Sun Yuchen apologizes for his over-marketing behavior

 Sun Yuchen apologizes for his over-marketing behavior

Dear friends:

In the past period, this is the darkest time of my illness. I experienced unprecedented storms, doubts and pains in my life. I stayed awake all night. I deeply reflected on my past words and deeds, felt guilty for over-marketing and hype. Then I want to show my concern to the public, the media and love. Protect my leadership and regulatory body, express my sincere apologies!

Buffetts lunch originated from my love of Pa Laos worship and charity. The original intention was good, simple, and with some selfishness to promote the block chain industry and myself, I wanted to better fulfill the project responsibility. But because of my immature words and deeds, young and unspoken, it gradually evolved into a runaway, stall. The failure of over-marketing has produced a lot of consequences that I totally didnt expect, neglected social and public responsibilities, and was far from my original intention. In the whole process, I went from excitement to anxiety to fear, regret and longing for pain, all of which had a negative impact on the public and aroused concern. I love the concerns of my regulator, and I say once again: Im sorry!

Caixin is a well-known periodical that I have subscribed to and studied repeatedly since I was in college. It contributes greatly to the overall situation of reform, opening up and economic development. Ms. Hu Shuli is also a senior teacher whom I highly respect and admire. As always, Caixin insists on giving priority to the public interest of social responsibility, so that I can see clearly my limitations and insignificance. I am terrified to be able to communicate with Caixin. I am willing to communicate with Caixin transparently and unreservedly about our business, industry development and so on, in order to get the most authentic and impartial guidance from the best media teachers.

Mr. Wang Xiaochuan is also my predecessor in the field of Internet entrepreneurship. I personally admire and respect his achievements, and also respect and value his views. Originally, I wanted to make some hype and marketing gimmicks because of my joking and youthful personality. In fact, after that, I deeply regretted these vulgar hype and marketing actions. I once again expressed my sincerest apologies to Mr. Wang Xiaochuan and hoped to get his understanding.

When I was a teenager, I liked commerce and started business very early. I was very lucky to catch up with the rapid development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of our country, and the development dividends of the global block chain industry, together with the support, love and help of many predecessors in the industry, so I was very lucky to take advantage of it in the development of the world block chain industry. Some achievements have been made. As an active practitioner in the block chain industry, I am proud to be able to convey the value of Chinas block chain around the world. It can be said that without the care and guidance of regulatory agencies, there will be no healthy development of todays block chain industry.

In the future, due to illness, I will repair for a period of time, reduce the voice of microblog, close the door to thank customers, reduce media interviews, and return to the deep cultivation and research of block chain technology from marketing hype. All take national interests, industry interests and public interests as the priority, abandon egos selfishness, actively rectify and operate in accordance with the law, export more positive energy for the development of the industry in the block chain, do more in-depth thinking, and set a better social example for contemporary youth!

Sun Yuchen

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279