Internet reports of men beating the elderly police: the assaulted stolen slippers have been reconciled

 Internet reports of men beating the elderly police: the assaulted stolen slippers have been reconciled

According to the circular, on July 23, a video of a man beating the elderly was spread on the Internet. After learning about it, the Oriental Police Station of Jinyun County Public Security Bureau immediately intervened in the investigation.

After investigation, on the morning of July 23, in the market of Qiangmu Village, Dongfang Town, a pair of slippers were stolen from a stall where Mamou went to Li Momou. It was found on the spot that the stall owner, Li Momou, beat Mamou. After the hospital inspection, Ma Mou Department of soft tissue contusion.

Afterwards, Ma Mou-mou was sincere about his mistaken attitude towards theft. In view of the minor circumstances of his theft, the Jinyun County Public Security Bureau made a decision not to punish him according to law. For the assault caused by the theft of Mamou Li, the two parties actively proposed mediation. According to the relevant provisions, through mediation, the two sides voluntarily reached a settlement agreement. Li Mou-mou is responsible for the medical examination fees of Ma Mou-mou and gives corresponding compensation. Both sides are satisfied with the mediation results.

The public security organs criticized and educated both sides. Both sides recognized their mistakes and said they would not make any more mistakes.

Unjustified intimidation and beating of several elderly people A man was arrested for provoking trouble

In order to stimulate the release of emotions, Bao Mou, a man in Jinshan District of Shanghai, has stared at the elderly, a relatively disadvantaged group. He often acts recklessly and ruthlessly, intimidating and beating many elderly people, which causes great psychological panic to the residents nearby.

The old man and the cyclist collided with their son and nephew and assaulted the student to be admitted to the hospital.

When the student bicycled and collided with the old man, the old mans son and nephew rushed to the scene and had a physical conflict with the students. The students who were beaten suffered slight injuries, and the wounds on their lips needed to be treated with stitches. Two men were detained in prison.