US Navy 7th Fleet Cruiser Passing through Taiwan Strait Again

 US Navy 7th Fleet Cruiser Passing through Taiwan Strait Again

According to Reuters on July 25, US Indian Pacific Command issued a statement on July 25 that the US Navy cruiser CG-54 sailed through the Taiwan Strait on July 24.

DATA FIGURE: Ticonderoga Class Cruiser Antitan (CG-54)

In a statement, Colonel Doss, a spokesman for the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy, said: The passage of this ship through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States to a free and open Indian-Pacific region. The United States Navy will continue to fly or navigate anywhere permitted by international law.

This is the sixth time that the U.S. Navy has crossed the Taiwan Strait this year. Before that, our Foreign Ministry has responded to the issue of U.S. warships crossing the Taiwan Strait on many occasions.

On February 26th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made a response at the press conference on the February Burke class destroyer crossing the Straits. Lu Kang said that in the past, we have repeatedly demonstrated our position on these issues, and firmly opposed some provocative actions taken by the US side, which will not contribute to stability in the Taiwan Strait and will not help Sino US relations. If the situation I have grasped is accurate, the relevant departments of China have made solemn representations to the US side.

According to the Peoples Daily client report on July 24, Wu Qian said at todays national defense white paper conference that the signal conveyed by the white paper was clear and clear, and that Taiwan independence was a dead end, and China could not do without it.

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