The Taiwanese authorities used the flower skating competition to shout Mainland crackdown and were severely beaten face by international organizations.

 The Taiwanese authorities used the flower skating competition to shout Mainland crackdown and were severely beaten face by international organizations.

Overseas Network, July 25, a few days ago, the Asian Skating Classic Competition, originally scheduled to be held in Taipei, was changed to Dongguan, Guangdong Province, where the Taiwanese authorities choked on the mainland to suppress. However, the International Skating Federation said on the 24th that it was Taiwans China Ice Association that offered to change its hosting place. Some operations, let the Taiwanese people satirize self-directed self-directed.

Taiwans China Skating Association said Wednesday that the International Skating Federation (ISU) announced at 9 p.m. on the 22nd that Taiwan was unsuitable for holding international competitions because of the international situation, canceling the right to host Taipei and replacing it with the Hong Kong Association, which handled it in Dongguan, Guangdong, according to the original date.

The whole incident was too sudden, the Secretary-General of the China Skating Association said immediately. They were also temporarily notified, trying to communicate but still unable to recover.

Not surprisingly, the Taiwanese authorities took this opportunity to publicize the mainland repression theory. The Taiwanese Continental Committee, the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs all jumped out. They also choked the mainland for brutal repression and put forward solemn protests and warned that relevant units should be invited to study countermeasures. Kolas, a spokesman for the Executive Yuan, also asked the International Skating Association to clarify the reasons and pressures for the temporary withdrawal of the competition, to tell the truth and to return justice to Taiwan.

To get a hammer, the statement of the International Skating Association came very soon, but the statement of the platform skating association was fiercely hit the face.

The International Skating Federation (ISU) said in a statement posted on its official website Thursday that it was informed at the end of May that several Asian member states, including the Chinese Taipei Skating Association, had offered to change the venue of the event. After consultation with interested Asian members, the most suitable host city was decided unanimously, and a clear agreement was reached with the Chinese Taipei Skating Association. Finally, it was decided that the series would be hosted by the Hong Kong Skating Federation and held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Screenshot of the International Skating Federations official website statement

From this statement, we can see that Taiwans China Ice Association not only knows but also agrees to change the host city. However, from Taiwanese China Ice Association to Cai authorities, they have made a sudden knowledge forced to cancel the right to host appearance, not only set off a storm of public opinion in the island, but also incidentally find an excuse to black the mainland.

After the reversal of events, Wu Yide, secretary-general of Taiwans China Ice Association, was reluctant to come forward to explain it, but only on the grounds of busyness. Director of Sports said it would do its best to verify.

This kind of operation also disgusted the Taiwanese people. Some netizens satirized the Taiwanese authorities for self-directing and self-directing, and trying to push China (mainland) into the black pot. Some netizens also thought that people under the Democratic Progressive Party want to use fake news to cover up peoples concern about smuggled cigarettes Is there no other way?

There is a saying in the island that if the Cai authorities find anything to choke on the mainland, it is to pick up guns. Now it seems that even if they cant find it, Cai authorities can make one by themselves, which is amazing.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825