Wang Hai Brigade, formerly a hero, was first exposed by our armys combat brigade J-20

 Wang Hai Brigade, formerly a hero, was first exposed by our armys combat brigade J-20

On July 24, the J-20, which belongs to the combat brigade of our army, was first exposed. It belongs to an aviation brigade of the air force in the eastern theatre of our army. It is the first unit of our army to reconstruct and replace the fourth generation aircraft. Its predecessor is Wang Hai brigade, a hero on the battlefield of anti-American and aid Korea.

The exposure of the J-20 indicates that the air force of our army has officially entered the era of the Fifth Generation Aircraft.

Fighter-20 of a brigade in the eastern theatre, which is undergoing battle-oriented training, is released by the Air Force.

On July 24, the Air Forces official micro-signal Air Force released in the news entitled New Age, Air Force Accelerates Strategic Capacity Improvement to Maintain National Air and Space Safety, exposed a fighter-20 named 62001.

Air Force Release wrote in the news as follows:

The Air Force has entered the peak period of equipment renewal and replacement. The lifeline of political work is helping in the operational application of high-end, cutting-edge and front-end equipment. Fifty-four academicians from the two academies became air force training and combat readiness consultants; advanced planning for training new fighter aircraft flight personnel; a group of pilots possessed more than 20 new fighter capabilities, such as through-flight fighter-20, fighter-16 and fighter-10C; a group of new flight instructors stood out and took the battle position, turning the advanced training concept into the common wealth of the air force for flight training. Instill the soul of battle.

Although the J-20 has been equipped with the Air Force combat forces since 2018, in the past two years, the J-20 has only been equipped with a pilot training unit of the Air Force. It serves as an orange army at a station integrated with the evaluation of the trial operation, and exercises all units of the Air Force to provide strong support for the leap of the air forces new combat capability.

This also makes the Air Forces open combat brigade J-20 of great significance: the fifth generation aircraft of our army has got rid of the test nature, stepped onto the front-line forces on duty, and become an important elite force to safeguard Chinas air and space security.

J-20 Map Source: CCTV

It is worth mentioning that the brigade was formerly the 9th Regiment of the 3rd Division of the Volunteer Air Force, under which the heroic Wang Hai Brigade, the Flying Brigade, was under its jurisdiction. The Flying Brigade was formed in October 1950. During the War of Resistance Against the United States and Assistance to the DPRK, it entered the DPRK twice to face the strong enemy, shooting down and wounding 29 enemy planes. Famous combat heroes such as Wang Hai, Sun Shenglu and Jiao Jingwen emerged. It was awarded the Hard Bone Six-Company Flying Brigade by the Air Force for its first, second and third class achievements. Team Model Flying Brigade honorary title, and was named Wang Hai Brigade by the Air Force.

Heroic Wang Hai Brigade Tuyuan: China Air Force

Since the 1990s, facing the deterioration of internal and external environment, Wang Hai brigade has become a fist force to safeguard the territorial integrity of Chinas motherland and inviolable national interests. In 1992, the Ministry accepted the first batch of Soviet-27SK fighter planes introduced from Russia, which became the pillar of deterrence against Taiwan independence forces and safeguarding territorial reunification in the 1990s. After 2000, facing the urgent combat readiness nodes, the Ministry replaced the Su-30MKK as a priority, and then became the first batch of three generations of airplane units to master the ability of over-the-horizon air combat.

Source of Su-30MKK fighter aircraft previously equipped by the brigade: China Air Force

Times have changed, but strong enemies remain unchanged. Faced with increasing national interests and changing strategic environment, the brigade surrendered its once valuable Su-30MKK fighter aircraft in early 2019, replaced with the new J-20 fighter aircraft, and became the first front-line combat force to assemble the J-20. The change of the brigade marks that our aviation brigade has officially entered the era of Five Generation Aircraft.

Fighter-20 fighter planes equipped with the front-line combat forces of the Air Force will further enhance the integrated combat capability of the Air Force, and help the Air Force better shoulder the sacred mission of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity in a complex new era.

Times have changed, aircraft models have changed, only mission unchanged map source: China Aviation Daily

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