Rescue Progress of Liupanshui Landslide: Heavy Rain Caused Landslide Again

 Rescue Progress of Liupanshui Landslide: Heavy Rain Caused Landslide Again

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Rescue Progress of Liupanshui Landslide: Heavy Rain Overnight Caused Landslide Again (Source:)

Xin Jing Bao Express reporter learned from the rescue of Pingdi village landslide in Jichang Town, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City, China Anneng that the continuous overnight heavy rain caused another landslide in Area B.

At about 21:20 on July 23, a landslide broke out in Chagou Formation of Pingdi Village, Jichang Town, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. Twenty-one houses were buried. According to field experts, the total volume of the landslide reached 2 million square meters. It is reported that the landslide rescue area is divided into three areas: A, B and C. At 8:00 on July 25, it is difficult to get a clear sky on the landslide site. However, the heavy rain on the landslide site for one night led to another landslide in Area B, and the rescue personnel and equipment could not reach the working surface at all. According to the task deployment of the Joint Command, the rescue workers of China Anneng First Engineering Bureau immediately dispatched four excavators to the landslide site to re-search and rescue area A. At the same time, another four excavators were dispatched to search and rescue area C.

China Anneng Group dispatched 82 rescue teams from the First Engineering Bureau in Guiyang, carrying 12 sets of professional rescue equipment, and maneuvering more than 300 kilometers over long distances. They rushed to the first line of rescue overnight to investigate the disaster situation and launch rescue.

After arriving at the scene, the rescue team found that the loose landslide body was soaked by continuous heavy rain and the surface was extremely unstable. The joint expert group of China Anneng rescue team carefully studied and analyzed, and adopted the tactics of grooving along the slope, rubbing by points and searching by grids to strip the crawler cover, excavate earthwork to reduce the mountain cover, and explore for the rescue team. Life signs create favourable conditions.

At the same time, according to the designation of the families of the trapped people, Anneng of China adopts the method of locating by houses and finding people by houses. It first finds the cement road around the houses and then finds the houses. When large-scale machinery and equipment are excavated around the houses, it adopts the method of combining mechanical excavation with manual search and rescue to carry out cooperative rescue.

Up to the time of submission, a total of 3 missing persons were searched. At present, there are still missing persons who have not been found. It is reported that China Annengs life detector and search and rescue team have rushed to the scene from Nanning, Guangxi to carry out professional search.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Li Yukun, responsible editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799