Several senior Sudanese officers have been arrested for their involvement in the attempted coup detat

 Several senior Sudanese officers have been arrested for their involvement in the attempted coup detat

Xinhua News Agency, Khartoum, July 24 (Reporter Ma Yiyiyi) The Sudanese military issued a statement on 24 that several senior officers and politicians had been arrested for participating in an attempted coup. The statement did not disclose the time of the attempted coup and the time of the arrest of the participants.

The Sudanese news agency quoted the military statement as saying that the chief of staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Hashem Abdul Mutarab Ahmed, senior officers of the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service and some leaders of the former ruling partys National Congress Party were involved in planning the attempted coup.

The statement said that the people who tried to launch the coup had been arrested and the authorities were investigating them.

The Sudanese Transitional Military Commission announced on 11 July that it had thwarted a coup attempt and arrested at least 16 servicemen and veterans, according to Sudanese news agency. At that time, it was reported that the military was tracing the whereabouts of the attempted coup plotter and other persons involved.

On 11 April this year, Sudanese Defense Minister Ibn Ov announced the overthrow of the Bashir regime and the establishment of the Transitional Military Commission to take charge of state affairs. On 12 April, Ibn Off announced that he would resign as Chairman of the Transitional Military Commission and be replaced by Lieutenant General Abdul Fatah Bulhan. On July 17, the Transitional Military Commission of Sudan and the Alliance for Freedom and Change, Sudans main opposition, formally signed an agreement on the formation of a national transitional governance body in Khartoum.

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