Liverpool veteran will sue the anti-doping agency: I was ruined by a drug test error!

 Liverpool veteran will sue the anti-doping agency: I was ruined by a drug test error!

Sarko, a 29-year-old French centre-back, joined Liverpool in 2013 and has gradually become the teams main defensive force, but also has a relatively stable position in the French national team. But in April 2016, Sarko was banned by UEFA for 30 days after a positive urine test, thus losing Liverpools main position and the 2016 European Cup.

Sarko defended that he had only taken diet pills and that the high enamine, which was detected in his urine test at the time, was not actually listed as a banned drug in football. As a result, Sarko believed that the drug test was a complete failure of the World Anti-Doping Agency and had a huge impact on his career, so he had sued the World Anti-Doping Agency in London High Court and demanded compensation of 13 million.

Sarkos position in Liverpool has fallen sharply since he was banned for substandard drug testing. He was loaned to Crystal Palace in February 2017 and was bought out by Crystal Palace in September. Liverpool reached the Champions League final for two consecutive seasons and won the Champions League last season. In a hearing at the London High Court, Sarkos attorney Stewart Ritchie said the ban seriously affected Sarkos income and personal image, and led to his failure to qualify for the European Cup and had to end his career at Liverpool.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency denied that they should be responsible for Sarkos cleansing by Liverpool. They believed that Sarko left Liverpool because of disciplinary problems and the contradiction between him and Liverpool manager Klop. Sarkos drugs had already been banned from the World Sports List, except for UEFA at that time. It has not been banned. After the hearing, the court will try later, and Mirror predicts that Sarko will eventually win the case and get some compensation, but the compensation may be far below the 13 million requirement.

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