Bayern continue to chase Sane! Guashuai helplessly: I cant stop him from leaving.

 Bayern continue to chase Sane! Guashuai helplessly: I cant stop him from leaving.

A friendly match between Blue Moon and Manchester City was just over, with a 6-1 victory over Jeremiah. After the match, Manchester City coach Guardiola also gave an interview to the media. In the interview, Guadiola also talked about Sane, who scored twice in the match: We want him to stay, but the decision is not in my hands. I really hope so. He stayed. He is a player we admire and I like him very much. I think he can do better. Ive said it two or three times. We hope he stays.

Indeed, this is not the first time that Guardiola talked about Sane in front of the media. Not long ago, when talking about Sane, Guashuai expressed his attitude: The club offered him a contract last year, and we want to make the players happy here. We will help him to be the best and we know his potential. We always wanted Sane to be with us. I have spoken to the club many times and I want the players here to be happy. If they are not happy, they can leave.

After Robben and Ribery left, Bayern were eager to bring in a super winger. Bayern Munich coach Kovac recently declared that he would go all out to pursue Sane: Everyone knows that Sane is our dream player. According to previous media reports, Sane himself is very hesitant, on the one hand, returning to Germany to play for Sane has a great temptation, on the other hand, Sane himself also believes that Guadiola can let its rapid growth.

In this way, the next two weeks will be a crucial period for Sanes transfer. Once the Premier League season opens, Manchester City will definitely not allow their ace players to leave the team.

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