Britain wants to form a Gulf escort Russia proposes to withdraw British and American troops

 Britain wants to form a Gulf escort Russia proposes to withdraw British and American troops

[Global Times correspondent Sun Weihuan Global Times correspondent Liu Yupeng] Recently, the situation in the Gulf region has become increasingly tense. Irans relations with the United States and Britain are at a standstill. Britain and Russia have put forward their own opinions on safeguarding the security of the region. According to the exclusive disclosure by Reuters on the 24th, the United Gulf escort regiment proposed by the United Kingdom has won the initial support of European countries, which is in sharp contrast to the ambiguous attitude of the United States when it proposed the Gulf escort plan to NATO.

Three senior EU diplomats said on Tuesday that France, Italy and Denmark initially supported Britains proposed Gulf Joint Escort Corps plan. An EU official said that this was a British plan, not Washingtons, which made it easier for Europeans to unite. Freedom of navigation is essential. Its not the same as Washingtons pressure on Iran. German Foreign Minister Maas and French Foreign Minister Lederon said they were in close contact with Britain, and a Spanish official said Madrid had talked with Britain and was studying the idea.

But Iranian President Ruhani said at a Cabinet meeting on 24 that Tehran would respond appropriately if Britain evaded its responsibility to seize Iranian oil tankers in the Strait of Gibraltar. Senior Iranian officials have previously expressed their opposition to the formation of a British escort regiment in the Strait of Hormuz and that foreign countries should leave safe shipping lanes to Tehran and countries in the region.

At a meeting in Brussels, Poland also showed interest in the British proposal. A European Union envoy said the task could be handled by the joint Command of Britain and France, which has a naval base in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, respectively. Britain is planning further talks with EU countries and hints that it will not involve the United States or NATO directly. However, considering the issue of decommissioning, Reuters said it would be a looser alliance than the EUs anti-piracy military operations, possibly involving non-EU countries such as Norway, including China.

Although the United States has been trying to protect this vital route, President Trump said at a major event on Tuesday that although the United States has paid a high price for the route, it has not used it as frequently as in the past, because the United States has become an energy exporter, I They dont need it. Were in charge of regulation, though its never compensated. He also said that China and Japan should take more measures.

As Western countries are preparing to establish a patrol alliance in the Strait of Hormuz, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on 23 the concept of collective security in the Gulf region, which includes proposing that foreign countries in the region abandon their permanent presence in the Gulf countries and establish an Organization for Security and Cooperation. This means that Russia hopes to ensure peace in the Gulf region through the establishment of such a mechanism, and the U.S. and British forces should withdraw from the region.

According to the Russian Tass News Agency reported on the 24th, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed in this concept that the Gulf region has rich energy resources, and the military and political turmoil and terrorist threat in the region may bring catastrophic consequences to the world. Therefore, Russia hopes to establish a collective security and cooperation mechanism in the Gulf region so that all countries in the region can participate on an equal basis. In addition to the Gulf countries, Russia, China, the United States, the European Union, India and other interested countries can also participate. At the same time, Russia calls on all participants in the region to abide by international law, sign arms control agreements, sign agreements to combat international terrorism, illicit arms smuggling, drug trafficking and organized crime, and gradually reduce the military presence of non-regional countries.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov proposed this idea to the Permanent Representatives of Arab States, Iran, Turkey, the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the BRICS countries to Russia the day before, the Russian news agency reported Tuesday. Russia emphasizes that this idea is preliminary and needs further study and discussion. Russia is willing to cooperate with all relevant parties to implement these recommendations in order to ensure the security of the Gulf region. Bogdanov said the United States did not contact Russia on the Strait Patrol Alliance initiative. For this reason, Moscow has put forward its own security concept for the Gulf region.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Latin American media and television stations, There are many people in Washington who are feverish about using force to solve the Iranian problem. We do not feel President Trumps intention to do so. I dont think he agrees with this view. Unfortunately, many American politicians are still thinking about it. I think this development is extremely dangerous.

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