Type 15 tanks that have just been declared to be in force: the most lightweight tank on the ground

 Type 15 tanks that have just been declared to be in force: the most lightweight tank on the ground

According to the Chinese governments White Paper Chinas National Defense in the New Era published on the 24th, the White Paper for the first time contains the main battle equipment model of the PLA. It includes 15 tanks.

The first time the 15-type tank was made public was on December 12, 2018, when the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference. In response to the reporters information about our armys 15-type light tank, the spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, Colonel Wu Qian, confirmed that the 15-type light tank had been loaded into the army.

As a new generation of domestic main battle equipment, type 15 tank has very distinct characteristics. In the armor system dominated by heavy battle tanks in the world, light has become a bright spot. Because of the moderate tonnage, rapid strategic deployment can be achieved by transporting 20 large transport aircraft.

Type 15 tank pays more attention to maneuverability in general. After adopting a new generation of compact diesel engine and integrated transmission system, cross-country maneuverability is greatly enhanced. As a foreign trade model developed on the basis of type 15, VT5 has participated in many defense exhibitions and performances. Its performance is of reference significance to type 15. From the public demonstration of VT5, it shows excellent performance in acceleration, climbing ability and cross-country ability.

Type 15 tanks are mainly used in areas where heavy equipment such as water net, paddy field and plateau are difficult to play. Due to the suitable tonnage and strong power, tanks can make rapid leap forward with their superior mobility. The high-speed mobility also makes it difficult for the enemy to track and aim, and greatly enhances the survival ability of tanks.

In the micro-signal of the northern vehicle of the 15-type tank development unit, the plateau test has been reported: in the plateau test, the reliability of equipment, man-machine ring and other related performance have been highly recognized by the head of the army. In the long-distance rapid march, many vehicles have created many records, such as the longest mobile distance, the fastest speed and the least malfunction of the troopsequipments. At the end of the special subject deduction assessment, a battlefield expert evaluation team highly praised the various performance of the equipment, believing that it was a practical, useful and useful equipment, which played the role of Yang Guowei and boosting morale in a special period.

Although Type 15 has the name of light flat, compared with the early Type 62, its tonnage is 10 tons more, light does not mean poor protection level. From the application scenario of Type 15 tank, in the mountainous and water network areas, the battle range is limited, the battle distance is close, and the chance of long-range shooting in plain areas is less. Tanks are mainly faced with various anti-tank weapons such as rockets and anti-tank missiles. Type 15 pays more attention to the protection of these armor-piercing ammunition in armor protection. The wedge-shaped armor in front of the turret, the front of the car body and the side of the turret can be hung with additional armor. The new generation of composite armor plus explosive reaction armor has greatly exceeded the protective capacity of 59 medium-sized tanks of similar tonnage level. In the future, the active defense system will be installed to effectively defend heavy anti-tank missiles.

Type 15 tank uses the newly developed 105 tank gun. Its barrel is lighter and more powerful. The new tail-wing stabilization shelling armour piercing projectile can effectively deal with M1A2T and T90S class of three-generation main battle tanks. Equipped with hard shells can effectively destroy solid concrete fortresses and fortifications.

The 15-type tank is also the first domestic tank to use remote control weapon station. The remote control weapon station is equipped with 12.7 mm machine gun and 35 mm automatic grenade launcher. The crew of the tank can operate and shoot in the turret through the remote control sighting device without exposing the cabin, thus improving the survivability of the personnel. The fire control and sight system integrated with night vision improves the accuracy of day and night shooting, and is a sharp weapon to effectively deal with various individual targets.

Type 15 tank adopts hunting-annihilation fire control. The captain of the vehicle can track and observe the surrounding targets and classify the threat levels in the high-speed movement of the vehicle by using the perimeter sight stabilized sight with night vision. The target is assigned to the captain of the gun. The captain of the gun strikes one by one according to the order of the classified targets. In emergency, the captain of the vehicle can shoot beyond the target.

Type 15 tank has a high degree of automation. It is the first time to use tailrace automatic loader. It has fast automatic loading speed and high reliability. The information level of type 15 tank is high. Through digital combat network system and other combat units, the functions of battlefield information sharing, cooperative attack and defense, vehicle condition monitoring and system reconfiguration are realized, and the overall combat capability is improved.

Because of the superiority of 30-ton tank in strategic maneuverability and rapid deployment, the United States is also developing a new generation of light combat platform, focusing on maneuverability in performance, requiring rapid global deployment through air transportation, emphasizing information-based combat capability, protection capability mainly against RPG weapons, and using 105 or even 120 firepower. Artillery, with a strike capability close to that of heavy tanks. Its development direction is similar to that of type 15.

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