NBA superstars are flying the national team pigeons in succession. Is not patriotic really the mainstream trend of thought in the United States?

 NBA superstars are flying the national team pigeons in succession. Is not patriotic really the mainstream trend of thought in the United States?

The U.S. mens basketball teams training camp in Las Vegas hasnt started yet, and the talent pool is losing stars at a visible rate every day, just like a hole in it.

First, Ricky Paul announced that all his major clients would miss the mens basketball World Cup (not only Davis, who could have been a top player in the United States, but Ben Simmons in Australia, Tristan Thompson in Canada, and others); then another top player, Harden, along with his powerful scorer teammate Gordon, announced that he would miss the World Cup. Bu withdrew; then, All-Star Bill, Lillard, McCollem, Drosan did not play, and All-Star Harris and Williamson refused to play.

Some fans joked that the U.S. team was trying to push back. The last time the Dream Team lineup was so simple, it probably dates back to Larry Brown as manager.

But in fact, whether its Kranglo or Popovich, it should be no surprise. As early as before the 2010 World Cup, the American Basketball Association invited 10 superstars who had won the 2008 Olympic gold medal to join the team. All of them were rejected. Finally, they had to choose 12 other players because there were no superstars. The American team was also nicknamed Team B.

Nowadays, stars in groups refuse to serve their country, and there is no big stir in the American media. Instead of discussing whether they have patriotism, experts from all walks of life would rather study what has been discussed on the recently concluded NBA board of directors.

Any basketball player wants to achieve a full slam of NBA championship, Olympic gold medal and World Cup gold medal.

It may be incomprehensible for fans with a sense of national honor and self-esteem to refuse to serve their country so lightly. Superstars like Yao Ming and Ginobili always say that they always value the honor of their national team more than anything else, and they dont want to miss the Olympics even if they are physically injured or sick.

However, in American social and cultural tradition, to make such a unpatriotic decision, players do not need to go through many days of fighting - just listen to their hearts, give appropriate personal reasons.

These reasons are mainly load management, preparing for the NBA season, and various personal and family reasons (Bill is reluctant to miss the birth of a child). Even in good health, as long as they are unwilling to fight, no one will force them, let alone force them to choose freely with patriotism (even though American patriotism is extremely high).

Dream Team in the 1990s hung the world, but too arbitrary selection and management, let them in the early 21st century in several major competitions encountered a humiliating Waterloo, until 2006, when Cronglo as chairman of the Basketball Association, invited the basketball team leader K coach, to re-regulate the system.

In the past, the U.S. teams personnel changed more freely and the players came and went whenever they wanted. Kranglos proposal of three-year service has been the biggest restriction on these big brands: if you want to play for the national team, you have to make a commitment to serve for three years. In three years, all of them must enter the talent pool and wait for the most. Final selection, can not quit in the middle.

Since the Civil War, the United States has implemented compulsory military service. At that time, the total number of compulsory and volunteers serving in the Federal Army exceeded 2.6 million. But after the Civil War, there was a consensus within the U.S. government that it was absolutely impossible to rely on the recruitment of volunteers to fight.

When he went to the United States to participate in World War I, President Roosevelt ordered the recruitment of temporary volunteers. In six weeks, he only recruited more than 70,000 people. Only later did President Wilson reform the draft law on a large scale, cooperating with large-scale anti-German and patriotic propaganda, and the draft achieved great success, with about 2.8 million people recruited.

Manways fictional American captain, Steve Rogers, wanted to volunteer during World War II, but failed to pass a physical examination. Six years after the adoption of the Selective Training and Service Act (STASA) in 1940, more than 10 million American men were recruited and 50 million registered candidates were recruited. It is also because of the enthusiasm of the whole people that Rogers was naturally frustrated and ashamed to be rejected by the army and felt that he was not worthy of being human.

But after President Nixon came to power in the 1960s, the compulsory military service system was gradually abolished. The main reason why compulsory conscription is no longer supported by the public (especially compared with the enthusiasm of World War II) is the tragic experience of the U.S. military in Vietnam.

In the end, he even took the liberty to say, I dont have any opinions about the Vietnamese Communist Party, at least they didnt scold me a nigger.

But in the NBA, not everyone refused to serve in the military. Bill Bradley, David Robinson, Elgin Baylor, KC Jones and many other stars joined the army. Bill Russell, who was running the civil rights movement with Ali, was an opponent of compulsory military service. As for the current coach of mens basketball, Popovich is more patriotic (even if he always scolds Trump). When he was young, he was educated in the Air Force Academy, trained in Air Force Intelligence during his service, and even considered joining the CIA as an agent before he chose sports.

Today, the U.S. military in volunteer service is moving away from the general public. There have been more than two generations of Americans who have not been forced to join the army. In 1975, 70% of the members of Parliament had served in military service, and by now, less than 20%. The proportion of children serving in the military is much higher, which leads to the war becoming a family business.

After all, American official conscription advertisements have traditionally used such war blockbusters as templates, and even produced a first-person shooting game to attract young peoples attention. This is called Americas Army.

However, anti-political propaganda and anti-utopian violence games like Grand Theft Drivers also have moral crises, which are not mentioned here for the time being. It can only be said that in the United States, any social and political issues will be magnified and debated by the microscope, but in many cases the truth can not be more clearly debated in a very short time. The wheel of history never goes straight, but moves slowly and repeatedly.

Sergeant or above is no longer considered a soldier, but an officer. The minimum monthly salary for E5 sergeants is $2,332 and can reach $331 for 12 years of service. From E5 to E9, each level has been upgraded, up to $8,000.

When market logic takes the place of civic duty, athletes do not need to feel uneasy about the national teams game - after all, the Basketball Association will not pay them a dime of wages, but also ask for their labor force, so that they can bear the risk of injury and career destruction.

The 2010 U.S. B. team is still winning the World Cup (no more than Durant). Their confidence will not be shaken even if the reserve team is used again this year. Although the body is not patriotic for the time being, the momentum in psychology and slogan will not diminish at all.