Russian Experts: The joint cruise shows that China and Russia are ready to become Asia-Pacific security guarantors

 Russian Experts: The joint cruise shows that China and Russia are ready to become Asia-Pacific security guarantors

[Global Times Special Reporter in South Korea, Qiao Yu-peng Liu Chen] Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman, Colonel Wu Qian, confirmed on July 24 that on July 23, the air forces of China and Russia organized the first joint air strategic cruise in Northeast Asia. The Chinese side dispatched two bomb-6K aircraft in a mixed formation with two Tu-95 aircraft from the Russian side to organize joint cruises in the relevant airspace of the Japan Sea and the East China Sea on the basis of established routes. During the flight, the air force aircraft of the two countries strictly abided by the relevant provisions of international law and did not enter the airspace of other countries. This action is part of the annual cooperation plan between the two armies, not aimed at third parties. But in South Korea, the incident triggered a lot of confusion, embarrassment and speculation. The South Korean government first said on the 24th that Russia would apologize for admitting that military aircraft had mistakenly entered Korean airspace, but this statement was denied by the Russian side. South Koreas Central Daily commented on the significance of the Sino-Russian operation on the 24th: The first joint air strategic cruise between China and Russia indicates that the two countries will break through theIndo-Pacific Strategydominated by the United States and Japan.

Wu Qian, spokesman for Chinas Ministry of Defense, said on the 24th that the joint cruise was aimed at deepening and developing a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in the new era, further enhancing the level of strategic cooperation and joint operational capabilities of the two armies, and jointly maintaining global strategic stability. The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that the joint patrol flight was aimed at strengthening Russia-China relations and global strategic stability.

Korean and Japanese media have interpreted more meanings from it. South Koreas Central Daily quoted Xin Fanzhe, director of the Security Unity Center of the Eshan Policy Research Institute, as saying that China and Russia, as representatives of continental forces, have been trying to break through the blockade of American and Japanese maritime forces and move towards the Pacific and Indian Oceans, while the Japanese Sea is at a crucial position, and China and Russia seem to be making the weakest maritime force. South Korea Rim as a Breakthrough. This move by China and Russia is intended to intensify tensions around Dokdo, incite confrontation between Japan and South Korea, and weaken the security system in Northeast Asia centered on the United States. Japan and South Korea are wary of the normalization of Chinese and Russian military aircraft into air defense identification zones, Kyodo News Agency said on Tuesday.

Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko said on Tuesday that Russia and China are ready to become the guarantors of security in the Asia-Pacific region. Russia and China have the ability to take responsibility for the development of the situation in the Asia-Pacific region. Joint patrols show that trust, openness and cooperation between the two countries have reached an advanced level. At an unprecedented level.

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