Broken couples chat record exposure: dont touch yourself any more

 Broken couples chat record exposure: dont touch yourself any more

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I forgot what I said when I was on the verge of breaking up, but it was a coquettish tone. He answered me, Can you talk well, dont be like dying? At that moment, I realized that this man really did not love me, and left no room for love in his heart. You must know that I am a person whose parents from childhood to Dalian will complain that I will not be coquettish. I coquettish in front of him, this words really can not be forgotten for a lifetime!

Youre not wrong, Im not wrong, but youre not there when I need you.

On the day of the breakup, he kept complaining about all kinds of Tucao. I didnt want to embarrass him. I told him I was sorry. He said he was sorry. He said why you were so disgusting. You didnt forget me when you broke up. Suddenly, I felt that breaking up is my most correct choice. Now he has a new girlfriend. He has known less than two months with his girlfriend and has broken up ten times. Fortunately, he refused to make up with him.

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From sophomore to sophomore, from the sweetness he sees every day to the daily quarrels in different places, he said at first that he would make me the most beautiful wedding. Later, he told me that she was a single-parent family, and she was so pathetic... because he hid from me to go home and have a blind date.

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Weve been together for a long time. I think were together because she loves me too. Im full of fantasies about the future. But one day she said, I dont really love you. I just happened to meet you.

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He said that there was more than one man and more than one woman in the world.

He spent four months with him, had an unexpected pregnancy, borrowed money for an abortion, and had an abortion for a few days before going to work. Later, he wanted to separate. He cut his wrist, hit his head, threatened to jump, squatted at work, squatted at the door of his house, and in the middle of the night my house downstairs called me downstairs. All kinds of extreme threats were because he was afraid of being inseparable. Afterwards, he was afraid of involving his family and had to say that he wanted to separate. At that time, he told him a particularly cruel sentence: I beg you. Leave me alone and let me live like a normal girl.

I have never regretted saying that until now, because now I think he will be afraid. A lifetime of dark memories.

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When he broke up, he said to me, You really arent beautiful enough and you arent in good shape. He is not handsome, not tall, but when we met, I had an inexplicable fondness for him, and then I took the initiative to chase him. The days we spent together were really happy, but the words we said when we broke up were really hurtful. After so many years, I still felt inferior because of these words. I dare not easily move and bury myself in my work.

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Together for a year and a half, I am 155 and he is 187. His family disagreed. Within a week of the Cold War, his family introduced him to a blind date. He went and later told me that it was just a substitute for me. Just to get him out of this relationship. Were 32.

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Later, I found out that she was not working properly. I went to see her directly during the company annual vacation. The first time I met her was before. But then she broke up with me without convincing me in her organization. I still remember the last sentence she said, Im not just looking for one like you. If you dont come to make money with me, theres nothing to say. At that time, the intuitive heart was colder than the wind with goose feather and snow in Qinhuangdao.

Strictly speaking, we are not separated. He split his leg. I was desperate to keep him. I can do anything. I could do whatever he wanted to do before. He told me that the woman was so kind to him that he couldnt bear to hurt her. My two and a half years are less than a few months. Fortunately, its over. I want to understand it myself. And Im fine now.

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Sorry, after being with you, her shadow began to appear around her.


Without separation, I have never known what we are in. I said a very hurtful remark before. Now I only like your body, but I cant like your soul.

Can you be quiet? I dont like you. I hate you.

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Ten years of affection, in the end. He said that I had never loved me for a long time, but he had married and had children behind my back. It was only when my child was over one year old that I found out that it was foolish to run four times in the blink of an eye, hoping that the future would be better and better.


He went on a business trip and told me that he had slept with someone else. Then he broke up and said he had gone off the rails. A girl he knew before came to him. He wavered and went out to sleep with that girl at 3 oclock in the middle of the night. He said he liked me that way.

Ill never forget what he said to me when he broke up, When did I say I wanted to marry you? Arent you talking about it all? When did I promise? Always hate, even if there is no emotion, or hate him, all the promises are his first words, I believe, and finally... He who has never wanted to forgive in his life will never understand the feeling of being hurt.

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Know nine months, the first night of this years New Years Eve decided to be together, three months later, after a month apart, I still try to recover entanglement, then I heard a sentence: Can you make me look up to you... At that moment, my heart was blocked, but I really was, it was useless...

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Wait till I come back, and then never come back!

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He said to me, I dare not like you. Its too stressful, really.

She said: I was really blind, how could I pick a fool?

Its ridiculous to say that I dont agree with him.

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I dont know how long ago I didnt like you.

The ex-girlfriend said, Ive been trying to like you as much as you like me, but I cant do it.

I heard him say to his friend that I have a princesss disease, but in fact I just want him to pay more attention to me.

The first time I talked about my boyfriend was two years old, and the first time I gave him. When I broke up, Mr. Zha said that it was okay to break up. Give me the breakup fee and ask him how much he wanted. No one said it. It was really Zha. After four years of calling for compounding, it really hurt my heart that there was no compounding.

Finally, Beige hopes that you guys in love, must remember that when you break up, you must think twice about what you are going to say, because your words will affect TAs future emotional outlook, will make TA no longer have fantasies about love, so in order to have a better future for each other, we should encourage each other.