The Philippines urgently adds five new naturalized players to the top 40 and is expected to play

 The Philippines urgently adds five new naturalized players to the top 40 and is expected to play

Philippine team leader Dan Palami has told the media publicly that the Philippines team is expected to recruit five new naturalized players, including three guards and two midfielders, for the fortieth finals. They are also expected to implement relevant formalities before the first match against Syria in the fortieth finals on September 5, according to Philippine media reports. u3002

It is noteworthy that all five players are of Philippine origin.

The media said that the key to the teams training in the next two weeks is that the team needs to go all out in all aspects. More often than not, behind-the-scenes work is as important as front-desk work, Palami said. If we want to have the strongest team for the World Cup qualifiers, its really wonderful. The next two weeks are crucial and we have to make sure that all these players can play for the Philippines in the World Cup qualifiers.

Since 2010, Palami has been the leader of the Philippines for nine years. His hard work has been indispensable to all aspects of the Philippine team. He is even the hero behind the rapid development of Philippine football in recent years. Information shows that the Philippines team is looking to recruit five naturalized players: guard Michael Kempt, Amin Nazari, Jesse Coolan and midfielders Elias Moldall, Rafael Obermeier.

Among them, Kempt has a Philippine passport and can play for the Philippines. Nazari also has a Philippine passport and has played two games on behalf of the Philippine National Team, but he still needs to submit additional materials to FIFA in order to compete in official competitions such as the Fortieth Championship. Currently, Kulan is working hard to get his passport. Obermeier had to go to Germany to change his nationality and FIFA membership. Moldall has visited Guangzhou with the Philippine National Team in June this year, and it still needs FIFAs final review.

Source of this article: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily Author: Xiao Pi, Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919