C Luo China Tour Ticket is more expensive than Jay Chous concert. The most expensive price is more than 5000 yuan.

 C Luo China Tour Ticket is more expensive than Jay Chous concert. The most expensive price is more than 5000 yuan.

Yangtze Evening News/Yangyan reporter Zhang Hao and Zhang Chenbao

Shocking Blue and White War

Nanjing Olympic Games have never been so clear-cut.

Nanjing Olympic Sports Center has not been so crowded for a long time. All the stands are full of fans from all over the world, just to see the idols style! Before the game, in the Olympic A corridor, whether upstairs or downstairs, are already shoulder to shoulder, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the Juventus bus, looking forward to the arrival of Ronaldo.

On the spot, some lucky fans were taken care of. Ronaldo signed their names secretly behind the bus and also indicated that they should not make a noise. The luck of these fans is so great!!! Ronaldo also responded to the enthusiasm of the fans. Before the start of the game, he applauded to the fans frequently. Through the close-up on the big screen, the fans cheered again. However, to say the home effect, although there are many fans for Ronaldinho and Juves lineup is bigger than Inters, it is still Inter Milan who is the second home in town. In the first half of the match, Inter played well and attacked Juves door frequently, but Juves Polish national Mensheczynski also performed well. Juve, who have won eight consecutive titles in Serie A, are not willing to lag behind in this national derby. In the 38th minute, Inter broke a foul. Smart Inter players kicked the ball far away. Ronaldo ran to pick it up and throw it back to the foul spot to serve quickly. However, this attack gave Inter a chance to fight back. Inter almost came back. Second break.

In the 52nd minute, Ronaldos left side showed his signature bicycle ride through the ball. He cut the door inside and went straight to the lower left corner of the goal. Inter goalkeeper Padilli tried to save the ball, which was also the first climax of the second half. The second climax, in the 57th minute, was Juves free kick chance in the front court. President Ronaldos free kick effort was well known. He saw Ronaldo stand in front of the ball again, and his name resounded through the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. However, he didnt play the free kick well enough to get around the wall. However, it is temporary to fail to play well. In the 68th minute, President Luos brilliance finally flashed out! _________. The second free kick, better than the first position, Ronaldo hit the goal with one foot, the ball hit the wall to change line, hanging directly in the upper right corner of the goal! Goal!!! Juventus goal, scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo! After scoring, Ronaldo made the classic action that countless football fans vied to imitate after scoring: spinning, jumping and shouting! At this time, the atmosphere has reached its climax!

Last nights game, the audience officially confirmed 48847 people, but everyone who came to the scene knows that the number may not be more. However, in the stands, most of the fans are wearing zebra shirts. Most of the blue-black Inter fans gathered in the South Stand and jointly shouted for the team they supported. For the first time, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center has been so clearly divided, which is the essence of the old team. Eventually, the two teams drew 1-1 in the 90 minutes civil war. According to the rules, the game went into penalty shoot-out! The protagonist of the penalty shoot-out was replaced by Buffon, who saved three penalties to help Juventus win!

The charm of a star is huge

Football can also make a lot of money.

Off the court, the game was good enough. Since ticket sales began three months ago, the most expensive paper in Nanjing has become a C-Row ticket. The most common question people ask before they buy tickets is Will Rolo C come? And how expensive tickets are, we have reported many times before, anyway, yesterdays Olympic Sports Center near the cattle said the most is, I do not have tickets! Interestingly, shortly after the tournament ran out of tickets, Jay Chou also made online tickets for his concert in Nanjing. Similarly, the highest ticket issuance price for Jay Chous concert is 2,000 yuan, which is about 3,500 yuan on the internet, while the highest ticket price for Ronaldos competition is 1,099 yuan, but it has been fired 5,000 yuan on the internet. Interested readers can also wait until Jay Chous concert in November to see if his ticket prices will exceed those of Ronaldo.

In addition to on-site, off-site market also formed a beautiful scenery. Never in Nanjing has a football match brought so many selling points. Near the Olympic Games, hotels are almost fully booked, restaurants are bursting, Jersey sellers are out of stock every day (C Ro number jersey), and the total cost of transportation is even more difficult to calculate. More than 48,000 spectators from Hunan, Sichuan, Beijing, Anhui and other regions, including many fans who came to Nanjing without tickets, have driven Nanjings consumption in these two days. The box office income brought to Nanjing by a ball game is only a small one. The amount and details of the consumption income brought to the city are worthy of our consideration! ___________

Thank Ronaldo for coming, thank him for all his devotion in the game, he let here appreciate what is the crazy football, so that people here can taste the taste of football can also make a lot of money!

Source: Author of Yangtze Evening News: Zhang Hao, responsible editor of Zhang Chenbao: Xu Zexin_BJS4919