US New Weapons Advertisement Intercepting Chinese Missiles Bombarded 6K and 052C Ships

 US New Weapons Advertisement Intercepting Chinese Missiles Bombarded 6K and 052C Ships

Suspected PLA Bomber-6K Bomber in the Video

[Global Times reports special correspondent Ma Jun] Raytheon Company of the United States, which has just been rumored to be subject to sanctions on the Chinese mainland for arms sales to Taiwan, has once again been involved with China. US defense blog website said Wednesday that the missile manufacturer displayed new guided shells in the latest promotional video to intercept missiles launched by suspected Chinese bombers - 6K and 052C destroyers. The United States Jet Fighter World website declared more simply on the 24th, Raytheon announced new weapons can kill Chinas anti-ship missiles. According to Chinese experts interviewed by the Global Times, although it appears to be a mere manufacturers action, according to the practice of American military interest groups, this means that the idea of China as a major competitor has become increasingly undisguised.

Interception of Chinese Anti-ship Missiles

According to the Defense Blog website, Raytheons promotional videos show that the new interceptor developed by Raytheon in collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) can capture multi-wave enemy missiles and other threats, including modern missiles made in China.

Reported that the interceptor is called multi-directional defense rapid interception artillery shells combat system (abbreviated as MAD-FIRES, or rage), the system is designed to defend against multiple cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other threats at the same time. In addition, Raytheon has successfully tested a thermal-launch rocket engine for Fire.

In the video, as the weapon of enemy equipment, it has obvious characteristics of PLA equipment. For example, the bomber-6K bomber was the first to launch a missile attack on the American Ship. Its shape features are very obvious. This model, which is greatly modified on the basis of the bomber-6, has been redesigned with a new engine and the nose part. Therefore, its shape is very recognizable, which is quite different from any other bomber in the world. In addition, the details of the photoelectric head under the aircraft nose and the painting of the PLA Air Force are also clear in the video.

052C Destroyer in Video

Subsequently, enemy submarine launched missiles from underwater, from the submarines command tower envelope, it is very similar to the Russian-made Kilo class conventional power submarine, as we all know, the Chinese Navy is also a major customer of such submarines. The following enemy warships are similar in height to the Chinese 052C destroyer, marked by an arc-shaped phased array radar fairing.

Faced with the intensive attack of enemy missile, the 57mm naval gun on the U.S. naval vessel launches fire at high speed, and the tail of each shell rotates continuously to maintain stability. Raytheons video claims that these small artillery shells can accurately hit incoming anti-ship missiles to ensure the safety of the U.S. fleet.

Imagine the enemy turning from Russia to China

Thomas Bushing, deputy president of Raytheons Advanced Missile Systems Division, said: The U.S. Navy is looking for advanced capabilities that can quickly approach targets. RaytheonsFireinterceptor can achieve this capability... This test shows that Raytheon is providing the fleet with economically affordable advanced technology.

In recent years, the Pentagon has repeatedly advocated that China has surpassed the United States in the field of advanced anti-ship missiles, and that the United States Navy will face unprecedented saturated missile attack. Therefore, how to deal with the emerging missile threat efficiently and cheaply has become the top priority of the US military. Reported that the Fire will combine the rapid firing of artillery, the depth of attack capability and the accuracy of missiles, enough to meet the needs of the U.S. military.

Fire Propaganda Film for Gun-fired Missiles

It is noteworthy that in the past, Russian military equipment was usually used as an opponent in the arms promotional films of American military enterprises. This has been the case from the cold war to previous years, and it has never been taboo. For example, Lockheed Martins propaganda video on Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) takes Russian cruisers as targets, demonstrating the whole process from launching to locking, then to evading interception and finally sinking them.

In contrast, although Pentagon officials often verbally regard China as their primary threat in recent years, there are few cases in which propaganda videos of US military enterprises use China as an imaginary enemy. Chinese experts interviewed by the Global Times said that it was not necessary for American manufacturers to cater to the Pentagon in such a direct and unavoidable way to use China as an imaginary enemy in their propaganda videos, but rather to arouse the disgust of the Chinese people from a commercial point of view. Usually this means that these companies are not ready to start private business in China.

Can we change the rules of naval warfare?

Chinese experts say that fire is essentially a small artillery-launched missile, or a guided projectile. At present, it is mainly launched by the Mk110 57mm naval gun of the United States, and it may also be used in other caliber guns in the future. This kind of fire gun-launched missile has its own engine. Through the internal guidance and control mechanism, it can greatly improve the hit rate of the projectile. It will cope with the saturation attack of enemy missiles together with the standard series of air defense missiles on US warships, the improved sea sparrow, Hailam air defense missiles and the dense array system. Because of its limited range, it only belongs to the nature of supplementary network. Moreover, because of its small warhead and relatively simple guidance system, the single-shot kill probability is not too high, so it needs multiple continuous firing.

Experts say the key to the success of this gun-launched missile is to find a balance between cost and performance. If the complex guidance and control system is put into the projectile which launches very large overload, its cost is inevitably not low. If we want to reduce the cost substantially, its combat effectiveness will be difficult to improve qualitatively compared with the existing anti-aircraft artillery. It remains to be seen whether the new weapon will be as effective as the propaganda video. A kind of

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