, but they always supported Junfu Nakamura with practical actions. The key choices were given to Junfu Nakamura himself. But behind every choice, his parents were busy all the time.

Parentseducation of Junfu Murakami has never been confined to training their son as a professional player. Perhaps it is this that makes Junfu Murakami successful. In order to improve Junfu Nakamuras thinking ability, his parents often created some non-daily experience for him when he was young. In order to let children experience good things, bad things, often let children experience non-everyday space.

Although these things are insignificant today, they have had a profound impact on Junfu Murakamis career and life. Nowadays Junfu Nakamura is also the father of five children. He is treating his children in the way that his parents love him and educate him.


Under the guidance of Teacher Jolin, the football practice ground was in the playground of kindergarten at that time. The stadium lasted until the sixth grade of elementary school. Because it is the space of kindergarten, it is very small for pupils. Practice in the same place from kindergarten to sixth grade in elementary school. If somebody kicks in the same place, I will practice the ball near the edge of the court and make sure I dont meet other children. Junfu Nakamura later shocked Asias basic skills, which sprouted on this narrow site.

Because Mr. Ruolin, Junfu Nakamura also practiced gymnastics when he was a child, which is of great benefit to the coordination of Junfu Nakamura. Now, joining gymnastics clubs is not entirely useless, because gymnastics can cultivate motor nerves. In a word, I think that only when I can move my body according to my own wishes can I help myself improve better.

Junfu Nakamura proved himself in Scotland, and he left the most impressive impression on European football world - his left foot free kick that strides through Yang.

There seems to be some places in the primary school sports meeting nowadays, but I belong to the type that cares about winning or losing, so that I can not know enough. Its better to be happy or worried about winning or losing, but remember to regret losing. I think because I have a strong view of victory and defeat, four brothers and sisters are engaged in sports, each others feelings are strong, will inevitably quarrel, the atmosphere at home gave birth to the character of playing football after me.

Every ball in the training field is fighting for every minute. Even if the team is 6-0 in the lead, they will not let off a minute of running as long as they play. It is the hunger for victory that has been maintained, and the original intention of the enlightenment coach to entrust his football, that Junfu Nakamuras career will reach such a height and length, which is absolutely not an accident - never forget the first intention, just always!

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