Liu Qiangdong case 149 pages of police files published involving kissing naked sleeping ducks bath

 Liu Qiangdong case 149 pages of police files published involving kissing naked sleeping ducks bath

U.S. police released details of Liu Qiangdongs recording of sexual assault (source:)

Netease Entertainment reported on July 25 that on July 24, Minneapolis police released all the evidence about the sexual assault of Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Beijing East. In the 149 pages of Liu Qiangdongs suspected sexual assault case, the records include interviews with Liu Qiangdong and other parties and witnesses. The records show that the woman invited Liu Qiangdong to her new apartment on her own initiative, and they kissed in the car. At the same time, they also bathed with mandarin ducks after returning to the apartment and slept for several hours after intercourse.

Screenshot of files released by Minnesota Police

The contents of the file include:

1. Liu Jingyaos male friends dialed 911 telephone records on August 30.

2. Liu Qiangdong received a telephone recording of police inquiries on September 10 last year.

3. Photos of Liu Qiangdong entering her apartment and being arrested in Mingda Business School;

4. Short message conversations between female students and their friends and boyfriends in China at that time;

5. High-definition surveillance films of restaurants and apartments on the day of the incident;

6. Police report.

On August 30 last year, Liu Qiangdong and Minnesota University student Liu Jingyao jointly went to a banquet and sent the woman back to her dormitory after the banquet. In the early morning, Liu Jingyaos friend called the police and said Liu raped the woman. When the police arrived at the apartment, the woman said it was a misunderstanding. The police sent Liu Qiangdong back to the hotel. The next day, the woman went to the hospital for a sexual assault test and provided the police with semen sheets.

Liu Qiangdong was arrested at about 10 p.m. on August 31 last year. He was released at 4 p.m. on September 1 and returned home. Girls said that Liu Qiangdong had a relationship when he was unwilling, while Liu Qiangdong always stressed that the relationship was voluntary. Last December, the Minnesota prosecution announced that Liu Qiangdongs sexual assault case would not be prosecuted because it was difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

In April this year, Liu Jingyao filed a civil lawsuit in the Minnesota court. According to the indictment, after the business dinner was over, Liu Qiangdong violated her will to inform in a luxury car and in Liu Jingyao apartment. Jingyao Liu has always resisted, because Liu Qiangdongs physical strength and physique advantages failed to resist successfully.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322