Drop-by-drop self-rescue steering for 325 days after downwind parking

 Drop-by-drop self-rescue steering for 325 days after downwind parking

Had it not been for the two safety accidents last year, the drip-drip windmill might have been running all the way with radical business strategies and capital. However, if is only a hypothesis after all. On August 27, last year, the drip-drip windmill business went offline indefinitely. Behind such a statement, there is another subtext: after the rectification is completed, it will go online.

On July 18 this year, more than 300 days of dusty windmill business was dripping to the front of the stage. In the afternoon, Cheng Wei, founder and President of the drip trip, Liu Qing, appeared on the drip ride media opening day, which was the first time Cheng Wei faced the media publicly 325 days after the downline of the drip ride. Several heads of the windmill team introduced the progress of business rectification on the spot. What happened inside the drop during the 325 days of rectification? How is it rectified? Reporters from the Beijing News interviewed several people with knowledge in order to resume the process of rectification.

It is still unknown when the drip-drip windmill will be back on line. Many market participants believe that it is fast.

However, the world changes with time. In the past year when the drip-drip windmill stops, important changes have taken place both inside the drip-drip and in the travel industry as a whole. Internally, spending has been cut and the windmill team has been restructured. Outside, the pattern of travel market has changed quietly, with Golden Come back and Hello enter the market in the field of windmill; in the field of online car appointment, more car companies are coming in.

On the one hand, the windmill experiences pains and looks forward to rebirth. On the other hand, the travel market has changed. Can the windmill control its future destiny?

After the Yueqing windmill incident, ALLIN Safety

Last August 27, the drip-drip windmill went off indefinitely, which for the fast-running drip-drip windmill, is like a sudden cardiac arrest.

Before dripping all the way, neglected a lot of problems, including the windmill. After reflecting on the causes of the accident, dripping insider Li Ming (pseudonym) believes that both internal and external causes, but at that time the companys business was growing, the contradiction has not intensified. There are so many problems when companies stop to look at them.

Even if there is no way to predict when the accident will happen, it will happen. Wang now said that after the first downwind accident in May 2018, the head of downwind operation had asked him to report it. He has realized that under the pressure of extremely high KPI growth, the risk of some social operations (drivers can see the gender of passengers and make comments) of downwind vehicles is very high, and something will happen. At that time, the person in charge reported to Huang Jieli, but there was still no change. So he transferred to other departments to avoid a disaster.

After the Yueqing windmill incident, on the evening of August 28, 2018, Cheng Wei, founder and President of drip trip, Liu Qing, issued an apology letter: Because of our ignorance and arrogance, it caused irreparable harm. We know that, in the final analysis, we are more competitive than our original intention. In just a few years, we have been running all the way to prove ourselves through radical business strategies and capital forces. But today, in the face of the lost life, all this nominality has lost its meaning.

Safety Committee is under great pressure, Li Ming said. On the day of the announcement, the team members were in a dignified mood, and the once-favored downwind car became the target of public criticism, which made the company almost stagnate from a state of rampage.

In the public relations department, Jiang Rongs main task is to write a copy. How much safety work has been done, how many measures have been taken, what are the objectives and benefits, and when are they expected to be completed? Jiang Rong told Xin Jing Daily that the most frequently written content at that time was these.

After the windmill entered the rectification mode, more attention was paid to safety and customer service, and the demand for personnel increased significantly. Wei Weiwei, who has been an engineer for four years in a business department, said that after the Yueqing safety accident, the customer service team has been controversial. Therefore, the customer service team is the most demanding and surging team.

Before that, Drop Company also had a security department, but it did not have so much power and a weak sense of existence. Since then, the security sector has gained greater power and attention. At present, the head of Drop Safety Department is Senior Vice President (SVP), reporting directly to Cheng Wei.

A number of respondents confirmed the above-mentioned security accountability model to reporters of the Beijing News that security has become the biggest corporate culture drop by drop.

For the internal knife rectification and remodeling, Yanyan (pseudonym) of employees before dripping introduced to the Beijing News reporter that the biggest change was the former growth of KPI, and later mainly for security, with security officers set up in all departments. Accompanied by this, the previous high-speed dash droplets suddenly resembled an elderly person, slowing down the growth rate and slowing down the product iteration.

Just entering the company, Qian Wen found that all the work is around security, in the companys words, ALLIN security. Recently, the company started a class-20 (top priority) project called Panshi, which includes safety training for drivers, identity authentication and installation of cameras in cars. Despite the strong resistance of the driver, Qian Wen and her colleagues still have to try to persuade the driver.

KPI assessment is no longer growth-oriented, and some employees are not suited to it.

Wei Wei Wei has been relaxed and even relaxed in this year. He said that many of the companys exploratory businesses, especially those that do not see a profit in a year or two, have been cut down and the listing process has been affected.

In his view, the biggest impact on the drip is the companys switch from a high growth model to a stable security model. With this, the growth expectations within the company have been greatly reduced, or even no growth expectations. Many of the growth budgets have been cut, with safety as the first assessment objective. But for the product and technology team, the pressure will not be small, and for some offline operation team, the real problem is that the company may not need you.

Wei Wei is at a loss. When he entered the company four years ago, there were nearly a thousand employees, but now there are tens of thousands of people. He was excited by the rapid development of the company. However, at present, he cant see the companys future. Drops of development has slowed down. Enterprises have taken on so many social responsibilities. Can you still hope for rapid growth of enterprises? If an enterprise can not create profits, then what is the value of the existence of the enterprise? What do investors think?

According to a person close to Cheng Wei, after the downwind last year, some investors put pressure on Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei responded strongly: If the drip fails, your investment will be zero, all drift away.

After busy rectification in the early stage, some team members can not wait for the results of online and psychological pressure is too great to choose to leave. At the end of 2018, there were still a small number of layoffs, and some people chose live water (from the windmill department to other departments of the company), while Huang Jieli, the former head of the drip windmill, who was dismissed because of the blame, went to VIPKID as VP.

Why did I leave? Xu Lai, an engineer who has worked for more than five years, kept asking himself questions after he left last month.

According to several engineers interviewed, there were conflicts between engineers and management team in the first half of this year. One of the engineers spoke out: in short, McKinseys airborne leadership and algorithmic engineers and data scientists had clear differences in product concepts. Its funny for both sides to talk about pain and agitation with ducks.

Xu Lai believes that drip drip introduced a number of managers from McKinsey. In fact, engineers and these managers look down on each other. You may not find a second Internet company with so many managers of investment banks and consulting firms like Droplet.

Not only that, on February 15 this year, after the announcement of winter by Droplet, the welfare of employees and the budget for various activities of the company are all shrinking.

Pei Kun (not his real name) said that at the beginning of this year, internal dispatches reduced expenditure and welfare. For example, cancel all night snacks and tea room snacks; cancel coffee shop, employee restaurant subsidies, employee birthday gifts, reduce anniversary gifts and other benefits. In December 2017, Pei Kun was still working as an intern. The company received a round of financing of more than $4 billion. The whole company was full of wealthy people. The company issued a 1,000-yuan express card to all employees, even security and cleaning shares.

Qian Wen told reporters, Our drivers are basicallyonly going in and out, so lets talk about compliance first. This conservative state comes not only from the emphasis on security, but also because of budget constraints. Shortly after taking up her job, she was told that she was responsible for the exclusive cars and user-friendly activities in the main urban area. The company always says that there is no money, to cut off subsidies, as little as possible to do activities, even if it is best to do free activities.

Recruitment, Horse Purchase, Drop-by-Drop Windmill Sprint on Line

On the afternoon of July 18, Cheng Wei, who was much thinner than the same period last year, stepped into the meeting hall. Liu Qing followed suit, and Zhang Rui, general manager of the drip-down windmill, also appeared.

Huang Jieli, the head of the windmill, was also dismissed after it was offline in August last year. Since then, as director, Zhang Rui has been fully responsible for the downwind business. He was promoted from director to senior director at the end of last year and general manager (GM) in the first half of this year.

Does the presence of such a powerful executive team mean that the downwind car will be on the line?

For the delay in returning, Liu Qing frankly said: We are more resentful. Who is willing to call you black-hearted every day, so much psychological pressure, is why we have waited so long an important reason. Im afraid that so many people cant completely cover up the situation, either artificially or technically.

Cheng Wei, the director of the drip safety committee, said that if the downwind vehicle is going to go online, it must report and communicate with the competent authorities at all levels. At the same time, express what we want to do and listen to your real feedback.

However, the site still revealed the future planning of the drip-drip downwind. Cheng Wei said that currently there is no announcement of future downwind prices, but if there is a chance to go online, it will definitely be low prices, especially for long-distance downwind users, the longer the mileage, the more preferential the price. And scale and profitability are not the main goals.

Zhang Rui recently recruited troops and bought horses. His assistant came back after he left office to assist Zhang Rui in handling the downwind train on-line affairs. On July 23, an intellectual close to Zhang Rui told Beijing News that Zhang Ruis assistant department is a consultancy company with background and will focus on security and growth in the future.

On the same day, a key member of the Department of Dripping Windmill Affairs published a poster of ALLIN Safe and Downwind Travel in the circle of friends. The positions recruited include senior front-end R&D engineers, senior R&D engineers in service, algorithm engineers, R&D engineers, operational R&D engineers, product specialists (trading), products. Operations expert, senior interaction designer, safety rules operation manager and other positions. Among them, multiple positions involve safety.

According to the above-mentioned people, Zhang Rui has worked with the security department to sort out the windmill work flow, risk points and iteration products. At present, Zhang Rui is making every effort to prepare for downwind test run, site selection, feedback collection, etc. This test run should include small cities, because this is the place where risks are most concentrated. After multi-wheel gray test, the windmill will be officially put on line.

Liu Qing said that the decision to go on the downwind was based on market demand.

In fact, the windmill has always been the small and strong business department within the drip. In 2017, the windmill Business Department of about 200 people earned 89 billion yuan, or even the most profitable department within the company. Therefore, it is also a strong department within the company. The annual bonus is generally higher than other business departments. Li Ming (a pseudonym) who once worked in the dripping windmill department made the above statement to the reporter of the Beijing News.

An internal data from drip shows that in 2017, the windmill revenue was about 2 billion yuan, and the net profit was close to 89 million yuan. In 2018, the target of the growth of downwind vehicles is to double.

However, two accidents in May and August 2018 brought the dash to a halt.

While self-eliminating abuses and eager for rebirth, the travel market has undergone tremendous changes.

During the period of the modification of the drip-drip windmill, the American Regiment taxi went on line in the aggregation mode. Gaode restarted the windmill business. Hello travel and the cooperation network of FAW about taxi booking services, and ticking travel access to taxi services. It also went on the windmill business itself. Recently, on July 22, launched by FAW Group, Dongfeng Automobile Group and Chongqing Changan Automobile, Suning, Tencent and Alibaba jointly participated in the creation of intelligent travel platform T3 trip officially launched. It is reported that the T3 trip has been tested on July 16. This year, it will enter six cities: Nanjing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Tianjin. It will cover most of the provincial capitals in 2020.

In the future, T3 trips will steadily expand derivative business, build travel ecology, unite industry chain partners, and carry out business cooperation in intelligent charging, maintenance, UBI insurance, financial leasing and other fields. This exposes the ambition of T3 travel to become the future drop by drop. In addition, according to incomplete statistics from Beijing News reporters, up to now, FAW Group, Geely Group, Shoufa Group, Great Wall Automobile, SAIC Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Zhongtai Automobile and other automobile companies have entered the online car market.

In the face of external changes, it is certainly impossible not to be in a hurry. With the continuous promotion of network contract vehicle compliance, to a certain extent, the platform compliance capacity is tightening; on the other hand, dripping long-term losses, operating pressure, how to improve this situation in the future, testing the wisdom of dripping.

On July 18, Cheng Wei said on the opening day of drip-drip downwind media that drip-drip is an enterprise that burns a lot of money. In the past, including for a long period in the future, the pursuit of profit will not be regarded as the most important goal. In the past, although some TakeRates were collected, most of them were returned with C-end subsidies and drivers subsidies. In fact, they are still a loss-making enterprise.

New Beijing News reporters note that more and more old players are opening up their platforms to the outside world. On July 15, Droplet announced the launch of the Open Platform for Online Appointment Vehicles, which will be open to third-party travel service providers. In fact, drip travel on May 23 in Chengdu access to second taxi economic vehicles to provide travel services. On July 9, drip-drip issued the price adjustment instructions of Beijing drip-drip network. From July 11, new pricing rules will be implemented, and the starting price and mileage fee of some periods will be increased.

Hope to do a good job of security, this is a very difficult job. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Droplets work, Liu Qing, president of Droplet, recalled that when he first came here, he thought that Droplet was a very good technology company, matching huge orders every day. When he exchanged with foreign friends, he talked about artificial intelligence, big data and so on.

In the original idea, we used the power of science and technology to find the best engineers and product managers at home and abroad to help us solve the problem, and we feel we have found a solution. Liu Qing said that after last year, there was a very big subversion of cognition and a very big impact on people. He was criticized by a lot of public opinion, or gave a lot of feedback, which made everyone feel heavy. In the process, we found that the original travel industry may be a little different from other industries.

Drops of Big Events

The taxi goes on line in Beijing.

May 2014

Bubbling taxi was renamed dripping taxi.

Drop-by-drop taxi and fast taxi were successfully merged.

June 2015

Drop by drop launched the windmill business.

September 2015

August 2016

Drop by drop acquisition of Youbu China.

April 2017

Ofo yellow car access drops App.

April 2018

Take-out business in Wuxi.

May 2018

Zhengzhou stewardess windmill incident occurred.

June 2018

August 2018

Yueqing windmill incident broke out, windmill business offline rectification.

Upgrade and adjust the organizational structure, upgrade the safety management system.

February 2019

Drops of winter, announced shutdown and transfer and layoffs.

July 2019

Two media open days were held to solicit public opinions on downwind vehicle rectification.

New Beijing News reporter Chen Weicheng probationary journalist promised

Source: Han Yukun_NBJ11142, responsible editor of Beijing News