Fresh Pie | UNINE Hexie: Happy to do what you love

 Fresh Pie | UNINE Hexie: Happy to do what you love

Since the debut of UNINE, nine teenagers have joined hands and moved forward together, releasing the album UNLOCK, recording the syndicate and appearing on the cover of many magazines. On the ninety-ninth day of UNINEs formation, He Xiexi received an interview with the interactive entertainment idol column Entertainment Freshmen of Netease. Recalling the mental journey along the way, He Zhaoxi said, There is hard work, but never thought of giving up. In his view, doing everything is hard, just everyone in different fields, and the stage is what he loves, I feel very happy to be able to do what I like, and with a group of brothers like my family.

Speaking of fans, He Yanxi laments that they are like the sun. Every time they are on stage, when they hear their names shouted out, all the tension will gradually become enjoyment and feel full of strength. With their love, there is really no reason not to work hard. We are an existence that encourages and supports each other. Because they like me and I like them, I want to transmit positive energy to you, hoping that they can be happy and positive every day.

Because I love the stage, I never want to give up.

Netease Entertainment: Looking back on the ninety-nine days of UNINE group, what growth and changes do you think you have?

Mr. Ho: The changes are quite big. On the stage more comfortable, more enjoyable, the mentality of life has grown a lot, more mature, others say that he Niexi grew up.

He Xiexi: In junior high school, I saw Happy Boy Voice in front of the TV set. I felt bright on the stage and liked it very much. I told my mother that my parents might be reluctant to accept it. Then I learned secretly.

Netease Entertainment: When did dance begin to learn?

Netease Entertainment: When did you start to have the idea of having sex beans?

Mr. Ho: When I was abroad. At that time, just like singing, dancing has not been said to be so fond of, after going abroad slowly found, as if to cultivate the feeling of sex beans. At that time, I would find some videos of my predecessors on the Internet to watch. It was so handsome that I felt I had to stand on the stage.

Netease Entertainment: Have you ever felt very hard in the process and wanted to give up?

Netease Entertainment: Looking back on the night of the finals, because two announcements of the real-time ranking of the card circle at that time were made by you, and finally came out. Do you remember the mood at that time?

Netease Entertainment: Do you think you are a lucky person?

Netease Entertainment: When did you first feel the support and strength of your fans?

He Zhaoxi: Every time when Chivalry Spirit comes on stage and fans shout out their names, they feel that everything is not so terrible, everything is not so tense, and they learn to enjoy it slowly.

Netease Entertainment: Are you adapted to life after becoming an artist?

He Xiexi: Its quite suitable to be happy, to do what you like, to be with a group of brothers, and then there are so many people outside who love me. I feel very happy.

Netease Entertainment: As a fashion player among teammates, do you usually help us build clothes?

Netease Entertainment: Dont ask others for advice?

Mr. Ho: No.

Netease Entertainment: What was your precious gift for Chen Luoweis birthday the other day?

He Yanxi: I joked with him and said, I said I gave you a gift? What gift did he say? I said I sent you a microblog online.

Hexie: No. We all stay together every day without knowing what gifts to give each other.

Netease Entertainment: Have you received anything from your teammates?

Hexie: No.

He Xiexi: This is really touching. In the factory, when we were chatting, we said why this is so unlucky and that is so unfortunate. Then he said, Hessi must be able to do it. I want you to do it. Id like to share half of my luck with you. It was very warm to hear at that time.

Netease Entertainment: Some people may think that teammates are just like colleagues. What do you think?

He Xiexi: I think teammates are brothers. Like family members, we feel that we are really happy to live together.

Mr. Ho: Yes. But I cant say the time, because I am too entangled, this represents my intention after all, want to do the best for everyone to see.

Mr. Ho: Id like to. I learned acting when I came back from Korea, and I like it very much. Every time I dream, its basically the kind of fairy swordsman who flies or hits.

Hexie: Actually, I want to challenge another Hexie in the universe. The contrast is bigger.

Netease Entertainment: From Qingyou to tour, so many songs, which stage do you like best?

He Zhaoxi: Chivalry Spirit. Because of that performance, I think its quite good. It happens to be Teacher Cais song, and I especially like Teacher Cai.

Netease Entertainment: Did you have anything interesting to share with Jiayi when you two went to college?

Netease Entertainment: Did you ever imagine that two people would become stars in the future?

He Xiexi: At that time, I really didnt think about it, and I really didnt think that we were still in a group after that. It was so happy, especially because of fate.

Netease Entertainment: What career would you like to try if you werent an idol?

Mr. Ho: Rap really wants to challenge it.

He Xiexi: At that time, I really felt that I was not so lucky. Then a fan shouted at the convenience store door, Dont be afraid of He Xiexi, we help you change your life against the weather. Wow, I felt that I was so moved that I could not break down at once. There was really no reason not to work hard.

Netease Entertainment: In your opinion, what kind of existence do you have in your mind for those who silently support you?

Mr. Ho: I think its an existence of mutual encouragement and support. Because they like me, and I like them, too. As an idol, as a bean lover, what he wants to transmit to you is a positive energy. My fans look like they are a big sun, happy every day, after seeing me, they are full of positive energy every day.