China has published the 10th National Defense White Paper, in which the 20th East Wind 26 is listed.

 China has published the 10th National Defense White Paper, in which the 20th East Wind 26 is listed.

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] China issued the White Paper of Chinas National Defense in the New Era on 24, the 10th National Defense White Paper issued by the Chinese government since 1998 and the first one since entering the new era, resolutely safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, which is the fundamental goal of Chinas national defense in the new era. Ministry of Comprehensive National Defense White Paper. This national defense white paper immediately attracted wide attention at home and abroad, and many statements in the white paper have been cited and interpreted by major international media. According to AFP, China is aiming at building a high-tech modernized army. Its strategic goal is to basically modernize its national defense and army by 2035 and to build the peoples army into a world-class army by the middle of this century. South Koreas Asia Economy said Wednesday that the defense white paper published in this time emphasized that Chinas defense development is not for hegemony, but for the protection of national sovereignty and interests, it is a defensive force. In recent years, the international community has paid attention to Chinas military expenditure. Overseas media have cited the White Papers comparative data on Chinas military expenditure with that of other major powers: Chinas defense expenditure ranks sixth in the worlds largest countries, and is the lowest among the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The white paper was particularly stringent on the Taiwan issue, which shocked the island. Taiwans major media reported a remark made by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of China, Major Wu Qian, at a news conference on 24 days: The message we want to convey is very clear: Taiwan independence is a dead end, and China cant do without it.

China will never seek hegemony

Four years later, the national defense white paper was published again. While highlighting defensive defense, China emphasizes the legitimacy of military rise. South Koreas Asia Economy said on the 24th that this years national defense white paper emphasizes that Chinas military modernization has nothing to do with the pursuit of hegemonism and is a defensive national defense policy. The white paper points out that resolutely defending national sovereignty, security and development interests is the fundamental goal of Chinas national defense in the new era, and that insisting on never seeking hegemony, never expanding and never seeking sphere of influence is the distinct feature of Chinas national defense in the new era. According to the report, the white paper also compares the proportion of defense expenditure in GDP between China and other major countries in the world from 2012 to 2017, pointing out that Chinas proportion is only 1.3%, far lower than that of the United States (3.5%), Russia (4.4%), India (2.5%), Britain (2.0%) and France (2.3%).

This is the tenth national defense white paper of China. From 1998 to 2010, a white paper entitled Chinas National Defense was published every two years. In 2013 and 2015, China issued two thematic defense white papers: Diversified Use of Chinas Armed Forces and Chinas Military Strategy. In late November 2015, the Central Military Commission Reform Working Conference was held, and the reform of the Chinese armed forces was carried out in an all-round way. Since then, no white paper on national defense has been issued. Voice of Germany said Wednesday that Chinas new defense white paper will help the international community understand Chinas military development and help resolve the China Threat Theory.

China is focusing on building a modern high-tech army, AFP said. The defense white paper provides the world with a rare opportunity to observe the Chinese army and military ambitions. The white paper outlines Chinas plan to build a modern high-tech army. The white paper emphasizes that the international military competition pattern is undergoing historic changes. The war pattern is accelerating to the information war, and the intelligent war is beginning to emerge. However, China still has a big gap between the modernization level of the army and the national security needs, and the advanced military level in the world.

J-20 and DF-26 are in the list! The PLAs main battle equipment is first included in the Communist Partys national defense white paper. Taiwans Dongsen News said that the white paper for the first time announced the main battle equipment models of the PLAs army, sea and air rocket army, including 15-type tanks, 052D destroyers, J-20 fighter planes, DF-26 medium and long-range ballistic missiles. And the rocket armys main battle equipment. Reported that these weapons were written into the national defense white paper, we can see that these equipment not only can be listed in large quantities, but also has formed combat effectiveness, and comprehensive combat training. These main battle equipment are independently innovated by China, and they are in the global leading level in overall design and related new technologies. These new types of main battle equipment will further enhance the PLAs comprehensive combat capability and help the PLA better shoulder the mission of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

China will not be the gendarmerie of the world, said the Russian satellite news agency. The white paper on National Defense issued by China clearly shows that it will not engage in a nuclear arms race with any country and will always maintain its nuclear power at the lowest level required for national security. The report quotes Sanakoyev, director of Russia-China Analysis Center, as saying that China believes that a safer world order is possible. This refers to a multipolar world, rather than China replacing the United States, which is currently a hegemonist and a world gendarme. Reported that China, Russia and most countries in the world look forward to building a multi-polar world, only in this way will human beings be more secure.

Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Naval Academy, said in an interview with Global Times on the 24th that since the 18th National Congress, China has made historic strides in national defense construction and military reform. On the one hand, this white paper demonstrates Chinas determination and will to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and on the other hand, it also expounds the significance of building a strong army in China to the world. The White Paper clearly states that no matter where China develops, it will not follow the old road of pursuing hegemony and a strong country will have hegemony. Zhang Junshe said that a strong Chinese army is a firm force to maintain world peace and stability. With the development of Chinas military strength, the ability of the Chinese army to fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations will continue to increase, and more and more international public security products will be provided.

The army is the pillar of safeguarding national interests

Chinas Defense White Paper accuses the United States of undermining global strategic stability, the Associated Press said. In the opening part of the new Chinas Defense White Paper about instability factors in the international security environment, the United States was the first country to be named and criticized by China. According to the White Paper, the United States pursues a unilateralist policy, provokes and intensifies competition among big powers, substantially increases military spending, speeds up the upgrading of capabilities in nuclear, space, network and missile defense areas, and undermines global strategic stability. The Associated Press quoted a military analyst in Hong Kong as saying that the US-led West was trying to continue to contain China. The actions taken by the United States on Taiwan, the South China Sea, North Korea and Iran have further made China realize that the United States is the initiator of Chinas security concerns. Reported that China chose to issue the defense white paper at this time in order to warn the United States and other Western forces, so that they do not underestimate Chinas determination.

At a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council on the White Paper of Chinas National Defense in the New Era on the 24th, CNN reporters questioned that Asper, the new US Defense Secretary, was recognized as a hardliner against China by the United States. He had declared that the strategic competitive relationship between the two armies was the basis of his whole cognitive system. He also said that the vigorous development of military capabilities and weaponry by the Chinese and Russian armies in recent years is a long-term threat to the United States. Are you worried about Sino-US military relations after Esper became Defense Minister? In response, Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that he hoped that during his tenure as Defense Minister Esper, Sino-US military relations would develop healthily and steadily. However, here I would like to emphasize two points. First, Chinas sovereignty, security and development interests should not be infringed. Secondly, the development of Chinas military forces is entirely the development of world peace forces.

Li Jie, a military expert, told the Global Times on the 24th that every Chinese citizen knows very well that the overall strategic situation we are facing is far more complex and severe than in previous years, such as the Sino-US trade war, the Hong Kong independence issue, the Taiwan independence issue and other deep-seated strategic structural contradictions. These problems do not seem to have much to do with each other, but they are actually the result of a series of chain-like blockade strategies implemented by the United States and Western forces. In addition to trade and economy, the United States and Western forces are exerting comprehensive pressure on China in the fields of diplomacy, politics, science and technology, security and military affairs. They are fighting a set of combined blockade fists in an attempt to eventually overwhelm China.

Li Jie said that the army is a strong pillar for safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. An important aspect of the pressure exerted by Western forces such as the United States on China is the application of military forces and security means. Therefore, if we do not strengthen our national defense forces, we may have major problems. Only when we become strong will the Western forces dare not act rashly.

Taiwan independence is a dead end

The situation of anti-secession struggle is more serious, Taiwans Lianhe Daily said on the 24th. The white paper on national defense on the mainland elaborated on Taiwan independence separatist forces and their activities have always been the greatest realistic threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the greatest obstacle to the peaceful reunification of the motherland. According to Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper, the white paper warned that the DPP authorities stubbornly adhered to the separatist stand of Taiwan independence, refused to recognize the 92 Consensus that embodied the one-China principle, stepped up the implementation of de-Sinicization and gradual Taiwan independence, and sought to promote legal Taiwan independence, intensified hostile confrontation, held foreign powers and put themselves on the road of separation. Go farther and farther up. The white paper emphasizes that China must and must be unified.

Taiwans Central News Agency said that for the first time in 2000, China devoted itself to the Taiwan issue in a white paper on national defense, emphasizing that to create asplitmeans not to have peace across the Straits. According to the white papers published in 2013 and 2015, Taiwan independence separatist forces and their separatist activities remain the greatest threat to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Reported that the latest national defense white paper described the Taiwan issue earlier than the previous white paper, and separately into paragraphs, increased space, and more stringent wording.

The white papers stern warning against Taiwan independence shocked Taiwan. Wu Qian, spokesman of the Mainland Ministry of Defense, said at the press conference today that we believe that our blood is thicker than water and that we are willing to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and efforts. Wu Qian emphasized that through this white paper, the signal we want to convey is very clear. To carry outTaiwan independenceis a dead end, and China can not do less at all. If anyone dares to attempt to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will resolutely defend the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country at the risk of World War I.

[Global Times correspondent Xiao Daqingmu, Li Zhen, Global Times correspondent Zheng Xuan, Chen Yiwang, Wei Liu Yupeng, USA, Germany and Japan

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