Li Xuejian was worried that Lu Xun would not perform well and was moved by the character Xing directed by him.

 Li Xuejian was worried that Lu Xun would not perform well and was moved by the character Xing directed by him.

Beijing News reported on July 25 (Reporter Zhou Huixiaoyuan) on July 24, the national Premiere of the major revolutionary historical film Red Star Shining China dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China was held at Diaoyutai State Guest House. Director Wang Jixing, screenwriter and producer Tangxi, chief planner Ren Ping and major actors such as Li Xuejian, Guo Jinglin and Wang Pengkai also appeared at the premiere ceremony to share their feelings with the audience. It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on August 8.

Li Xuejian, who plays Lu Xun in the film, said: From Jiao Yulu to Lu Xun are very important characters. Although I have only one scene in the play, this character is still very important. Although Im happy and willing to play, Im afraid it wont work well. I said I could do it? The director says you can do it. This OK reminds me that when Jiao Yulu was filmed more than 20 years ago, Jiao Yulu was a fathers role model in my mind. I said I could? Director Wang Jixing said you can do it, and Ill have a chance to act. This time the performance happened to be such a great figure as Lu Xun. He said yes, and so did I.

Red Star Shows China is directed by Wang Jixing, who has directed the film Jiao Yulu. His original intention in making this film is to give young people a clear answer to their original intention and mission by depicting it in profound historical truth and rigorous details: This is not a work of the moment, it is something that flows out of my heart. Wang Jixing said that from the moment he entered the directors career in 1987, he had the idea of putting Red Star Shining China on the screen. After 30 years of patient precipitation and more than three years of elaborate carving, the important node of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China has finally put its heart on a complete presentation, which is a sincere expression of a directors love and respect for the motherland.

From Snows perspective, Red Star Shows China truly reproduces the story of the Communist Party of China during the Anti-Japanese War, who was still concerned with the national situation and persevered in the revolutionary struggle under difficult conditions. The film tells of an American journalist who, 83 years ago, with strong curiosity and sense of responsibility, broke through the KMT news blockade and ventured deep into the temporary red capital of China - security guards in small towns in northern Shaanxi, where he interviewed the revolutionary base areas in Northwest China, witnessing Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China under his leadership. For the first time, the charming demeanor of the Chinese Workersand Peasants Red Army has revealed the secret of Red China to the whole world, and solemnly predicted that the revolutionary cause led by the Communist Party of China is like a shining red star, which will not only shine on the northwest of China, but also on the whole of China and the whole world. Zhou Huixiaoyuan, a reporter of the Beijing News

Source: Li Si_NBJ11322, responsible editor of Beijing News