Thousands of people rolled the trumpet to enroll my children, but now they are blocked by TA outside the door.

 Thousands of people rolled the trumpet to enroll my children, but now they are blocked by TA outside the door.

Because her child, who had been repatriated twice in a week, was cited by health care doctors as having a red and swollen throat and herpes.

To enter the kindergarten, understand, refuse or refuse; this bad person, kindergarten health care doctors have to do.


Kindergarten door, not want to enter can enter

Dont believe it. In the kindergarten where the children are clustered, when infectious diseases come, they fall down into a large area.

As for the morning check-up, the requirements of kindergartens are slightly different, but generally the same:

Touch: Touch your forehead and generally perceive whether your child has a fever.

Second look: observe the childs spirit, face, whether there is eye congestion, runny, tears and other phenomena;

Question 3: Ask parents about their childrens sleep, appetite, urine and urine.

Four inspections: check the susceptible parts of infectious diseases, such as hands, mouth, behind ears, whether there is skin rash; check whether nails are trimmed clean, whether there are unsafe items hidden in pockets, etc.

This will help children to remind themselves to drink more water and pay attention to self-care. Secondly, once children enter class, teachers can focus on the physical condition of yellow-card children according to the color of the morning check-up.

Teachers can focus on childrens physical condition according to the color of different morning signs.

Under what circumstances, children are not allowed to enter the kindergarten?

Generally speaking, children with suspected early symptoms of infectious diseases are about to stop.

With the seasonal change of the year, kindergartens will be in the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, focusing on inspection.

For example, in the current season, herpetic angina, hand, foot and mouth disease are relatively rampant, will focus on the following symptoms:

Children have fever, mouth (including tongue, oral mucosa, tonsil, pharynx, etc.) Whether there are herpes of rice grain size, hand, foot, etc.

Common symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease

According to the different symptoms, the health care doctor suggests going home for observation and rest, or going to the hospital for diagnosis.

But the so-called one foot tall, one foot tall, one foot tall and one foot tall, and a sound morning inspection system, can not stop parents and friends from sending their children into the garden wisdom...


Military support to break through the gardening line

This year, you cant be a kindergarten health care doctor without mastering Sun Tzus 36 tactics of war.

For parents, it is natural to take care of their own children, so do whatever it takes to put children into kindergartens almost every day.

The author summarizes that those witty parents and friends will mainly use the following strategies:

Teacher, can this be done? His parents go to work again, and there is an elder man in our family. In the afternoon, he goes with me to join the community geriatric art troupe. If he takes the elder son back, he cant see it at all! ________

The childs grandmothers sentiments, there is no sympathy, no misunderstanding.

Health care providers can only be so comforting.

Her grandmother may have misremembered that the Art Troupe was a weekend event... Let me talk to Grandma!

Especially the old people, want to take advantage of the children into the home, rest at home. But in the end, most of them are able to express their understanding and willingness to overcome difficulties and take their children home.

Child Inner OS: I want to go home...

At this time, just quietly put the child to the door of a duang, a slip of smoke and trot, you can disappear at the end of the corridor...

Recently, infectious diseases are very common. Please observe and rest at home by yourself, and then go back to the garden after a week (herpes angina is highly infectious, but it can heal itself in a week).

At that time, the mother promised happily, Let the children rest at home and come again!

But within a day or two, I wanted to take a chance, and was recognized by the health care doctor at first glance, rejected twice, and finally lost my mind.

Healthcare doctor, daily repair for, has six ways to listen to the ear, eight ways to see.

So-and-so parents sent their children up, must stop!

Kindergarten is not as simple as you think. It is often filled with smoke.

Even so, can we prevent it?????

Neither too many contacts nor too many contacts. The clinics in the community are all neighbors. Its not easy to raise your head without looking down. Give me a hand and open a healing certificate.

Theres a mom in the class, so she says:

Your health care doctor is really embarrassing. Doctors in our community clinic are well-known in the vicinity. All the children in the family come to see him!

In this matter, kindergartens will require parents to issue certificates to the regular third-class hospitals. Reasonable parents all know that this is responsible for their own children, but also for other children.

What is the reason for the iron-like protection of copper walls?

Is it too much to prevent and control infectious diseases in kindergartens?

More importantly, many infectious viruses have latency and do not expose symptoms in the early stage. That is to say, such a strict morning inspection can not guarantee absolute success.

Therefore, kindergartens should not only track the diagnosis of children, but also pay attention to other children who have close contact with them.

Therefore, if your childs kindergarten, morning check-up done solid, is not unreasonably harsh, nor tit-for-tat, but responsible for the safety of children.

If you can enter such a kindergarten, you are right.

Other parents said: the hospital said that the children were okay! Can the health care professionals be competent?

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