Man died of leakage of electricity from outside air-conditioner: He found an acquaintance to install the air-conditioner

 Man died of leakage of electricity from outside air-conditioner: He found an acquaintance to install the air-conditioner


Users are electrocuted by newly purchased air conditioners?

According to family members, the deceased, a food store, on July 1 this year, they purchased a Kangjia wall-mounted air-conditioning, air-conditioning instructions, certificates and other documents are complete. On July 3, when her husband blocked a rat hole near the outdoor air conditioner, she accidentally electrocuted and died. According to the diagnostic report issued by the hospital, the deceased was electroshock injury, cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest, and the death medical certificate also showed that the cause of death was electroshock injury. On July 5, the staff of Weihai Electric Power Bureau went to her home for inspection and preliminary identification was Kangjia air conditioner leakage. The staff of Weihai Electric Power Bureau said that the leakage of air-conditioning units is not common. Normally, the human body can withstand a safe voltage of 36 volts. However, according to the measured results, the leakage of the external air conditioner should be at least 100 volts.

When explaining the detection method, the worker indicated that the screw discharged directly when the air conditioner was powered on and the external unit was measured, so the logical backward deduction was that the leakage occurred after the external unit was installed. However, the staff member said that the Bureau was not a professional appraisal department and could not issue an appraisal report, so it could not identify the direct relationship between the leakage accident and death. It is reported that the installation of air-conditioning in the home usually needs to be equipped with leakage protectors, but the air-conditioning has not been installed.

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Kangjia said consumers did not use formal installation services

Reporters learned from Kangjia Group today that the company has learned about the relevant information, and is currently in close communication with users at the same time also stepping up the investigation of accidents.

According to the preliminary survey results of Kangjia, the user purchased the air conditioner at a local small household appliances repair point (non-Kangjia official designated distributor) on July 1, but did not make an appointment for the official door-to-door installation service, but was installed by its acquaintances.

According to the information disclosed by Kangjia, at 9:20 a.m. on July 6, the company received a report from Ms. Jin, a customer service provider in Weihai, Shandong Province, stating that suspected leakage of electricity was found in the air conditioner purchased on July 1, which affected the daily operation of the store and required the company to arrange for the door-to-door inspection of the after-sales personnel. Kangjia entrusted local maintenance technicians to make an appointment for door-to-door service as soon as it received the demand for repairs.

At 10:30 a.m. on July 7, Kangjia commissioned the maintenance master to arrive at Ms. Jins shop according to the appointed time, but only then found that more than 20 people had gathered in the users shop, and learned that Ms. Jins family died on July 3 and cremated on July 5.

Considering the special circumstances and inconsistent with the inspection and maintenance services received, the repairman reported to Kangjia Headquarters.

After learning the news, Kangjia immediately arranged for two relevant persons in charge of Chuzhou headquarters in Anhui to deal with it. On July 9, the person in charge arrived at the Weihai Maritime Discovery Site. First of all, she offered condolences to the family of Ms. Kim and promised to solve the problem as soon as possible.

After preliminary site investigation, no special leakage protector and effective grounding line for air conditioning have been found. Because the site is located in the vegetable market, the related lines are more complex, and it is difficult to determine the specific cause of the accident for a time. In order to find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible and reduce the loss of Ms. Jins family, Kangjia hopes to conduct a third-party appraisal as soon as possible, conduct a comprehensive detection of the air conditioning and power consumption environment, and conduct rehabilitation work as soon as possible after identifying the cause of the accident.

However, after many days of efforts to find, Shandong Province furniture qualifications testing institutions have said that they do not accept individual or unit appraisal requests, must be designated by the court in order to implement. Subsequently, Kangjia will also inform the other side of the actual situation of entrusted lawyers, the other sides lawyers also said that several institutions are also not to accept the entrustment of individuals or units. In a responsible attitude, Kangjia hopes that Ms. King will arrange judicial channels as soon as possible so as to arrange appraisal as soon as possible to protect her legitimate rights and interests.

On the afternoon of July 19, Ms. Kims lawyer conveyed her opinions to Kangjia, hoping to preserve the scene environment through notarization and await later identification. But at the same time, it also expressed concern about the long time span of normal legal appraisal (about 1-2 February).

Kangjia said that at present, the relevant process is still in progress, many factors exist a variety of possibilities, temporarily unable to determine the specific cause of the accident, all need to wait for the identification results, but also hope that users and consumers can understand. Kangjia also stressed that the products produced by the company have passed strict factory inspection, and all products have passed the national 3C safety certification. Kangjia appeals to consumers to buy household appliances through formal channels as far as possible, and to install products through official installation services with relevant installation qualifications, so as to ensure the normal operation of grounding wires, power failure protection and other safety devices during use, and to ensure the safety of life and property.

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Air conditioning is called semi-finished product in household appliances industry

Reporters learned that air conditioning is known as semi-finished in the household appliances industry, which means that the air conditioning sold to customers in the market is only half of the work completed, and then delivery and installation services are another important part of the whole air conditioning sales process. Often the quality of installation determines the refrigeration effect and service life of air conditioning, and its importance is no less than that of the manufacturer in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the air-conditioning manufacturing end has basically achieved scale and standardization, but the importance of installation services in the entire air-conditioning industry chain, because this link is more closely related to people. In other words, the installation of services is also the most uncontrollable link. Then, how to make an air conditioner installed into the home smoothly has become a greater test for manufacturers and businesses.

But in fact, most consumers often pay attention to the sales link when choosing air-conditioning. They will pay attention to brand selection and price comparison, but they often do not pay attention to after-sales service, that is, the maintenance and maintenance link in installation and use. Especially in some small towns and rural areas, some users often try to save time or money and choose non-brand designated service providers or even non-qualified service providers to install air conditioning. This situation often leads to quality problems and even potential safety hazards. Causes the safety accident to occur.

In addition, the survey also found that air conditioning sales have obvious seasonality, sales in the peak summer season are often several times the off-season, especially in the hottest days of the year sales can account for a considerable proportion of the whole year. This sales feature determines that the air-conditioning installation industry in the peak season will often have installation delays, and some users because it is difficult to wait for the choice of abnormal installation, which also causes the use of hidden dangers. Especially in small towns and rural markets, the electricity environment itself may not be as standardized as that of big cities, and the normal installation norms are more important.

All along, these are the focus of consumer complaints about air conditioning installation. Air-conditioning manufacturers and sales channels also appeal to consumers. On the one hand, they must choose regular channels to purchase and install air-conditioning. On the other hand, they should try not to pile up air-conditioning in peak season to avoid delays in after-sales service. However, in any case, choosing qualified installers is the bottom line.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily